Ikariam Ships and Naval Units FAQ

Ikariam Ships and Naval Units Frequently Asked Questions by Pinkpony

Do i still need ships to pillage if i attack over land?
If you are attacking even over land, in order to get goods back to your town you’ll need to send trade ships along with military units. There is no need to blockade a port if your attacking over land.

Does the number of troops i send in the attack affect the amt of resources i will be pillaging?
no. whether you send 1 slinger (who miraculously wins) or 10,000 Steam Giants you would still only loot the maximum amount that can be loaded by your cargo ships.

Is there anyway to increase the capacity of your cargo ships?
Simply put… No!

What is the maximum number of trading ships i can have?
160, regardless of your port level.

What does a blockade do?
It prevents ships from coming in or out of the blockaded town. This means that blockaded players can’t: trade, send or receive goods, attack/pillage or build a colony.

How do i know my town is being blockaded?
You will get this report – xxx units from xxx are blocking the port entrance to [your city name].

How long can the blockade last?
8 hrs max or as long as the blockading player has the gold to support the upkeep for a blockade. keep in mind though that upkeep for blockade is VERY HIGH. some have suggested waiting out the blockade as the best solution.

Are cargo ships unsinkable?

I sent out my ships on a trade, while away, my port suddenly got blockaded. what will happen to my cargo ships when they return?

They will be intercepted. having cargo ships intercepted will not be a happy experience. you will see your cargo ships sailing from the port of the player who intercepted it.

I set up my colony. Is there a way for me to send my fleet to protect that colony’s port?
Yes. Select your original town from the drop down menu, go to island view and select your colony, and an option should appear: deploy fleet.

Where are all my trade ships located? do i need to have trade ships docked at my colony in order to send goods from it to my original town?
All trade ships are supernumary.

How and where do i make warships?
In the shipyard. You can build a shipyard once you’ve researched dry-dock under the military tree.

How can i sell/delete a cargo ship?
You can’t. You’ll need it eventually so don’t fret.

How to transport goods between colonies?
Do it the way you trade with someone. Go to island view, click on your colony (or original town), click transport goods. note: if you are sending from orig town to colony, you must be on your original town page (upper left corner, drop down arrow with names of your 1st town and colonies, select name of your 1st town) and vice-versa

Another way to do this which is easier is to go to your trading port and under the cargo ship icon, on sent out trade ships, you will see the names of all your towns. click the one where you want to send goods to and it’ll lead you to a page where you can send the goods.

If I attack someone with warships and they have a bunch of ground units, will those two types fight?
No. Your warships stay on water.

How do i check on the progress of my trade ships?
On top left corner of game screen, there is a boat icon. click on it and it’ll show you all the ships currently voyaging, their destinations, what goods they’re carrying, if they are buying/selling/transporting, as well as arriving and returning times. You can also check using your military advisor.

Are cargo ships the same as trading ships?

Is the trading port different from the trading post?
Yes. The trading port is where you buy cargo ships and where they load and unload. Trading post is where you leave your goods for others to buy or your gold for others to pick up in exchange for goods you need.

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