Ikariam Beginner’s Guide

Ikariam Beginner’s Guide by MZL

Registering an account

After you have registered your account, you have to confirm your E-mail address.

Game Rules, Terms and Conditions

When you register into the game, you have to click on the box that you agree to the Terms and Conditions. Also, each time you log on to the game, by logging in, you accept the Terms and Conditions. The Ikariam Game Rules stand above the general Terms and Conditions of Gameforge. Please spend some time and read these in order to avoid getting Banned.

Resources Supply

In order for your city to prosper, the first issue to take care of is to make sure there’s enough Building Material: .

First, select Show Island:

And from there select the Forest,

Now you will be able to assign your free citizens as workers with the help of the slide bar.

Don’t forget to press “Confirm” once you’re done!

* Tip: The raw material sources are shared for the whole island, and therefore used by all cities in the island. It’s a good decision to donate some Building Material every now and then. Ask other people on your island to contribute too.
* Tip: Keep in mind that your free citizens all create three gold per hour. Those who are working in a resource node create zero gold per hour. You can view your upkeep and finances by clicking on the gold coin logo:


If you wish to build new buildings, select the Show Town view:

Then select a free building position. The list of available buildings will be shown after that. Most basic level buildings require only Building Material, but after a couple of levels, they begin to require Marble too.

You should also know there are three kind of positions specifically reserved for the normal buildings, the port buildings and the city wall building.

Normal building position, you can build all the basic buildings in these spots:

Trading Port or Shipyard position:

Town Wall position:

Once a building is constructed, its function may be used simply by clicking it in the Show Town overview. When you’re there, you can also upgrade the building. Generally higher level means better effectiveness. For example, a level two Warehouse can store a lot more goods than a level one Warehouse.

The available buildings list depends on the development of your researches. When you research more in your Academy, you can build more wonderful things in your towns.

* Tip: It’s generally recommended first to build a Warehouse, an Academy, a Trading Port and the Barracks. Also, your Town Wall should be of the same level as your Town Hall is.


Once the Academy is constructed, you’ll be able to assign citizens to work as researchers in the same way you did with the resouce workers.

After clicking on the Academy in your town, you can choose the branch of investigation you want your researchers to work in.

The options are:

* Seafaring – New warships and improvements for the seafaring matters, as well as discoveries for alliance and colonisation purposes.
* Economy – New kinds of buildings and improvements in the production of raw material.
* Science – New building and unit types, as well as research improvements.
* Military – New unit types and improvements for these.

* Tip: You might want to start researching towards Expansion first. This allows the building of a Palace in your town, which allows to colonize other islands.
* Tip: Citizens working as scientists, like people working in resources, do not generate any gold per hour. Every scientist costs you six gold per hour. You can view your upkeep and finances by clicking on the gold coin logo:


As soon as the Trading Port is available you can start buying Cargo Ships to trade resources with other players. These can be bought in the Trading Port and get automatically added once you buy one. Cargo Ships “magically” appear at the port you want to sail goods from and again “magically” disappear when they’ve done with their mission. You don’t have to move them in before transporting goods.

After the Trading Port is built, you have a new option to transport goods:

It will appear at the left menu whenever you select a city in the island overview. Select it and you will be taken to a new page to specify the quantities you wish to send.

* Tip: Cargo Ships don’t have maintenance costs. It might be a good idea to invest in them if you happen to have too much gold left.


You will need Barracks to train your troops and a Shipyard to build Warships. Units you train will stay in the city to defend it automatically in case you’re being attacked.

When the time to attack someone comes, choose his city in the island overview.

In the left menu you’ll see the following options:

Pillage – Your units will try to steal raw material from the city. If there are enemy units in the city, you will engage into a combat with them first.

Block harbour – Will create a blockade to prevent any ships to trade to and from this city. If there are warships present in the city, you will engage into a combat with them first.

* Tip: Be sure to add Cargo Ships in your attack. Your soldiers are there to fight, and not to carry resources as loot.

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