Ikariam Palace and Colonization Guide

Ikariam Palace and Colonization Guide by Pinkpony

What is Colonization for?

Colonization is the formation of new colonies using your palace. Preferably you should start your colony on a different island to your capital. It is important to bear in mind the luxury resources and the wonder present. Every colony works in the same way as your capital – it has its own spaces, you can build the same buildings and you can mine the luxury goods and wood on the island.

Your Research affects all colonies – all buildings you can make in your capital can be made in your new colony right from its foundation.

What do i need to found a new colony?

First you need to research expansion (Seafaring). To research expansion, you need following researches:

Economy: Conservation -> Pulley -> Wealth
Seafaring: Carpentry -> Deck weapons -> Ship maintenance -> Expansion

Secondly you need to build up a palace after you have researched expansion.

Finally you need free merchant ships, 1250 wood and 9.000 gold – furthermore 40 citizens from your capital will be resettled.

Founding a Colony?

If you fulfill these requirements, click on “Show Worldmap” and select an island with your favorite luxury goods, which isn’t completely colonized. If there is a free spot, the little number in the world view next to the island is smaller than 16.

In the island view you see a yellow flag, if a spot isn’t occupied yet. Click on the yellow flag and you will be asked if you want to ship additional raw materials to the new island – if some requirements aren’t fulfilled yet, you will now be informed about what is missing instead. Now you can choose how many additional resources you want to ship, if you have enough available merchant ships and confirm your selection. It is not mandatory to ship additional goods, but advisable.

What to do now?

Well, you have to wait for now because you can’t enter your colony until your ships have arrived their destination! It takes some time depending on the distance between your capital and your colony! Then you will need to wait for the construction of the new colony.

Questions about the Palace?

Every upgrade level of your palace in your capital allows you to found another colony. It is important to consider corruption when upgrading your palace. This is explained later on.

Why can’t I build another palace?
You can only build one palace, in your colonies the building is called the “governors residence” and is important to avoid corruption. In order to get corruption to 0 you will need to make sure that each colony has its GR upgraded to the same level as your palace.

What if I change my mind about my Capital?
Provided your GR is the same level as your palace you can swap your colony and your capital by going to the GR and selecting “make this town my captial”.

Do i benefit from changing my capital?
If you don’t need the luxury goods from your starting island, it could be useful under certain circumstances – then your old capital becomes a colony. You can give up an colony, but not an capital. Then you can found a new colony on an island with luxury goods you need more. But be sure to demolish all buildings before you give up an colony, because you will receive some goods from it except for the city hall.

The original guide was written by Lairya in German, later translated to English by Aslan.

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