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Ikariam Bashing Frequently Asked Questions by cranky Old Man

What is the Bashing Rule? To quote from the Ikariam Game Rules (which you should have read by now)

Section 7. Bashing
“It is not allowed to attack any given city owned by a player over 6 times in a single 24 hours period.

Bashing is only allowed when your Alliance is at war with another Alliance The War must be announced on the official Ikariam.org board, in the correct forum and must comply with the boards specific rules.

Note: Attacking troops that are completely destroyed do not count towards the bashing rule.”

The first sentence of this rule has confused many Ikariam players. A better and more accurate interpretation of the rule might be: “If any one player attacks any given city more than 6 times in a single 24 hour period, that player may be banned for bashing”

So, on to the questions:

1. How many times can you attack a city in a 24-hour time period?

6 times

2. What counts as an attack?
Any time a combat report is generated, it generally counts as an attack. (there are exceptions, read on)

3. Could you be more specific as to what counts as an attack for the bashing rule?
I. Blockade without sea battle – No
II. Blockade with sea battle – Yes
III. Having your existing blockade attacked – No (even though this does generate a combat report, you are not the attacker)
IV. Attacking a city – Yes
V. Joining an ongoing attack on a city – No (it does not generate a second combat report)
VI. Attacking a city when your attacking force is completely killed – No
VII. Pillaging a city – only if a combat report is generated (Troops who join an attack get a separate pillage if they were sent with cargo ships, but do not generate their own combat report, so if the troops joined a battle, only one combat report counts towards bashing, even though the city will be pillaged multiple times)
VIII.Troops turned around because they would lose sea battle against the local fleet – No

4. So I get 6 attacks on a city per day?
No, the 24 hour period does not necessarily start anew each day; you need to check your combat reports from the 24 hours prior to your next attack. So if you are planning on attacking the city of Anywhere at 2:30 AM on Wednesday morning, you need to ensure you have attacked Anywhere less than 6 times since 2:30 AM on Tuesday Morning.

5. How many times can you attack a player in a 24-hour period?
You can attack each city that player has up to 6 times.

6. Can I attack a single city 6 times from each of my cities?
No, you can attack a single city a total of 6 times, regardless if all 6 attacks come from a single city, or if you attack 2 times from each of 3 different cities.

7. Can I attack a city 6 times, and then have my buddy attack the same city 6 times in the same 24 hour period?
Yes, each player can attack the same target city up to 6 times in a 24 hour period.

8. Can I be banned for bashing a player ranked higher than myself?


9. Can I be banned for bashing an inactive player?

10. Can I be banned for bashing a player who has no defenses?

11. Can I be banned for bashing a player who asks me to bash him?

12. Can I be banned for bashing if the guy I am bashing does not report me?

13. Can I be banned for trying to free my own harbor?
No, the Game Administrators have decided that you may generate as many combat reports as you want attempting to free your own harbor.

14. Can I be banned for freeing an allies harbor?

No, the Game Administrators have decided that you may generate as many combat reports as you want attempting to free an allies harbor.

Note on fleet battles post 0.3.0:
With the addition of options for defending players, it gets difficult to determine who an agressor might be. Basically sea battles only count towards the bashing rule if you are attacking a fleet in its home harbor. If you are attacking a fleet of player A while it is in the harbor of player B, that does not count towards yor bashing quota. Well, you may ask, What if I am attacking an enemy who is defending the harbor of his ally? It doesn’t count towards bashing the enemy, but counts towards bashing his ally if his ally’s ships participate in round 1 of the battle.

I hope you found this useful
Cranky Old Man

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