Gladiatus Beginner’s Complete Guide

Gladiatus Beginner’s Complete Guide by Kirbius

.: Introduction :.

Ave Gladiator,

I am Kirbius an experienced Gladiatus player and your new teacher. I’ll be your New guide that’ll make your life as a Gladiator so much easier. I will tell you a lot about the new life you will have here in the Gladiatus community.

I will explain the functions of every Ingame button, but it won’t stop there. You will be instructed about the way Expeditions function, and how to prepare yourself for the Arena, the explanations of Quests, Guilds, Dungeons, and the exploration of new Exotic countries.

This guide may take a while to read… But afterwards, you will have a lot of knowledge about the game and soon become the envy of the gods.

If you want to hear about a specific point, check the table of contents right underneath what you’re currently reading.

If you wish to become strongest and most revered Gladiator of the Empire. Read on!


Once you have Registered on your Selected server, You have a choice to be either a Female Gladiator or a Male Gladiator. Bear in Mind, that once you have chosen your Gender, theres no going back !!!

Once you have chosen your Gender , You have to activate your account, and you can Start Playing Gladiatus.Note: If you wish to register on another server Click on Me to choose another server you want to play on!




This is the overview screen. This is a very important place for you, this is the first thing you see after you log in. The Overview allows you to view the Statistics of your Gladiator,your Victories your Familia and it allows you to see your inventory and the equipment you are currently wearing.

You will also be able to change your equipment here. If you have bought a new piece of equipment, you can now drag this piece of equipment into a spare space on your character view.

Note: That once you drag an item into the character view (shown above) that particluar item will become soul-bound, this means that any item that is soul-bound cannot be sold on the Market or Guild Market.

I want to Change my Name, how can I do this

Simple, to change your name you must visit the hermit, – you can do this in two ways: Official way ( which will cost you 10% of your total Honor and gold) or Bribe arena manager( which will cost you 50 rubies-no gold, no honour will be lost)

How do my stats infer directly to combat?

Your Fighting Prowess is detirmined by the following above, Strength,Skill,Agility, Constitution and Charisma

Strength is the most expensive statistic to train and is a relative gauge of physical prowess. For every ten points of strength, you will get 1 extra melee damage.

Skill influences your chance to hit your opponent, it’s matched up directly against your opponent’s agility in battle.

You calculate your chance to hit by this formula:
Chance for hit = your skill/ (your skill + enemy agility) x 100 [always round down]

To check any of these stats at any time go to your overview and hover over the green bars. Just like your skill is paired, so is your agility, except this time it’s your agility versus your opponent’s skill with the same math ideal as skill, except reversed for this example.

Constitution is a measurement of your toughness and resilience. Each point into Constitution reaps 2 vital health points plus 1 to your total of health regeneration per hour. With 20 Constitution, that would be a bonus of 40 HP and 40hp/hour regenerated with rest or while working. The stouter you are, the more damage you can sustain before needing to eat, and heal faster while resting.

Charisma is (as far as combat is concerned) pretty much just how lucky you are. Charisma can allow you to attack two times to the opponent’s one. Like the two variable stats above, this is also dependent on the difference between your training level and theirs. For a value that is greater than your opponent’s charisma then for every point you are higher you gain 1% to chance for a double attack every time you attack. (ChaLvL +1 = 1% for double attack, so ChaLvL +20 would be 20% chance and so on. All Equal and Negative integers are tossed and instead automatically given 0%.)

Intelligance: Effects the amount of healing/Critical healing that is done during battles (this involves the use of mercenaries). Intelligence also affects usables (food item) as well. The higher the intelligence, the more you’ll heal when using an usable.

is the cumulative sum of all of your equipment’s armour bonuses. The main point of armour is it absorbs damage. At 0 it absorbs 0 – 0. After ~90 it absorbs 0 – 1, ~160 its 1 – 2, and ~280 it’s 3 – 4 etc., etc., etc. Damage is pulled together from strength (StrLvL/10 = +1 damage) and any bonuses on your items that may add to damage.

How do I Heal myself?
One more very important part of the game can only be done in this screen though – healing your character. Your Gladiator will heal X points an hour, which is affected by your Consitution , but next to that you are able to buy your Gladiator food, which restores X health points at the moment you have him eat it. To do so, drag the food you bought from your inventory to the picture in the overview. You will now see the health points being restored at once. Healing can only be done in the overview.

What are Mug Links?

Note: Remember that the mug Links are useful as they provide you the player with an ID, which is handy if you ever get hacked,so make a note of your mug Link always ! ! !

As you level up, the appearance of your Gladiator will change. Here is how your Gladiator will look or will according to the level you are at.

Levels 1-4

Levels 5-9

Levels 10-19

Levels 20-29

Levels 30-39

Levels 40-49

Levels 50-59

Levels 60-69

Levels 70-79

Levels 80+




The Statistics Tab will show you, ingame Progress, as you play Gladiatus. Such things you can Check out in the Statistics tab; How many Battles you have won, How much Gold you have Raided, How much Honour or Fame you have and How many Gladiators you have recruited.



Victories are achievements you get by completing Quests,Exploring areas,
Defeating Dungeon bosses,Creating food etc. Gain enough victories and you will be the envy of the gods.

There are currently 747 Victories to achieve in Gladiatus.

You can use the victory you have achieved as your title.



The Familia, is a friends list, it can tell you if your buddy (real-life or Virtual) is online or not.

You can invite your friends or other Players to your famila, by clicking the “Invite into your Famila” tab on a players Profile.



News Messages provide you with news regarding Gladiatus such as updates and bug fixes

It also notifies you about ingame competitions and events



How do i communicate with other players?


Messages allow you to communicate with other gladiators in your server.When you see this Icon that means you have recieved a message of some kind.


Once you click the ‘Messages’ Button, you will see an overview screen. From here, you can navigate to your inbox or your packages, or, if you are using Centurion , you can manage your own folders here. If you decide to go to your Inbox, you will see all messages you have received and not yet deleted listed here. You can still open every message you received, by clicking on its name.



You will find out that packages are really important!. Not only items can be stored in your packages but gold aswell. The method of saving your gold is called packing or Banking.

If you have any packages you can also see the information about the package.

  • The origin of the package.
  • The date the package was recieved
  • Information about the item (mouse-over the item to see the information.)
  • The date the package expires.

You also have the option to delete a package.

If you click on the delete button. This Popup-will appear. You can confirm whether you want to delete the item, or not.

Remember Packages last for 7 days, Items will automatically be deleted and gold

Hint: If you delete enough packages you gain a victory.


The Highscore show you the top 1000 active players of your server. Its a great way of comparing your progress with other Gladiators or with other guilds.

The Dungeon Highscore will show you the highscores related to dungeons.

Clicking on the Dungeon – 7 Day Highscore will show you which player(s) have dealt the most healing, damage etc.

Clicking on the Dungeon – Boss Items; will show you the all the items that have been rewarded for completion of a specific Dungeon.



You will notice this in the top right hand corner of your screen.

Clicking on Profile, will allow you to change the information on your account. Such things you can edit are.

  • You can change your Email address.
  • Profile Description
  • Mug Link Text (This text will appear to people you have mugged with your mug link).
  • Other Personal Information
  • Delete Account.

Clicking on the save button confirms any changes you have made on your account.


The Arena

The Arena


The Arena is the main feature of the game. There
arena is where you and other gladiators can directly fight each other.
The Arena has its very own ranking, which is based on your level. When
you have just started you will start in the lowest legue, and will be
placed after your joining number, but once you get over level 10 you
will be free of all the level 1 and 2 accounts.

You can only enter the arena once you are level 2.

Each legue has its own champion who will get a bonus each hour, and if you can claim the champions place you will also be rewarded with the jackpot $$$. However, you should know, young gladiator, that there is only one way to work your way up though the Arena Ranking, and that is the hard way. You cannot just attack any Gladiator ranked high above you and take over his position. You should know too that, the higher you get up the ladder, the less Gladiators you will be able to attack in your own placing list.

However, if you’re looking for a nice amount of Gold, you can always attack one of the players at the top of the Highscores list. They’ll usually have a fairly nice amount of Gold on them.

To do so, you have to enter the Gladiators name into the ‘Search for certain player’ field you will see on the Arena page. This will cost you 10 Gold though. Additionally, you might encounter a message like ‘Your enemy is too weak to fight at this moment’, a message you should not encounter when wanting to fight somebody from your own placing list.

What? You wonder why you should do all this? For the Gold of course! Every Arena Fight will grant you some gold, while some against opponents of a higher level will even get you Experience and Honor. You do not receive Gold always though. Your opponent might have so little gold that you cannot even raid a bit. You’ll usually raid about 10-15% of his Gold.

If you are attacked in the Arena yourself, you’ll probably lose a lot of Life Points and some of your Gold. I should warn you – If you’re doing a quest, you might not even be noticed he attacked you. Don’t fear though, you will not die here, no Gladiator would be weak enough to kill you, and no Expedition Opponent will either. 


Circus Omnipotens


In order to get on top of this arena, you have to win battles against gladiators from your league,from the Arena.


Circus Turma


Here you fight with your Mercenaries in the Arena against other players and their Mercenaries aswell. This arena is very Brutal, and the key to victory is a good mercenary setup. If you find this arena too much, you may leave the league.
If you decided to leave the Circus Turma this message will pop-up; asking if you want to leave the league.

If you click on “Yes” you have confirmed that you want to leave the league and thus leave the Circus Turma. Once you leave the Circus Turma you have a 24 hour cooldown time, before you can enter the Circus Turma again.



…The Stables…

One of the most Important things in Gladiatus is Gold, Gold can be earned by working in the following Jobs.

This will turn out to be very useful later on, as, especially if you set yourself work and leave it over-night and when you get back online again, you’ll suddenly have lots of gold to spend. You can then spend this on the Shops, the Market or the Auction Building or Training or Donating to your Guild.

However be warned they will be packaged in the packages tab and will stay there until 7 days,

Useful Work Tips

  • Activating the Seal of Quaestor is a great way of earning extra gold.
  • Before you go to sleep or away from the keyboard, its always a good idea to set yourself to work.
  • Always remember that the gold you earn from working will be in your packages.


You can accept quests and receive information about accepted quests in the tavern.


Tavern Quests

Smoke-filled air nearly chokes you to death as you enter the vintage tavern. The owner, a former gladiator, gives you a nod as you go down the stairs to the room. There aren`t many people here at the moment – a good moment for a sip of cold wine and a little chat among friends.

You can accept quests and receive information about accepted quests in the tavern.

What could you be asked to do in Quests

Get somebody an item. – To complete this quest, you have two options. The first, and probably the best in case of expensive items, is to do an expedition. You will then get the item you were sent out to get. Be sure to remove it from your Package and add it to your Inventory, or it won’t work! Then return to the Tavern, or to another point the one who gave you the Quest wants you to go. However, if you were told to get some cheap item, you also have the possibility to buy it in the Market. It will still be delivered to your packages and you can still give it to the guy you’re supposed to return it to. There are some special items that are wanted and those items can’t be found everywhere! You have to know exactly where to search for those.

Pssst is a secret but I will share it with you if you promise to become a great gladiator! These are the special items that you will find only outside of the city:

Bandit Finger @ Bandit Camp

Stolen Casket @ Pirate Harbour, Bandit Camp

Wolf Tooth @ Wolf Cave

Bone Necklace @ Barbarian Village

Disrupted skull @ Random

2. Defeat a Gladiator in the Arena. – To complete this quest, go to the Arena and fight a Gladiator. After defeating him, go to the place the quest wants you to go. Please note: You should fight somebody from your ‘own placing’ list, not a gladiator much weaker than you are (exception made if those are actually in your own placing list ) .

3.Explore one of the surrounding scenes. – To complete this quest, go out of the City to the Surroundings. Click the one you were told to examine. You should now get a short text which allows you to examine the area. After that, you’ll either be fighting an opponent or have a countdown screen saying you’re examining it. If you do get to fight an opponent, you will have to defeat him to complete the quest.

4.Defeat X Bandits/Deserters/etc. – This is most certainly the most difficult task you can get. You’ll have to find out where you can find which opponent, and you’ll have to defeat two of these opponents. After you did so, return to the Tavern to get your reward. I will include a table saying who is to be found where right after this one. If you are Stuck on where to find them, use the NPC list. NPC List

5.Speak with somebody in the city. – The guy in the Tavern uses difficult names to describe the one you should be looking for, but if you just click every button in the city, you will find the one you’re looking for. Once you did, read what they have to tell you and then click ‘continue’.

Who is who in the City

Stable-Lad @ Stable

Master of the Arena @ Arena

Publican @ Tavern

Trainer @ Training

Auctioneer @ Auction Building

Mountebank @Market

You can also vist the guard at the Tavern to do Dungeons, (pssssst they are very very Hard) to gain Fame, Gold and XP

As a result of Completing Tavern and Guard quests , your Gladiator gains experiance and as you gain more and more experiance ,you will notice, that your Gladiator’s appearance will be changing as you level up.

Here is what your Gladiator will look like, according to the level , you are currently at.

Quest Tips:

  • Activating the pacts Secret Knowledge of the Artefact Collecter,Secret Knowledge of the Beast Master ,Blessing from Mercury, Blessing from Apollo; will give you an advantage with conducting quests.

Guard Quests
Guard Quests are quests that involve you completing a dungeon. These quests are hard, but the rewards are great.
To accept Guard Quests, you have to be minimum level 10. If you below level 10 a message will pop up.
If you are level 10 or above you, you can accept Guard Quests.
You have the choice of choosing the difficulty of the quest, Click (Left-Click) on difficulty setting you want to choose.

Once you have chosen this. You will see the description of your assisgnment. This description will give you a clue of the location of the Guard Quest.

You have a 24 hour cooldown time before you can accept another Guard Quest.



As a Gladiator, you will be doing Expeditions, during your expeditions you can fight your enemies, who outside the city to gain Experience Points (Also known as XP).

Expeditions are an important part of gameplay, as you can also recieve gold or even an Item from your defeated enemies.

“Patrols are short, but this doesnt mean they arent dangerous”.This expedition costs 2 points (1 points if centurion).


“This may take some time before you return. You never know where scouting will lead you, “.This expedition costs 4 points (2 points if centurion).


“Fight Alongside the mighty Legionaires and proclaim the glory of Rome. The campaign is hard, and long. The enemy is stronger, but the reward for victory is far more greater.” This expedition costs 6 points (3 points if centurion).

Once you have chosen your expedition, you will recieve a Battle Report of your expedition.

Once you have finished your expedition, you will have to wait some time 5:00/10:00 mins, 10:00/20:00 mins, or 15:00/30:00 mins depending, The time you wait is known as the cool down time.
You can skip this at the cost of 1 ruby.
How often are expedition points added?

Expedition points are added at the rate of 1 each hour regardless of whether you have Centurion or not.

Useful Expedition Tips:

  • During Tavern quests “Defeat ‘X’ NPC”, its always best to use the 2 point expedition(1 point if you have centurion activated.)
  • If you are going away for while, click on the 6 point expedition (3 points if centurion). When you return you have quite alot of gold and XP.
  • Activating the pact(s) “Secret Knowledge of the Beast Master” and “Blessing from Apollo” are a great way of gaining alot of Gold and XP from expeditions.


The Shops will be very valuable to you as Gladiator. If you want to win against other Gladiators or Enemies encountered on Expeditions, you are going to need good equipment, which you can buy at the Weapon Smith, the Armour Smith, the General Goods Store and the Alchemist.

___The weaponsmith______________The armoursmith___________General Goods vendor__

______The Alchemist___________Mercenary trader____

The weaponsmith sells weapons
the armoursmith sells armour
The General Goods vendor sells food, jewellery (rings and amulets), gloves/bracers and shoes.
Alchemist sells you boosts, which you can drink 1 time to get a bonus
for a duration of time, and upgrade stuff to permanently add some stats
to your gear. If you wish to remove a permanent add on some of your gear
you have to buy detergent sponge to remove it.
-The Mercenary Trader: Sell Mercenaries , which will aid you in the dungeons
-The Jeweller sell you Rubies
can buy items at the Market or the Auction Building too, as I will
explain to you in the next lesson. In this lesson, you will get to know
what you should buy where, and where you can dump stuff you no longer

That The Weapon, Armor, General Goods, and Alchemist stores all restock
every hour (60:00 minutes) or all four can be convinced to at any time
if you have ten rubies to entice them with. All types of items can be
sold at the Market. You choose the price, but beware, if your price is
too high, they’re going to buy someone else’s item before yours! If you
don’t want to rely on another player buying your items though, and you
need your gold right then you can always sell items to the correct store
that wares them.

First of
all, you should know there are 2 different kinds of items. There are the
items around your level, which you can buy for Gold, without having to
pay the rare Rubies. However, if you want to buy a really strong item at
the Smiths / Shop, you will have to buy them using both Rubies and
Gold. That does mean though that, when you raise some levels, you will
be able to buy these items without having to pay Rubies.

To buy
an item, you first have to get yourself enough Gold and/or Rubies,
because the item will not stay in your inventory once you dragged it
over there otherwise. Once you acquired enough gold, you have to go to
the place you want to go, and drag the item you want to buy towards your
inventory. You can now move items around from your character to your
inventory and the other way around to get your new shiny item in the
best place.

You can also sell your items to the shop / smiths
owners. To do so, get to the third page in the shops inventory. The
third page is the one marked ‘III’ (Roman for 3). This page should be
empty, and you will be able to drag any of your items, except for quest
items, in here. You will now receive an amount of gold equal to the
Value your item had. Selling items at the Market will get you more gold
most times though.

This is because, if you decide to put
something for sale on the market, you can decide the price you want to
sell it for. As long as this is lower than the price people can buy it
for in the shops, you should be able to sell them for quite a bit more
than it’s value, as the shop price is around 3 or 4 times the items


…The Market…

For players searching for a new item, the Market is still cheaper than the shop most times, and it features way more items. You can sort them on the kind of item you’re looking for, and once you did that, you can also sort them on price. This way, you are able to find the item you are looking for quite fast, even though the Market doesn’t really have a good overview for now.

Try searching for an item you need by Typing in the name of the certain item, and also using selecting what type of item your looking for will narow down your search

Price: You can select the price you wish to sell the item for. Remember that the fees will be affected by the price.

Duration: You can select the duration (2 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours or 48 hours (Seal of the Aedil activated) that the item will be on the market.

Fees: This is the automatic fee that you have to pay the marketeer, to put your item on the market. The higher the price you place your item for the higher the fee you will pay.

You have the option to search for a specific items on the market.

Click on the Filter button to search for the items

If no items that match your what you are looking for using the filter system, this will appear.
You will notice this at the bottom of the Market window, you can change pages to see what other items are on the market
Warning: Due to the Pushing Rules, you can only sell items that are level 1-10 for 1000 gold maximum.

You can sell items that are level 11 on up for no more than twice their value.

“Rare” Items can be sold for more than twice their value.

Ask the Game Operator of your server to see what items are considered “rare”.

You can see a copy of the “Pushing Rules” Here

Useful Market Tips:
  • Activating the Seal of Aedil or Seal of Patrician, will give you an advantage in the Market, especially if your selling items.
  • It
    is always a good idea to sell items on the market, when you have
    started the game. That way you will have an advantage when you enter the

Auction House

“The old building has its own charisma. A slave opens the door for you and you are amazed to see so many artefacts from all known and unknown places of the world. You can purchase various special items here. The offer of objects is renewed regularly.”

…The Auction House

If you need a really good item, you can use the Auction Building too. It sometimes offers really good items, but you will be competing with other users to get the item. If somebody else offers more gold for the item then you do, you will not get the item, and you will not receive your gold back either! You can, however, buy the item using Rubies and Gold to make sure you get the powerful item you want. If you want to use the Auction Building, you should be aware of the risks! Word of advice Bid at VERY SHORT I placed a bid on an item in the Auction House and now the item’s gone and so is my gold! Odds are, you were outbid. In any case where you are outbid, all gold (as advertised on the Market, and heatedly debated on the forums) is lost to the cause. In the random case where you just so happen to check back and realise that someone outbid you, then you can re-earn the gold that you lost as well as enough to overbid the other player and try to snake them at their own game. However, usually it’s much easier to amass a nice sized pile of gold to throw at an item if you absolutely don’t want to lose the item. On the opposite side of the coin, sometimes great items can be purchased for lower than what you would expect.

Auction Tips:

  • It is usually best to Bid on an Item at “Very short”
  • Don’t bid a very large amount of gold on an Item you desire, chances are someone else will have more gold than you, and outbid.
  • If someone outbids you, outbid them back, wait a minute or 2 and then attack them. Its a good raiding technique.
  • Use the search function, it really does help you find the item you want.


Items are very important in Gladiatus. How else are you meant to defend yourself against other Gladiators, or the Enemies of Rome who “thirst for your blood”.

When you mouse-over an item, a window will appear. This window provides you with the stats of the item you have moused-over.


Weapons are essential part of Gladiator’s gear as long as it does a decent amount of damage, you should be able to defeat your opponent.

What’s the differences between all the weapons?

The different weapons are all the same in terms of attacks they can make and how they are made. The only real variables that should heed admission of thought of weapon should be damage and their possible

(though not guaranteed) bonuses to stats. Weapon types, lengths, and shapes have are no indicator to it’s usefulness. As with any other items, the higher the level, the higher the quality of item. The name

also has a pretty direct correlation on the items worthiness, though sometimes misleading. Hover over any items to see what exact benefits or losses come to equipping them.

1.Short sword/Short dagger/Club
2 Sharp dagger/Battle sickle
3 Broad sword/Gut graze
4 Trident/Axe/Long sword
5 Tridentlance
6 Hammer/Broad axe
7 Angel of death
8 Schiavone
9 Gladius
10 –

Armour Like, weapons, armour is an essential part of a Gladiator’s gear, without armour you are most likely to perish and your name will be forgotten, within the blood,dust and sand of the arena. Armour includes Helmets,Chest Armour,Gloves and Shoes
Jewellery Jewellery are useful items, especially when more Hero prefixes and other suffixes are involved. Upgrades can be applied to Jewellery, this could make a differance between victory or defeat.
What Are Upgrades, and How do I use Them? Upgrades are objects that can be used to upgrade your Armour, Weapons, and Jewellery. Upgrades Can be Bought from the Auction House, The Market, Guild Market, and The Alchemists.Remember!!!:Upgrades” have a permanent effect on your Items and Can only be removed with a detergent sponge


What are Reinforcements and How do I use them?

Reinforcementsare Objects that can be used to Boost your Armour, Weapons and

Jewellery and your Gladiator’s Health. Reinforcements can be bought from

the Auction House, The Market, Guild Market and The Alchemists.


Reinforcements have a Tempory Effect on your Items and the duration of

the this boost can vary with the item being used.

List of Reinforcements and Duration effect

Leather shred (Increases your Armor value for 1 hour)

Small Grindstone (Increases your Damage value for 1 hour)

Hawthorn (Increases your Health points for 2 hours)

Tagairoot (Increases your Health points for 4 hours)

Ginkgo Leaves(Increases your Health points for 8 hours)


Dust of strength (Increases your strength for 1 hours)

Flask of Strength (Increases your strength for 1 hours )

Ampulla of Strength (Increases your strength for 2 hours)

Flacon of strength (Increases your strength for 4 hours)

Bottle of strength (Increases your strength for 8 hours)


Dust of Aptness (Increases your skill for 1 hours)

Flask of Aptness (Increases your skill for 1 hours)

Ampulla of Aptness(Increases your skill for 2 hours)

Flacon of Aptness (Increases your skill for 4 hours)

Bottle of Aptness (Increases your skill for 8 hours)


Dust of Agility (Increases your agility for 1 hours)

Flask of Agility(Increases your agility for 1 hours)

Ampulla of Agility (Increases your agility for 2 hours)

Flacon of Agility (Increases your agility for 4 hours)

Bottle of Agility (Increases your agility for 8 hours)


Dust of the constitution (Increases your constitution for 8 hours)

Flask of the constitution (Increases your constitution for 1 hours)

Ampulla of the constitution (Increases your constitution for 2 hours)

Flacon of the constitution (Increases your constitution for 4 hours)

Bottle of the constitution (Increases your constitution for 8 hours)


Dust of the charisma (Increases your Charisma for 1 hours)

Flask of the charisma (Increases your Charisma for 1 hours)

Ampulla of the charisma (Increases your Charisma for 2 hours)

Flacon of the charisma (Increases your Charisma for 4 hours)

Bottle of the charisma (Increases your Charisma for 8 hours)


Dust of the Intelligence (Increases your Intelligence for 1 hours)

Flask of the Intelligence (Increases your Intelligence for 1 hours)

Ampulla of the Intelligence
(Increases your Intelligence for 2 hours)

Flacon of the Intelligence (Increases your Intelligence for 4 hours)

Bottle of the Intelligence (Increases your Intelligence for 8 hours)

RecipesRecipes are items which essentially act like Reinforcments. .Recipes have to be stored in your libary, once stored they can be activated. The activated effect of a recipe only lasts 1 hour.
Blessing of strength (Increases your Strength for 1 hour)
Blessing of Aptness (Increases your Skill for 1 hour)
Blessing of Agility (Increases your Agility for 1 hour)
Blessing of the constitution (Increases your Agility for 1 hour)
  Blessing of the charisma (Increases your Charisma for 1 hour)
Blessing of Life (Increases your HP for 1 hour)
Blessing of Might (Increases your damage for 1 hour)
  Blessing of (Increases your Intellligances for 1 hour)

Usables (Better known as food items) are items which restore your Gladiators health.

Here is the list of Usables you can use.






Bread Rolls



Health Potion


Usables Combinations

+ —>

Apple + Bananna = Fruit Bowl


Apple + Chicken = Feast


Bananna + Bread Rolls = Bananna Roll


Bananna + Bread = Bananna Sandwich


Cheese + Bread Rolls


Cheese + Bread = Cheese Sandwich


Fish + Bread Rolls = Fish Roll


Fish + Bread = Fish Sandwich


Steak + Bread Rolls = Steak Roll


Steak + Bread = Steak Sandwich

Formula for Usables

As long as your Intelligence is less than 100 (less than 115 actually) then it is worth combining 2 level 50 objects.

The number of HP is a multiple of L = (level of the usable + square root of (level of the usable))/2


We will calculate L for a level 7 chicken.

L= (7+ square root of 7)/2 = (7 + 2.64)/2= 9.64/2= 4.82

so we have L, now we will calculate HP for the chicken:

HP of chicken = L*34= 4.82*34=163.88 = > the HP restored will be 164.

= L*8;

= L*20;

= L*16;

= L*12;

= L*26;

= L*50;

= L*10;

= L*14;

= L*30;

= L*34;

= L*46;

= L*30;

= L*36;

= L*28;

= L*34;

= L*48;

= L*54;

= L*34;

= L*40;

= L*22;

= L*38.

At this formula you will get the intelligence bonus. The current intelligence that you have (not basic one and not maximum one – but effective one) will be added to the HP restored in total.  


In Gladiatus, you have the choice to pay for the Premium features of game, or play for free.

The Ingame premium currency of Gladiatus, are “Rubies”

Any problems with payment, the Payment Team will help you

What are Rubies, How do I get them?

Rubies are a very special type of ingame Currency, they can be bought from the Jewellers with
“real money” via various payment methods, these payments vary along with their costs,
Rubies can also be found in Dungeons or Expeditions and Special Ingame Events.

…The Jeweller…

I recommended that you Buy Rubies…

What are their uses, and what advantages do i get from them?

The Advantage of being a Ruby user is being able to buyout items in the auctions, Activate Pacts,and activate Centurion, change your Gender to be either a Female or Male Gladiator, change your name and also skip the Expedition,Dungeon and Travel cool time, that way you can increase your
level faster, and become a Stronger Gladiator much faster.


What is Centurion?

Centurion is the premium feature to Gladiatus, the benfits of activating Centurion can be found below.
  • Per activation you receive half a day`s wages of a stable boy
  • Only a 5 minute battle block in the arena now
  • Maximum amount of expedition points raised to 24
  • Expedition duration and costs have been halved
  • Additional bag in your inventory
  • Better message menu (message file)
  • Ignore list for player mails
  • Colourful highlighting of guild members


Heres a List of the Pacts available and a description of what they can do?

Blessing from Apollo; The God of Poetry is fond of your talents and gives you his Blessing – That your Epic may go down in History – You have a 10% chance of not using any Expedition Points and Maximum Expedition Points are increased by 50 %.

Blessing from Ceres; The Mother of the earth is bestowing you with her mercy and with godly health – The Regeneration of Life Points is increased by 50 %.

Blessing from Venus; The Touch of the goddess of Love and Beauty gives your charisma a Godly Trait-Maximum Charisma is increased. Conditions:Need to be Level 20 or above

Blessing from Mercury; From Now on the god of travellers is waching over your expeditions, Reduces the cost of skipping, the waiting Time in Taverns- The Waiting Time until you can accept a new quest at the publican’s is reduced by 50 % Conditions: Need to be Level 40 or above

Blessing from Jupiter; The father of Gods is looking after you – Your Life Energy is brimming over with Godly Energy – The Life points from constitution are increased by 50 %. Conditions:Need to be Level 60 or above

Seal of Praetor; The seal of Praetor allows you to recieve goods which are not meant for you – You can use items that are available 2 Levels above yours.

Seal of Patrician; From now on the Patricaian seal grants you, access to the secret warehouse of the merchant –The waiting Time For new goods at the Merchant’s is reduced by 50 %

Seal of Consulate;As a messenger of the conulate, the merchants are going to offer you Fair prices from now on – Items can be sold/ Bought at a reduced rate of 5 % at the merchant’s. Conditions:Need to be Level 20 or above

Seal of Quaestor With the seal of Quaestor you are going to get a higher fee for regular work. The pay for work is increased by 3 % Conditions: Need to be Level 40 or above.

Seal of Aedil ;With the seal you can avoid alot of bribes at the market -The market fee at the market is reduced by 50 % and Allows sales at the market to last for 48 hours. Conditions:Need to be Level 60 or above

Honour of the Berserker The berseker Honour is only given to Gladiators, who have become famous through their Fatal tactics – The total damage is increased by 25 % of the playing level or by a minimum of 2

Honour of the Armour : Armourers are warriors that are so skilled in the use of their Favoured Weapon that they are rendered untouchable -Maximum Skill is increased.

Honour of the Veteren :The Veteren Honour is given to those Gladioators who have perfected their Martial Art -Gives a 10% Chance of causing a Critical Hit Condition

Blessing of Venus

Honour of the Hero The Honour of the Hero is given to fighters whose physical strength is much higher than those of ordinary mortals: Maximum Strengh is Increased

Honour of the Destroyer ; The warrior whose strength and technique cannot be beaten by any Type of armour and shield, gets the Honour of the Destroyer – Lowers the armour value of the Opponent.

Secret Knowledge of the Ancients ; Those who master techniques of the ancestors are able to acquire new Knowledge fast and effectively – Gives you 10 % chance of getting doubled amount of experiance points ConditionForfeited at Level 40

Secret Knowledge of the Beast Master;The ancient secrets of the beast Master do not only include the high art of tracking but also a wide knowledge about the creatures of the wilderness – The chance of Finding a searched opponent is increased by 50 %

Secret Knowledge of the Artefact Collecter ; The secret cult of the Artefact Collecter is collecting information about all occult and mystic items since the beginning of the Roman Empire – Chance of Finding a searched item is doubled. Conditions Need to be Level 20 or above

Secret Knowledge of the Assassin ; The secret society of the assassins teaches strictly protected techniques of sneaking , arobatics and evasion Maximum Agility is increased Conditions: Need to be Level 40 or above

Secret Knowledge of the Immortals ; The box of the immortals is said to possess an elixer which gives you eternal life – Maximum Constitution is increased.

Conditions Need to be Level 60 or above


Gold Protection

“For a small fee you can leave your money at the Priests of Mars. No one
will dare to steal a single coin from you then”

  • Opponents cannot loot any more Gold from you
  • The Gold protection can be extended or cancelled at any time
  • The Gold protection can only be activated every 4 hours
  • You cannot carry out an attack in the arenas while Gold protection is activated
  • You can continue taking part in expeditions or dungeon fights

Medals of Honour

Medals of Honour are items which change the appearance of your Gladiator. Medals of Honour can be bought from the Alchemists. Medals of Honour cost Gold, but the premium version of Medals of Honour, (which are Golden) costs rubies.

When you mouse over the Medal’s of Honour icon, you will see such infomation.

To see what each Medal of Honour and Golden Medals of Honour appears like, please see this:

Silver & Golden Medals of Honour


Guilds are an important feature in Gladiatus. A guild constitutes a bond between players usually with a common goal, or a multitude of other reasons (nationality, protection, crashing, domination, High score,

Wars…etc) or simply because they are all from the same school or workplace, and have real life friendship. Guilds are also a great place to meet new friends, and new enemies!

To found your own, you will have to be a Level 5 Gladiator – The game won’t let you found your guild otherwise. If you decide to join a Guild, just hit the ‘Search Guild’ button, and search a Guild. I strongly recommend you to take a look at the high scores first, they’re great to find a Guild which matches your strength. To find your own, you will have to be a Level 5 Gladiator – The game won’t let you found your guild otherwise. If you decide to join a Guild, just hit the ‘Search Guild’ button, and search a Guild. I strongly recommend you to take a look at the highscores first, they’re great to find a Guild which matches your strength.Before you Found your guild you need several things in order to be successful, but

remember, starting an guild is hard, you have to have a flair for what’s in, to get yourself noticed among the multitude of other Gladiatus guilds you need to be Charismatic, Adventurous and tactful. CAT.

As a leader, but as a player you need this attributes. So that means, a good rank and a good reputation, being a flamer on the forum, a sore loser in the battles is never an indication of a strong player.

Experience means not only holding a good rank, but also several months game experience is vital, preferably holding an advanced rank in a strong, established guild will give you experience in Gladiatus leadership.


The Guild ‘core

People often refer to this; this is what is called the ‘main’ members of your guild. Or what you might call a ‘best friends’ in life. Nobody wants to join a guild with just 1 person in it, u

Forming a guildwith people you know in real life: is a great way to get an guildmgoing. Mates from the workplace, school, college, neighbourhood… etc. these are all great ways to form an guild because it adds a level of trust, interoperability and friendliness. This also works with fiends from other online games. Once you are in a Guild, your Guild Master will have given certain privileges to you – or not, ofcourse.

Those privileges don’t really need an explanation, ‘show guild donations’ for example should speak for itself.

Guild Ranking

Here is something about the ranking system. You are, as Guild Master, are not able to change the default privileges (Member). You can, however, create a new group which you can then give certain privileges.

You can then move the users to this new group. To donate gold, or upgrade the Guild Building, you’ll have to use the ‘Guild Building’ Tab, it cannot be done from the main screen

Guild Buildings 

Here is an Overview of the Guild , Here you select ,upgrade and use these buildings to benefit you in a variety of ways


I. “Guild” tab is an overview of every building you have.

II.”Forum Gladiatorius” is the place where you can find information about the guild description, tag, name, fortune, members, your rank in the guild and other.

III. “Administration” is the place where you can send guild mails and chat with the guild members and also where you can see if there is a gladiator applied at your guild(if you have enough rights).

IV. “Building” This tab provides you with information about the fortune of your guild. The levels and costs of your existing Guild buildings.

Guild Buildings Overview


What are Mercenaries? Mercenaries are units that can be bought at the Mercenary Dealer, the Market or the Auction House. Their sole purpose is to aid you in your dungeon quests.You can assign four Mercenaries at any one time by dragging their icon into one of the four slots you have available at the top-left of your dungeon character. (See below) The max number of Mercenary’s is 4.

Mercenary 1

Mercenary 2

Mercenary 3

Mercenary 4

These are the three different types of mercenaries
as you might have guessed from this, each Mercenary has their own
speciality. Nevertheless, you can assign each of your Mercenaries to do
whatever you would like them to do (although I would suggest that you
tell Medics to heal, Warriors to fight and Defenders to defend – fairly

To assign your Mercenary with a task simply click on their icon (on the
right) and then click on one of the following icons in the top-right
corner of their window:



option allows you to tell your Mercenary to defend your group. He will
basically attract most of the enemy’s attention onto himself. This means

that your more ‘valuable’ team members will live longer and hopefully
accomplish their task. It is a good idea for this Mercenary to have good
armour, agility, strength and charisma.


This option tells your Mercenary to attack. Therefore, they need to have high damage equipment, good charisma, good skill and good strength.


options tells your Mercenary to heal the group when it is their go,
rather than attack the enemy. How much a Mercenary heals is determined
by their Intelligence so they need good intelligence to be effective.

final option allows you to tell your Mercenary to stay behind! I don’t
know why you’d want to use this, you’ll need all the help you can get .

If your stuck on Finding these Enemies use the npc list for the dungeons

Which items should I use to equip my mercenaries?

Example of a set up mercenaries:

between 1 and 3 attackers (levels 9-11), the more attackers the better obviously.

set the attackers up with:

-as high skill as possible (every once in a while, you can see a merc with extra good stats for his level – get him!)

-equipped with weapons/armors with critical attack modifiers (the best at low level is Martial Arts –

-next important weapons/armor is those with +damage: start with “of
conflict”, particularly good because it also adds skill, but then aim
for better (assassination and Rayols ideally, but also poison,
brutality, apprenticeship…)

The Healer, is an Important Merc because he’s the one who lets you stay alive long enough to deal enough damage and kill the guy.

I would actually start with him, as you can kill some of the first
monsters with just 1 well equipped attacker (as above) and 1 healer.

However, you shouldn’t take a healer, but a defender
(shield icon) to do the job, because in the end intelligence is not
very important, healing modifiers on weapons/armors give you much more,
and the tanker has much more HP, helping him survive and cure himself.
Furthermore, he will have more charisma than a healer, helping you
avoid a deadly double attack.

Set the defender up with:

-high charisma (as for the attackers, if you wait a while, you’ll see a merc with extra good stats)

-high HP, but that’s really not as important, as long as he is a tanker.

-weapons/armors with healing modifiers and critical healing modifiers. I recommend “religiousness”, which is very good in both.

-as a bonus, some weapons/armors with blocking modifiers (Parade or evasion are pretty good)

Changing Mecernary Names.

You have the Ability to change the names of your mercenary

You are now able to Travel to Exotic Countries like Africa and Germania,
there you will encounter new Dungeons to explore, new people to see more
Quests and even More New and Terrifying Enemies to slay.


To Travel to another country you have to complete certain Dungeons, but also you have to go to the Hermit and pay him for a pass

What i need to do to travel in Africa or Germany?
order to travel from Italy to Africa, from Africa to Germany and from
Germany back to Italy, you have to complete first some dungeons.

To travel from Italy to Africa you have to complete Mist Mountain – The Dragon Stronghold.
To travel from Italy to Germany you have to complete Wolf Cave – The cave of dark intrigue
To travel from Africa to Germany you have to complete Blood Cave – Chamber of Pyro
To travel from Germany back to Italy, you have to complete Wolf Cave – The cave of dark intrigue.

To travel from Germany back to Africa you have to complete Cave Temple – Dark Catacombs


Dungeons are places you can travel to where you fight a series of
enemies to reach a boss, the Boss if defeated gives you Fame,Money and
an item or even a very rare Item.

Here is all the Dungeons in Gladiatus:

Level 10- Dark Woods, Gustavos Country House(Italy)

“Hidden deep in Grimwood, there is a path flanked by murky looking trees. If you believe what the old people say around here, there once lived a very popular king in these woods. Rumour has it, that this king made a pact with the dark side so that he could continue to reign forever.
Level 20 – Mist Mountain – The Dragon Stronghold (Italy)

There`s always something special about entering the lair of a dragon” at least that is what a courageous hero`s widow is saying.

Level 30 -Voodoo Temple – Temple of Perdition (Africa)

Level 40 – Blood Cave – Chamber of Pyro (Africa)


Level 40 – Wolf Cave – The cave of dark intrigue (Italy)

In the hills south of the barbarian village there is a cave system that is called wolf cave by the townsfolk. As the name indicates, a large wolf pack is living there who also attack the surrounding farms during hard winters.

The odour of decay streams through the cave`s entrance and one can hear bones splintering. The wolf pack has assembled and is rejoicing in the gifts of nature.

…Hell Dog…

Level 50 – Cave Temple – Dark Catacombs (Germania)

As the old saying used to go “We are born from ashes and ashes we will become”. Doesn`t it then make
sense for us to devote a temple to the element that determines the cycle of life? From the entrance of the temple a short cry can be heard and then everything is calm again except for the gruelling cracking sounds of insects.

Level 60 – Cursed Village – Viking Camp (Germania)

Once the scene, of fishermen rejoicing their daily catch, and children playing. The village has been devastated and sits lonely on the coast. No fishermen are alive; no joyous children`s voices can be heard; everything is dead. One can already detect the traces of destruction from afar.

Multiple voices join together to form a song and the knocking together of beer mugs can be heard. From a safe distance one can see Vikings celebrating something.

…Homo Nautilus…

Level 70 – Ancient Temple – Hidden Grave (Italy)

It is long forgotten for which God this temple was erected for. Nonetheless, the old, simple ruin still has an aura of mysticism and power. This distant place of worship, towers majestically above the lowlands.

From the inside of the temple, you can hear knocks and aggressive muttering and swearing. Tomb raiders try their luck. Except for the two of them, the hall is empty. Besides the trenched hole a dirty fountain and a beautiful mural painting are the only eye catchers.


Level 80 – Umpokta Tribe – Fairground (Africa)

…Papa Sasama…

Level 90 – Death Hill – Mysterious Laboratory (Germania)
“The loss of the cave temple poses a considerable problem to the
dwellers: Where to put the dead?”


Level 100 – Barbarian Village – Zagrashs Fort (Italy)
“Brave Gladiator” who would have thought that barbarians were capable of building such a well-fortified fort? The towers are manned with archers and guards who patrol the main gate. Through the main gate you can hear, chanting, and recognise the scences of obscure magical activities.


??? ???


Once you have chosen, be warned if you still have quests (Guard or Tavern Quests) in-complete; this message will pop-up. You then have a choice either go back and complete these quests or cancel them.

Once you have chosen the country you wish to travel to, it will take 3 hours to travel to your destination.

You could play the shell game for 5 rubies (skips the cooldown time of travelling) and arrive at your destination instantly.

What i need to do to travel in Africa or Germany?

In order to travel from Italy to Africa, from Africa to Germany and from Germany back to Italy, you have to complete some dungeons.

To travel from Italy to Africa you have to complete Mist Mountain – The Dragon Stronghold.
To travel from Italy to Germany you have to complete Wolf Cave – The cave of dark intrigue
To travel from Africa to Germany you have to complete Blood Cave – Chamber of Pyro
To travel from Germany back to Italy, you have to complete Wolf Cave – The cave of dark intrigue.
To travel from Germany back to Africa you have to complete Cave Temple – Dark Catacombs

A Special Thanks to the Contributers to this Guide

Lil` Evil

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