Gladiatus FAQ

Gladiatus Frequently Asked Questions by zulu

Where does it all begin?
So you’ve registered, picked your name, and you’re ready to start glorifying Rome in your own image, right? The first thing you need to know is that this isn’t your average hack’n’slash game. All actions in game (short of buying/selling to vendors) are going to take some time to accomplish. You’re going to need some gold, but you aren’t going to get any just sitting there.

Life and Death as a Gladiator:
As a Roman Gladiator, you’re sure to take a beating in the process of your apirations to greatness. Luckily for you, the General Goods store has plenty of food merchandise to heal you. You cannot die, however, once your health becomes too low you will be unable to go on any expeditions and all arena battle will be instant losses the second your HP runs out. Health also regenerates in direct correlation to your Constitution.

Where does my journey begin?
Gold is currency. Just as in the real world every piece has it’s price, and every experience hard earned. You can gain prestige by doing any of the following:

– Work in the Stables
– Going on a Quest
– Going on an Expedition
– Buying/Selling Items
– Fighting in the Arena

What are the benefits to working in the Stables?
In the beginning, the Stables will be a meek job full of hardship and low in pay. As your Gladiator gains experience, you will be promoted to a higher paying job at a pre-designated level interval. The Stable will tell you what level your next promotion is at. Other than that, you put in how many hours you want to work, then in real-time whatever you chose counts down until the work is done. When you’re finished, you’ll recieve pay for every hour worked at your level’s rate’s pay as well as a nice sum of experience. If you cancel, even if at most of the way through the counter, all time into the job will be lost, thus no pay. You cannot do anything else while you work, so it’s best saved for times of inactivity or while you’re sleeping.

How can I find a Quest to go on?
Quests are given at the Tavern. There are three lengths of Quests. Easy, which will ask you to do two tasks; Medium, in asking of four tasks; and Hard, the longest of all, will ask of you six tasks. Each time you accept a quest, there is a wait period afterwards based on the length you chose starting at two hours and increasing in two hour intervals to six hours after a hard quest. Quests can range from finding something, killing something, or even just talking to someone. To find an item for someone, usually you’ll want to go on an expedition!

What’s to expect out of an Expedition?
First and foremost, in order to go on an expedition you have to have expedition points. For non-Centurion (non-premium) players there is an expedition point max of 12 points. Every hour another expedition point is added to your total up to the cap of twelve. It takes 2 points to explore and face an enemy for 10 minutes, 4 points for 20 minutes, and 6 points for 30 minutes. Centurion players total cap for expedition points are doubled, and expedition points and durations are halved.

When you set out for an expedition, first you have to choose where to send your Gladiator. All fights are even to your level, so other than the type of enemy you will face, it’s pretty much an even chance everywhere. No two fights will ever be exactly the same, save random coincidence. Whenever your Gladiator returns, you’ll know the success or defeat of your expedition down to the last blow. Although every expedition might not bring back any items or gold, you’ll always recieve at least a little experience from it.

I went on an expedition and got an item. How do I recieve it?
All items recieved have their own way of getting place to place, called, “Packages.” From any page, all new alerts for journal entries and packages are put just left of the Highscore and Arena rankings. When a new item or entry is placed, there will be a clickable chest of sorts where you can see the item. All items are drag and drop to purchase, move, place, equip, or sell. Any interaction with an item (such as upgrading it) will in one way or another be dragged and dropped accordingly. NOTE: Items will not move until the page and all scripts on the page are loading. Item won’t move? Make sure it’s loaded, first!

Alternatively, inside the Message’s page there is another way to get to Packages by following the respective links.

Is there a limit on the number of packages you can have?

Do packages disappear after a while?
No, but after 7 days gold from packages goes to your account.

How do I Buy/Sell gear and equipment?
There are several shops to choose from. If you seek armaments, then you need to visit the Weapon Shop; For Shields, Helmets, and Chest Armors there is the Armor Shop; For Gloves, Shoes, Rings, Amulets, and Food seek the General Goods store; For boosts, item upgrades and potions check the Alchemist; For finer items to bid on, the Auction Building houses the finest of equipments; and finally for great deals or to sell an item at your own listing price visit the market. Be sure to keep up with your current equipment and wisely decide what gear you want, and what can wait. The finest blade of all the land can swiftly make work of your enemies, but it’s still your hand that will stay it.

The Weapon, Armor, General Goods, and Alchemist stores all restock every hour (60:00 minutes) or all four can be convinced to at any time if you have ten rubies to entice them with. All types of items can be sold at the Market. You choose the price, but beware, if your price is too high, they’re going to buy someone else’s item before yours! If you don’t want to rely on another player buying your items though, and you need your gold right then you can always sell items to the correct store that wares them.

What’s the differences between all the weapons?
The different weapons are all the same in terms of attacks they can make and how they are made. The only real variables that should heed admission of thought of weapon should be damage and their possible (though not guaranteed) bonuses to stats. Weapon types, lengths, and shapes have are no indicator to it’s usefulness. As with any other items, the higher the level, the higher the quality of item. The name also has a pretty direct correlation on the items worthiness, though sometimes misleading. Hover over any items to see what exact benefits or losses come to equipping them.

I placed a bid on an item in the Auction House and now the item’s gone and so is my gold!
Odds are, you were outbid. In any case where you are outbid, all gold (as advertised on the Market, and heatedly debated on the forums) is lost to the cause. In the random case where you just so happen to check back and realise that someone outbid you, then you can re-earn the gold that you lost as well as enough to overbid the other player and try to snake them at their own game. However, usually it’s much easier to amass a nice sized pile of gold to throw at an item if you absolutely don’t want to lose the item. On the opposite side of the coin, sometimes great items can be purchased for lower than what you would expect.


How can I use powders and upgrades from the Alchemist on my equipment?
Powders that increase your general ability can be found at the alchemist. Only one powder/upgrade can be used per item. Short of a detergent sponge up to the proper level of the item that’s been upgraded, there’s no way to remove one once you apply it. Beware, before you use your first good upgrade on an item you plan on retiring in a few days make sure you couldn’t stave it off for a better item. In some cases, there truly is no time like the present, though you don’t want to bang your head on the keyboard because of too little fore-thought. Potions can also be bought to upgrade stats that last in length dependant on the size of the bottle. In general, the larger the bottle, the longer it works. A boost that stays active for 8:00hrs is easily founded.

Some equipment has level requirements, but I see others using them at a lower level?
Items are kind of funny on here as there are no requirements of this moment. As of right now the item level is nothing more than the quality of the item. From defence bonus to plus skills and even damage, the higher the level of the item, the more likely it is to be of superior quality. The sky is the limit as far as for what you can equip, save that you can acquire it.

There are almost as many levels for items as you can gain, and many sub-classes of rarer items. Coloured text items are stronger than their ordinary counterparts. The weakest of these upgraded rarities are the green text items. After that comes the purple which of course is another tier higher. It is said there are quite a few colours, but you know enough of them now to get you started!

How do I train my Gladiator?
In the city, there is a dedicated training ground overseen by a veteran of the Roman armies who will give you tips from time to time. In the beginning of your adventure you will be weak and susceptible to all types of misfortune. For a sum of gold you can have your gladiator trained in the art of a certain stat resulting in a permanent and base of +1 to that stat. As you sink more and more gold into your gladiator you will find it simply takes that much more to pursue further training. Some skills are easier learned than others. For instance, you will have much less trouble gaining in agility than you would in skill. As a direct result, it will take less gold to raise agility regardless of how high the stat is.

The stronger your Gladiator gets, the hardier an adventurer he becomes. The once meagre earnings of a hard day’s battle will be achieved seconds on the battle field. The arena can be just as easy as it can unforgiving. Always remember to check out each opponent you face and how they’ve trained and equipped their gladiator. Although it usually hardly makes the difference in the beginning, the further down the line you get the less margin for error. Try to use as much intelligence as you can as you build your gladiator to your liking. The more you delve into your equipment, the less stout your character will be fundamentally, but usually will receive more boosts from items. The more you invest statistically, the less gold you can put towards equipment, but the more reaped of %stat bonuses and stat caps which are purely dependant on base stat. If you have 6 base strength with +20 strength boost throughout your equipment, you can only boost the max difference between your skill’s base and it’s cap. The more into a stat, higher the cap.

How do my stats infer directly to combat?
Strength is the most expensive statistic to train and is a relative gauge of physical prowess. For every ten points of strength, you will get 1 extra melee damage.
You calculate your chance to hit by this formula:
Chance for hit = your skill/ (your skill + enemy agility) x 100 [always round down]

To check any of these stats at any time go to your overview and hover over the green bars. Just like your skill is paired, so is your agility, except this time it’s your agility versus your opponent’s skill with the same math ideal as skill, except reversed for this example. Constitution is a measurement of your toughness and resilience. Each point into Constitution reaps 2 vital health points plus 1 to your total of health regeneration per hour. With 20 Constitution, that would be a bonus of 40 HP and 40hp/hour regenerated with rest or while working. The stouter you are, the more damage you can sustain before needing to eat, and heal faster while resting.

Charisma is (as far as combat is concerned) pretty much just how lucky you are. Charisma can allow you to attack two times to the opponent’s one. Like the two variable stats above, this is also dependent on the difference between your training level and theirs. For a value that is greater than your opponent’s charisma then for every point you are higher you gain 1% to chance for a double attack every time you attack. (ChaLvL +1 = 1% for double attack, so ChaLvL +20 would be 20% chance and so on. All Equal and Negative integers are tossed and instead automatically given 0%.)

Armour is the cumulative sum of all of your equipment’s armour bonuses. The main point of armour is it absorbs damage. At 0 it absorbs 0 – 0. After ~90 it absorbs 0 – 1, ~160 its 1 – 2, and ~280 it’s 3 – 4 etc., etc., etc. Damage is pulled together from strength (StrLvL/10 = +1 damage) and any bonuses on your items that may add to damage.

I’ve got my equipment and some experience under my belt. How do I challenge another Gladiator to an Arena bout?
When you first start out, you will be high in the levels 2-9 tournament rankings. To the left of the Arena screen is the top five, however you may only face Gladiators so many rankings below you. The display to the right will show you what position you are and who you can take on to improve your ranking. You can click the players’ names to get information on their equipment, stats, and more. The catch is you have to beat ’em to earn their spot.

While you’re ranked low and amidst many competitors, you’ll be able to advance across more ranks at once. The higher you get though, the smaller the gap becomes. When you choose the one you wish to challenge, a message will be sent to your inbox telling you the winner with the detailed result log of the battle below. For non-Centurion players an arena battle can take place every 15:00 minutes. For Centurions the time is cut into a third of that, once every five minutes. There is also a function to attack based solely on username, but it will cost ten gold and not be counted in rankings.

How can I become a Centurion?
In order to become a Centurion, you have to spend real money to order Rubies. It only takes 15 rubies to activate Centurion for 14 days and receive many awesome benefits for supporting the game.

The best items for my level and Centurion require rubies, what gives?
In order to keep maintenance and upgrades current and up-to-date for the game, there has to be funding. Rubies are invaluable when it comes to buying new equipment. However, if you can wing it with what you have the further you get the newer items will take rubies to buy, however the older items will be just gold. You’ll be a little later without the rubies, but the turtle can keep pace with the hare if he’s persistent. Rubies are not necessary, but can highly increase your chances.

In order to purchase rubies, you must have an acceptable form of payment, viewable at the jeweller. All information that is required shall not in any way and is simply for payment and authorisation purposes.

What are the benefits/disadvantages of being in a Guild?
Guild’s are brothers-in-arms. Fight together, die together, stand together. There are many perks to being in Guilds. The most obvious of which is finding communities of like-minded individuals who can help fend off a foe or just provide idle banter. Guilds have their own Fortune containing all donated gold (Gold can be donated by any guild member) to use for guild-matters. Though there are currently no huge advantages to Guilds that a solo-player couldn’t achieve on his own, look for this to be expanded more by the developers as time passes.

On the other hand, just as a guild can function as a tight-knit, well-oiled machine, it can just as easily be fruitless. While guild wars can be fun, any war your guild is in, you are in as well. Make sure you at least approve of your guild leader, or else you never know what he could get you into (and sometimes out of!).

How do I find x item to complete a quest?
Often when given a quest you will be asked to find an item. When this happens you need to asses if the item is a special item, or just a weapon or piece of armor, or sometimes a ring or food item.
Examples of special items are:

  • Stolen casket
  • Long fingers of bandit

Examples of normal items are:

  • Copper shoulders
  • Iron guard

Examples of food item are:

  • Fish
  • Apple

To find the “special” items you need to know where to find them, Bandit fingers come from a Bandit, so you need to win a battle against a Bandit, stolen caskets can also be won from Bandits.

Normal and food items can be won from any enemy if you win.

To find each item you need to win against the enemy, but the enemy will not always drop the item that you want on the 1st win. (With food it makes more sense to buy it from a shop)

How do I find x character to kill?
If you are asked to kill a certain number of enemy characters you will need to find them. Naturally the best place to look would be the one most associated with the character. Below is a small list of who you will find where.

(Note: all characters can be found in more than 1 place)

Mist Mountains – Harpy
Dark Woods – Wolf
Barbarian Village – Barbarian
Bandit Camp – Bandit
Ancient Temple – Guard
Pirate Harbor – Pirate
Wolf Cave – Wolf

*Deserters are found in all locations, but possibly more often in the Barbarian Village.

The “Quest Item” I got , can i keep it?

“Quest Items” can be used if you won’t cancel the mission that requires
the item. If you’ll keep that mission available you can use the item as
long as you want. You can finish that mission by giving that item after a while or you can cancel it and the item will disappear after some time.

How often are expedition points added?
Expedition points are added at the rate of 1 each hour regardless of whether you have Premium or not.


Help I can’t create a Guild
You are not able to create guilds until you reach level 5.

I can’t change the permissions of the “Member” rank!
This is not a bug, it is a design feature. All new members will be assigned the rank of “Member” and will not have permission to do anything until they are assigned another rank by those able to do so.

How do I get more members?
You need to expand you house to be able to accept new members. Each member of the guild is able to donate money if they are given permission to do so. When you Have enough money to upgrade your house you will be able to accept another 3 members. The amount of gold needed is listed in the guild building page if you have permission to spend guild money.

When you have space you can either talk to people ingame, or use the official forum to advertise your guild. For each server there is a specific forum to use. These forums can be used to advertise our guild, or request a guild to join. If a guild Master / Admin sees you are looking for a guild they may contact you ingame.

What are the advantages of Guilds
Currently there are very few advantages, but as the game is developed by the coders it is likely that new guild features will be added.

What is it and how do I buy it?
Premium is a service that you get from buying a subscription, or making a one off payment to GameForge (the games owner). The Premium service give additional bonuses, these are outline in the game, by clicking the “Premium” link at the top right of the screen. A new window will open detailing the advantages.

The main advantages are:

  • Instead of being blocked for 15 minutes in the arena, you only have to wait 5 minutes
  • Instead of 12 expedition points, you can gain up to 24 expedition points
  • The duration of expeditions and their cost is halved

Clicking the “Buy your premium account here!” link will open a new window, the payment options are fairly easy to understand.

Help, I have problems with payment / Premium
Unfortunately none of the board or game staff are able to help with these problems, you need to contact gamepay. Use the following website to open the support pages…

This will open a FAQ, if your problem can not be resolved after reading this then click the “Contact Support” link on the left side of the page and select the relevant language and game.

What are they and what do they do?
Rubies are stones that you can buy. They enable you to purchase special items, items with added attributes, for a lower cost. They also let you buy food items that restore more health. Along with this you can also buy items from the auction house without having to wait for the item to finish its auction time, and at a cheaper price.

Help, I have problems with payment / Rubies
As with Premium, neither the game staff nor the board staff are able to help you. You will need to contact the gamepay support website, and follow the same advice for premium problems.


Mercenaries are units that can be bought at the Mercenary Dealer, the Market or the Auction House. Their sole purpose is to aid you in your dungeon quests. You can assign four Mercenaries at any one time by dragging their icon into one of the four slots you have available at the top-left of your dungeon character. (See below)
The max number of Mercenary’s is 4.

Equipment Picture

There are three different types of mercenaries:

As you might have guessed from this, each Mercenary has their own speciality. Nevertheless, you can assign each of your Mercenaries to do whatever you would like them to do (although I would suggest that you tell Medics to heal, Warriors to fight and Defenders to defend – fairly obviously!)

To assign your Mercenary with a task simply click on their icon (on the right) and then click on one of the following icons in the top-right corner of their window:

This option allows you to tell your Mercenary to defend your group. He will basically attract most of the enemy’s attention onto himself. This means that your more ‘valuable’ team members will live longer and hopefully accomplish their task. It is a good idea for this Mercenary to have good armour, agility, strength and charisma.

This option tells your Mercenary to attack. Therefore, they need to have high damage equipment, good charisma, good skill and good strength.

This options tells your Mercenary to heal the group when it is their go, rather than attack the enemy. How much a Mercenary heals is determined by their Intelligence so they need good intelligence to be effective.

This final option allows you to tell your Mercenary to stay behind! I don’t know why you’d want to use this, you’ll need all the help you can get :D


What are dungeons and how to complete them?
When you enter level 10, you are able to fight in dungeons which can be found in expedition places, for example, Dark Woods; there you have a Dungeon tab, and as soon you click it you get Dungeon map screened.
Under the dungeon map are tasks which have to be fulfilled in order to fight against Dungeon boss.
Dungeon points are separated from expedition points, which means you don`t lose expeditions points for fighting in dungeons and vice versa, and they regenerate every hour same as expedition points.
You enter every fight in dungeons with full hp, so you dont need usables to heal your gladiator after dungeon fights.
There is no level protection in dungeons. You can lose with lvl 60 against lvl 12 dungeon opponent, if you fight unequipped or not armed good enough. Please note that you gladiator has to be equipped in Dungeon overview otherwise you fight “naked”.
The opponents in dungeons are much stronger than those in expeditions, therefore you need to have a group of mercenaries which has to be equipped well to stand a fight.
Fight in dungeon ends when you and your mercenaries or dungeon opponent are out of life points. So, note that, in dungeon fights, dealt damage is not important, you have to defeat your opponent.
Such fights may take much rounds, sometimes 120 rounds or more, and the more the fight lasts the more damage dungeon opponent is dishing out, which leads to stunning you or your mercenaries sometimes and they fail or die.
When you defeat Dungeon boss, you receive an (Soul bound) item, therefore you have to strive to have good equipped soldiers to obtain fame, honour, and experience.
The player has 7 days to deal with selected dungeon, if not, it will be reseted after 7 days ( if you have chosen HARD and the dungeon is hard for you, so you can`t defeat dungeon opponents, you have to wait 7 days for reseting the dungeon so you can chose again between Easy, Middle, Hard )
When you complete a dungeon successfully it will be showed in player statistic which can be seen by others as usual.

Where can i find dungeons and which level i need to be to complete them successfully?
Like first, its very important to know which dungeons are suited for you present level, cause higher leveled dungeon opponents are impossible for your level even if you are perfectly equipped for your present level.

Places where you can find dungeons are:

Level 10 Dark Woods, Gustavos Country House
Level 20 – Mist Mountain – The Dragon Stronghold
Level 40 – Wolf Cave – The cave of dark intrigue
Level 70 – Ancient Temple – Hidden Grave
Level 70 – Tavern – Courtyard of the tavern
Level 90 – Barbarian Village – Zagrashs Fort

Level 50 – Cave Temple – Dark Catacombs
Level 60 – Cursed Village – Viking Camp
Level 90 – Death Hill – Mysterious Laboratory

Level 30 – Voodoo Temple – Temple of Perdition
Level 40 – Blood Cave – Chamber of Pyro
Level 80 – Umpokta Tribe – Fairground

Boss names:

Level 10 – Dark Woods – Gustavos Country House – King Gustavo
Level 20 – Mist Mountain – The Dragon Stronghold – Gernasch
Level 40 – Wolf Cave – The cave of dark intrigue – Hell Dog
Level 70 – Ancient Temple – Hidden Grave – Nekromar
Level 100 – Barbarian Village – Zagrashs Fort – Zagrash

Level 50 – Cave Temple – Dark Catacombs – Lord Aesteron
Level 60 – Cursed Village – Viking Camp – Homo Nautilus
Level 90 – Death Hill – Mysterious Laboratory – Frank N. Stein

Level 30 – Voodoo Temple – Temple of Perdition – Themba
Level 40 – Blood Cave – Chamber of Pyro – Pyro
Level 80 – Umpokta Tribe – Fairground – Papa Sasama

What i need to do to travel in Africa or Germany?
In order to travel from Italy to Africa, from Africa to Germany and from Germany back to Italy, you have to complete first some dungeons.
To travel from Italy to Africa you have to complete Mist Mountain – The Dragon Stronghold.
To travel from Italy to Germany you have to complete Wolf Cave – The cave of dark intrigue
To travel from Africa to Germany you have to complete Blood Cave – Chamber of Pyro

“To travel from Germany back to Italy, you have to complete Wolf Cave – The cave of dark intrigue.
To travel from Germany back to Africa you have to complete Cave Temple – Dark Catacombs
In case you’re stuck, the boss (Lord Aesteron) can be beaten with low level mercenaries with 90% critical attack and 90% block.”

Thx to Feky


A little addon for v 0.5

What is the guild bank and what advantages does it bring during a war?

The guild bank is the central payment place for all buildings. All buildings can be developed by the gold deposited here. In a guild war your gold can be stolen if you are defeated! Thus the construction of
this building makes a lot of sense, because it protects a percentage of the gold. And the further this building is developed, the more gold is protected.

Bathhouse? Just relax!

In the Bathhouse everybody has the possibility to relax after hard fights.
In addition, the player gets a percentage of their regeneration added with each level.

What is the Library and what are recipes for??
Every guild has a Library. In this recipes can be stored and be activated.
These recipes can be used with Dungeons or expeditions. If a guild member has a recipie, he can store it in the library by dragging it onto the shelf. Activating recipes costs gold and can be done only by
members that have the rights to spend guild gold. By the activation every guild member gets a bonus for a certain time. This bonus counts in addition to the normal strengthening by reinforcements. The number
of recipes which one can store is limited and is raised with every step of the building.

Can recipes
be taken out of the Library???

One cannot take stored recipes any more from the library, delete means that they are removed completely.

The War Master Hall!

In the war master’s hall a war can be declared on another guild! The
further the building is developed, more war reports can be seen and be
administered. And the time untill another new war can begin decreases.


The Guild market!

This is same as the normal market! Only guild members have access to this market

What is the Warehouse and what advantages does it bring?

In the guild warehouse all kinds of items can be stored and be removed.
Who has access to it, the master or the Admins decide.
The further the warehouse is developed, the more shelves the warehouse will have.
Visibility of items in warehouse is same as for market, you can find that formula in this thread Formulas for Gladiatus


NegotiumX is a practise site for the Dungeon bosses. If a guild member kills a boss, it is automatically captured and ‘held’ in in the NegotiumX. Thus other guild members can line up against this and test
whether they can already beat him. The further the building is developed, the more bosses can be taken in captivity.

Pantheon or also the patronage of God

In this holy hall the gods live. Every guild member has the ability to pray and receives for it divine
support in the form of blessing. What can be done with this blessing that you alone must find out.

Villa Medici

Villa Medici is a guild-internal doctor who cures your life points. The further the building is developed, the more doctors can practise there, and then more guild members can take up this service at one time.

What is the Training grounds for?

In the Training grounds every guild has the possibility to coach gladiators at a reduced price. The further the building is developed, the more discounted the training becomes for all members of this guild.

Thx to LeonidasI and HER3TIC for corrections

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