Dofus Intelligence Feca Guide

Dofus Intelligence Feca Guide by Pentecost

‘ello reader, I present you this guide written at the time I was a level 158 Int/Str/+Damage Feca who got bored during his evenings. The aim of this guide is to provide insight into the Intelligence Build Feca and explore different hybrids, explaining the Cookie-Cutter and less Cookie-Cutter builds. I’ve hypothesised many of these builds and works on pen an paper, but I’ve only tried Int/Wis, Int/Crit/+Dam and Int/Str/+Dam so take the information with a pinch of salt. I will not cover builds that do not require Intelligence.

At the time of this amendment, I am currently 199. Although I did try to maintain the guide, many things have changed since – such as Dofus 2.0, Feca mini-overhaul, and of course, IV 2.0 (or third generation?) which left the guide behind into archives. Thanks to Fyorl, I was able to retrieve it and make a complete transfer successfully.

So without further ado, this guide will introduce you to Characteristics, Spells, Builds, Weapons, PvP, and more! It’s all here, ready for you. But don’t stop to look for more, 4look4rd’s guide and more information is out there for the path to success.

PS: I never use underline to emphasise a point (except this). If a word is underlined, it’s a link, so click it!

Disclaimer: Work in progress, some information may be outdated.

Posted Image : Intelligence. Primary characteristic. Essential for any build I’m going to cover. Highly recommended to pump Intelligence until 300 base. After 300 it is your personal choice to focus on a secondary stat (e.g. Wisdom) or keep on pumping till 400. It’s nearly the norm nowadays to scroll your primary stat but don’t be discouraged if you can’t afford it. If this is your first character, or simply do not have the funds, forget about scrolling and pump it 300. You can come back later to reset.

Posted Image : Wisdom. Everyone loves wisdom. More so important on a Feca as we have an assortment of AP and MP draining spells. Scrolling to 101 and pumping the rest of characteristic points after 300 base intelligence is common and effective. Strongly advised to scroll to 101. Be warned that if you went without scrolling on Intelligence, you’ll have to rescroll Wisdom when you decide to scroll Intelligence after a reset.

Posted Image : Strength. Optional characteristic for those who seek the Int/Str build. Advantageous to increase the damage on spells such as Blindness and Backlash. Softcaps are harsh, scroll before investing points if need be.

Posted Image : Agility. Required for dodge locks and improve critical hits. Optional characteristic for Int/Agi build that is somewhat prevalent nowadays. The only offensive spell you will benefit from Agility is Moon Hammer but the advantage to lock opponents on a glyph is enormous. Many guides simply state to scroll to 101. That’s much easier said than done. However scrolling to 80 is somewhat cheap and a great compromise.

Posted Image : Chance. Optional characteristic for those who seek the Int/Cha build. Bubble and PP will benefit from high chance. Scroll to 101 if need be.

Version 2.3.5 came with some massive overhauls to the class Feca. The biggest one was armours. It is no longer modified by Intelligence, Strength, Agility, or Chance. Instead, armours have a 5% boost per level of the caster. This change addressed the problem where fixed reduction was too powerful at low levels, and too weak at higher levels.

Mathematically, the formula is:
Base reduction*(1+0.05*Level)

So what does this mean? This is what you will roughly expect in your shielding capabilities, provided that you maxed out your armor level ASAP.
Posted Image
NB: To be precise, I calculated it at

  • level 1 Armour at Level 1
  • Level 4 Armour at Level 10
  • Level 6 Armour at Level 110

The new generation of Fecas will have to survive with less shielding than their former generation. I can’t give any advices at the lower levels as it was never this way when I played. The only thing I can say, is it’ll get better! I used to reduce ~90 on my armours at level 199 before this change, it’s a lot more powerful now.


Posted Image Level 1. Earth Armor.
Key spell as many mobs hit with earth/neutral damage. Should be first priority to level above anything. Level 6 recommended. At worst, aim for level 5.

Posted Image Level 1. Aggressive Glyph.
Staple spell in the Feca’s arsenal. Level 5 Recommended, 6 when possible. Think of it as Natural Attack that hits in AoE but lasts 3 turns (4 turns at level 6).

Posted Image Level 3. Spell Rebound.
Completely reflects all damage and AP loss to the caster at 100%. Many call it a second Immunity, but it’s not as dry as people make it look like! Reason being that in PvP the opponent might be silly enough to use spells when you’ve casted it. In PvM you can cast it on a character who’s next to another person and the mob will not hit in AoE to avoid spells being reflected. In other words you can protect 4~5 people with one Spell Rebound provided that the enemy uses AoE attacks. No monsters have spells greater than level 5 so if you’re only interested in PvM level 5 will do. Level 6 for the PvP orientated. As an added kick, casting Spell Rebound on a Sacrificer (i.e. the Sacrier or Living Bag who casted Sacrice) will make mobs hit into Spell Rebound. Especially great to finish off high end Frigost bosses because they hit bigger as their HP becomes depleated.

Posted Image Level 9. Glowing Armor.
Like a good Feca all armors should be maxed. Level 6 Recommended. Level 6 armors have a huge leap in reduction values so it is worth investing points into it… however the reality is that you’ll run out of spell points unless you’ve farmed a whole heap of diamonds. Level 3 or 4 is a worthy compromise.

Posted Image Level 17. Aqueous Armor.
Other than having the primary benefit of reducing water damage, it gives AP resistance! That’s like killing two birds with one stone. Level 6 if you can scrap the points but Level 5 can do.

Posted Image Level 21. Immunity.
The Feca trademark defensive life saver spell. 2.3.5 made it even better, and now it adds Invulnerable state. It’s still unbewitchable, but it’ll protect you from all damage, pushback, and poison now. Ultimately you want this at level 6 but when you’re tight on points it can do with whatever you feel best.

Posted Image Level 26. Wind Armor.
Similar story to Aqueous Armor, two birds with one stone! 6 preferred, 5 recommended.

Posted Image Level 42. Fraction.
New spell that was added on 2.3.5 in replacement for Art of Staff. It shares damage received between all the targeted allies for 3 turns. Summons are not counted. That’s the theory, but it’s not so obvious how the exact mechanics are from this official description. Here’s a list of what it does and doesn’t do:

What it does

  • Share damage by distributing resistances. Say character A and B were Fractioned, and their resistances are 0% and 50% respectively. If either of them take damage, the damage is calculated as if the target hits on 25% resistance

What it doesn’t

  • Multiply shield effects. The target receives damage reduced by shield and that’s the end of it. Whether the rest of the Fractioned people have any defence on (except Masquraider BP), it does not affect the damage per character.
  • Link Fractions. At level 6, you can cast it twice a turn. The two Fractions are not linked and you will only share the damage within the 1 AoE.

It’s a tricky spell to use. I admit I haven’t had much to do with it, mine is at level 3 because the cooldown becomes 3, which is the same time as the duration. It’s also only 3 spell points so it doesn’t eat into your diamond budget too much (or if you’re cheap like me, the distribution of 198 spell points that you gain solely from levels!). Others like to max it out ASAP. Max it out and test it if you are interested – remember, it’s only a day of killing Class Dopples away to reset a spell anytime.

Posted Image Level 60. Teleportation.
Has its flaws but a movement spell nevertheless! Nice spell to have at 6, recommended at 5. Could get away with 3 on lower levels but the extra range and lower cool down proves immensely useful.

Posted Image Level 70. Burning Glyph.
Trade mark offensive spell of Fecas. Relatively large AoE and nice solid damage for 3AP. Glyph damage decreases as the target is distant from the centre, so plonk it right under their feet. Level 5 recommended, Level 6 when possible.

Posted Image Level 80. Feca Shield.
Useful for every situation, from being able to attain 50% resists to all elements with a two-handed weapon to helping Sacs reduce a chunk of damage. 5 Recommended, 6 according to your preference. The lowered cost AP cost at level 6 is the major sale point as resistance is capped at 50% anyway – at 180 the equipment you’re wearing ought to give 12% resistance to all elements that the increase in resistance from Feca Shield won’t change anything.

Posted Image Level 90. Paralysing Glyph.
The only MP draining spell in a Feca’s arsenal. Level 4 or 5, according to your preference. Level 4 is the same size as Burning Glyph and Level 5 is a scaled up version with one less cool down. Some prefer to be it the same size as Burning Glyph for better allocation, others at 5 for larger size. By the way, level 6 is pure gold at 3 duration and 5 cool down with MASSIVE AoE. I recommend levelling it to 6 ASAP… but you probably knew that already if you’re 190.

Debatable spells

Posted Image Level 1. Natural Attack.


Posted Image Level 13. Cloudy Attack

There’s been a lot of hot debate in the past about these two. Natural Attack level 5 blows, Cloudy Attack level 5 is lesser of the two evils pre-100. In a nutshell Natural Attack will hit low-to-low damage at non linear and Cloudy Attack hits low-to-medium damage at linear. The choice is yours to make but I can tell you from experience that if Natural Attack is the only offensive damage you have, it will end in tears. If you do not plan to pick up a decent fire weapon do not go Natural Attack – you’ll regret it like I did. If you go Level 5 Cloudy it’s somewhat bearable without a weapon although the randomness may shed you a tear.
Thus I suggest the following for the new Fecas in the era of Otomai spell resets: Level Cloudy to 5 and forget it at level 100 in exchange to the Coralator, Groulo, and Bherb relics. Do one painful level with Natural Attack level 5 then raise it to 6 immediately after you hit 101. Or better, level to 101+ and kill all 14 dopples to reset.

After entering the world of sparklies the general population believes that level 6 Natural Attack is superior to level 6 Cloudy Attack. It’s actually a little more complicated than that. In a nutshell Natural Attack is reliant on +Damages and Cloudy Attack is reliant on Intelligence. The base damage of Natural Attack is low enough that +Damages will improve the overall output moreso than Intelligence. Vice versa for Cloudy Attack. One of the bigger advantages Natural has over Cloudy (other than the obvious non linearity) is its 3 AP cost which meshes in well with glyphs. But Cloudy has it benefits being 4 AP to mesh in well with 4 AP weapons and the ability to penetrate through armors. If you pick Natural Attack and go with a 8AP set up, it can become a little awkward casting NA+NA+Leek Pie whilst a Cloudy user can CA twice. It should also be noted that Relief Boots deactivate the linearness of Cloudy Attack, putting it on par with Natural’s non linearity when those pair of class boots are worn.

All in all, whether you be pre-100 or post-100 you will have to make a compromise between your play style and make a decision. To Natural Attack or to Cloudy Attack: that is the question.

As an added note, stay in tune with the latest updates for the class Feca. We’re expected to have all armors combined into one spell (more spell points freed up, yay!), Glyph of Silence revised, and Cloudy Attack changed. Even resistance calculation may change, and for the better of Fecas. New offensive skills are to be added, but don’t hold your breath for Agility spells, as Ankama would rather strengthen Int/Str/Cha than add another element. This information is rambles from Lichen, the chief game developer, but he’s notorious for throwing out random ideas – so take it with an ample amount of salt.


Posted ImagePure Intelligence

The orthodox build, utilising Burning Glyph, Aggressive Glyph, and the other fire attributes to full potential. It used to be your cookie-cutter because before 2.3.5, armour reduction was based on Intelligence. It’s no longer essential to be pure Intelligence but don’t let that make you think any less! You’ll get the best softcaps for a Feca, high damage Burning Glyph, snipe-the-corner Aggressive Glyph, versatile Natural Attack, AND the ability to heal! While other Intelligence hybrids can also do the same, you’ll always be better at it.

Posted Image Pure Intelligence Sample Set

Cheapest 1/2 crit all Pure Intelligence. Turn a blind eye to Ochre, Kringlove, and Ink Veil, it only requires a +14 Turquoise Dofus. 1106~1874 damage potential per turn, with Burning Glyph hitting close to 450 on max rolls.

In groups you’ll be valued for consistent AoE damage and your ability to play a secondary healer if you pick up a healing weapon.


Pinnacle of Intelligence Weapons:

Posted Image Kryst O’Ball, level 59.

Most overpowered staff ever for its level. 16-20 neutral base damage for 3 AP is seen no where else with such a low penalty of -vit. But the story gets better… it gives up to 30 Intelligence, 30 Wisdom, 30 Agility and 5 crit! Its actually so overpowered that nothing matches its consistence in damage and versatility until into 160+ at Staff of the Prophets. Yes you heard correctly – not even Red Root Chileepaperz, Marie Aigue’s Staff, Cinati Root or even Palm Cane will match the damage of Kryst for an Intelligence route. Unless you switch to other weapon types, Kyrst may be your faithful partner until Minotot Sceptor, Staff of the Prophets, or Thrusty Staff. One can seek for a crit build to attain 1/2 crits using the 1/30 crit rate, however crits call for sacrifice. For general PvM I would recommend a non crit Kryst as it is still powerful without its crits, and allows you to maximise Intelligence and Wisdom for better mob bashing.

Posted Image Boogey Wand, Level 105

This used to be the only option for healing, barring Black Mel Root. It is superseded by Archetypal Bow post Frigost episode 2. Nonetheless, for a mere 4 AP it can heal well over 500 on the good rolls, putting Eniripsas to shame… at least when it does. With an assortment of reduction spells you can completely negate the damage component on it providing a safe way to heal an ally without risking to kill him in the attempt of healing. Upon 2.0, Weapon Skill now increases heals as well. Consider raising Wand Skill if you use this frequently. This can be a faithful partner throughout your lower levels of Fecahood.

Posted Image Staff of the Prophets, Level 169

Introduced in Frigost Episode 2.5. This thing is just pure awesome. Solid fire damage, fire steal, AP drain, respectable vitality, crits, and even range. You also can’t ignore the fact that if you ever make this 1/2, it’s +8 Critical Bonus… that’s equivalent to +16, because there’s two components. If you can maintain 1/2 and 12AP (go with a 10AP set, get an Eni to Stim you), it is hands down the best weapon you’re going touch until Episode 3.

Posted Image Thanos’s Staff, Level 172

Healing weapon no. 2 that you want. Hefty stats, fire steal to keep you alive, and most of all, AoE. If you often find yourself fighting mobs that require clustering of team members (e.g. Fungus Caves) this is THE weapon you want. Take note that you’ll need to max out +heals if you want to use it effectively – Stringsecticide Set with matched out other pieces like this is ideal. But I’m no Eni so my +heals gear is rusty, perhaps you might find a better set than this.

Posted ImageArchetypal Bow, 184

Bow down before the ultimate bow. The no.1 healing weapon, it is truly astonishing with a 51-100 heal per shot. In a specialised set, this thing can heal 620~1502 per turn without protection. This only gets better with your armours, because you can negate most, if not all, of the damage you do. The key to this weapon is Intelligence, more Intelligence, and MOAR INTELLIGENCE (Click to see set). As you can see in the set, overmage like crazy. Ideally, get everything to +20 overmage but some things won’t budge, like Inky and Nose Ring so keep them at +10ish. Use +crits on your equipment as a sink to push the limits of maging. This is because unlike weapon skill affecting heals, crits do not increase it. Instead you get an increase in damage, which you should avoid at all costs. If you don’t mage off crits you’ll end up at 1/2 crits without a Turq because it has such a low crit base of 1/25. Also don’t forget to mage it with the weakest potion available (in the example set, I used a 50% earth potion but anything will do so long as your stat is lowest in it)

Posted Image Thrusty Staff, Level 176

Formerly known as Rod Gerse, this staff used to be 3 AP. Oh the good ol’ days. Despite its nerf it’s still a powerful weapon. Thrusty is a winner in carefree pure damage depart – it’s only 1/30 Crit, a stress-free 1/100 Crit Fail, great resistance, and nice stats. Whilst some exotic weapons such as Meloro Daggers will exceed the intelligence of a Thrusty set and Hammer Zery will have larger AoE, Thrusty is an all round candidate. What it lacks is a steals component which unfortunately cannot be remedied. As a result you’ll be more fragile than Fecas who have a life steal weapon when put in a tight situation without heals.

Posted Image Stormcloud Staff, Level 195

The home of all epic Intelligence characters. Good damage? Check. Fire Steal? Check. AoE? Check. Initiative, high Wisdom, high Vitality, Crits, %Damage, Prospecting, Dodge, AP reduction?? Check, check, check, check, check, check, check, check!! There’s nothing that this weapon doesn’t have, really. The only slight downside is that it’s 5AP after the Ep2.5 nerf which restricts it to 2 swigs a turn in most instances. But you don’t even need to use it to be awesome, the stats alone are worth getting it. Consider getting 1/2 everything with a cheap Turq – the +5 crits on it goes a long way. Something like the sample set in the beginning is a good set to use. Incidentally, this staff looks like the Staff of the Feca’s Follower except they painted it black and added a pom-pon on the end. A shame this one wasn’t Feca exclusive.


Characteristic Points


The defining feature of this build is you pump out Intelligence till you drop. Go all the way to 400 Intelligence, and only stop when you hit 5 to 1 cap. Think about investing into Wisdom after 400 for PvM. Or Vitality if you like to PvP.


Posted Image Intelligence/Wisdom Hybrid Placeholder avatar

Probably the most popular build out there. And for a good reason too – more wisdom means more experience, meaning more faster you get to pwn. Wisdom is a great stat for a Feca because not only do we have the ability to take AP and MP efficiently, we do it in AoE! A trait unmatched by other classes. The Wis hybrid Feca plays a more supportive role than other builds, particularly useful in groups… and their effectiveness amplifies when a locker is at hand keeping mobs immobilised onto a stack of Glyph of Blindnesses. At end game Frigost, Paralysing Glyph becomes a valuable spell for mass MP drain. It should be noted that the Int/Wis Feca, as well as any other hybrids, have become more viable than ever since 2.3.5 with level based reduction.

Posted Image Sample Int/Wis


Notable Spells

Posted Image Level 54. Glyph of Blindness
This is your bread-&-butter. 3AP, 3 turn duration, 1 cooldown, 3 AoE. Doesn’t get better. Max it out ASAP for serious AP drainage.

Posted Image Level 90. Paralysing Glyph.
This is your best friend. Max it out if you’re Wis hybrid, the lowered cooldown is worth it. At level 6 this becomes godly with a 3 duration 5 cooldown. A must-have for all end game Fecas at Frigost.

Posted Image Level 200. Glyph of Silence
Wait what? Why is this level 200? Isn’t it a level 100 spell? Yes, it is a level 100 spell, but it’s such limited use in pre-level 6 that it’s not worth investing points into. If you want to be really experimental, or have the edge in group PvP, throwing out a level 5 GoS and level 6 GoB can turn the tide of a Perc fight on a clustered enemy team. But in my humble opinion, you won’t have enough spell points. Take it at what you will.


As a general thumb of rule, don’t pick weapons that have high base damage. You won’t have the stats to back it up like the pure build or make it up with any of the other hybrid builds. Pick ones that rely on static stats like +damage and +heals.

Posted Image Creizy-Stufh Wand, Level 112

This is the perfect candidate for Int/Wis, but bear in mind the set for it will require +damages and +crit equipment. Boy, this is one hell of an awesome weapon. The sheer amounts of steals on this weapon make you completely invincible in PvM. One of the problems with using wands is that to break a dodge lock you must rely on Release and hence miss out on the hits. In the worst case scenario you find yourself just using all your AP to Release + Paralysing and not get to hit at all. Not with this wand! At the cost of 2 AP any combo is doable. And the story gets better – you don’t even need to rely on Wand Skill. Whilst it makes a nice difference on crit, the base damage is low enough that it doesn’t change much. So feel free to keep whatever skill and rock on with it whilst you can switch out to Creizy for a battle you need to survive. What else can I say…. oh yes! If you make four of these and mage them all into a different element you can hit in any elements efficiently. Isn’t it so nice to be +damage build? Talking of maging it brings me to another great aspect of this weapon. A high potion (e.g. Fire Potion) and medium potion (e.g. Blazing Potion) makes 1 base damage difference. If you don’t care about being perfectionist a medium potion can be an economical plan. Otherwise I would aim for a Creizy Set like in the link.


Characteristic Points


You’ve got two choices – to be a self-sustaining levelling machine, or the supporter debuffer reliant on groups. As with any hybrids, these options require you to scroll the relevant stats to 101 before spending points:

  • If you choose the former path, spend your characteristic points into Intelligence until 300 – then allocate the rest of your points to Wisdom. This is the most common route for solo, mains, and well… basically any Feca. Incidentally, this is my build too. It’s a nice balance between Wisdom for levelling and Intelligence to be efficient in fights.
  • The supporter role is usually fulfilled by spending all points into Wisdom and relying on scrolls alone for Intelligence. But wait… isn’t that full Wis? WTF is the difference between the full Wis leech and this? In truth, it’s not really different at all. If you’re taking this path you’re likely to be making the Feca as one out of many in a team and that’s why you can afford to make a leech. The softer choice, however, is to spend characteristic points into Intelligence until 200 and then dump the rest into Wisdom. The perk of full Wis is that you can use Borealis’s Headgear, the best Intelligence hat in-game. If you had spent any points into Intelligence you’ll likely go over the

Posted ImageIntelligence/Strength Hybrid

A build for those who sought versatility and maximum damage over the glory of Armors and Burning Glyph. Whilst his intelligent brethren may chuckle at the feeble damage reduction and mediocre Burning Glyph damage, they won’t be able hold their dropped jaw when it comes to CC damage. It is, however, extremely reliant on equipment and only truly shines when all Soft Oak pieces are available. If that’s not enough, there’s only two weapons that are actually in favour of this build. Some may call it a dead end build with limited equipment choice… and that’s not far from the truth. But boy, its fun to play while it lasts.

Sample Intelligence/Strength Hybrid

I probably sound like a broken record with all the mentioning of Cheeken Axe, but its here again. At the mere level of 141 this set is completed to dish out a whopping 1082 damage average per turn with 168 HP returned to the user on 0% resists. No nonsense about crits, that’s consistency that beats Thrusty in the UB3R 1337 set at 199 and HP stolen the Cookie Cutter Feca cannot dare to imagine.

As a result Intelligence/Strength Hybrid Fecas are the lethal tanks. They destroy anything that’s in their way and hold on for an amazingly long time thanks to the steals. In fact the steals are so powerful that Enis need not to heal them half the time. And that’s not all the tricks they have – with the availability to hit Fire, Earth, and Neutral the hybrid Feca finds little to worry about resists. Fire and Earth are two parallels in PvM and if a monster is strong to one, it ought to be weak to the other. Thus there’s always something to look forward to in PvM as you’re prepared to fight for 3/5 elements.

Intelligence/Strength Hybrid’s arsenal of spells:

Posted Image Level 1. Blindness.
At level 6 this thing pretty much hits the same damage as Natural Attack in neutral element… and drains 2-3AP from the opponent. How sweet. This spell can’t be any better in PvP, certainly something to look into if you pick it up.

Posted Image Level 42. Art of Staff.
This spell is a god send for Cheeken users, as I will elaborate on how +damages is absolutely necessary and important. It’s great to see the earth steal component hitting 100+, thanks to this spell.

Posted Image Level 48 Backlash.
Modified in 1.27, it doesn’t serve the same purpose as I used to. But it still does excellent neutral damage spell for such a low AP cost. From killing neutral Soryos, surprising the opponent with a neutral damage, and to tearing through shields of a Feca, this spell is awesome. Without it your versatility will fall to only hitting fire and earth.

NB: 1.27 brought Backlash to 2 cast per target, increased the maximum range to 3, and now steals strength of the target. The usability is somewhat controversial on a Int/Str Feca as the already not-so-high damage is getting a 33% cut. However strength steal is quite effective on the long run as you’ll survive with armors.


Posted Image Cheeken Axe Level 137

In my humble opinion…. Best. Weapon. Ever. Nothing, nothing will match the power of this weapon at this level. The only other weapon I bow down to is the mighty Az’Tech which is at an epic level of 186. Otherwise, this is one beauty. At first sight many see this as a complete Strength/Intelligence axe which requires high stats in both to be effective. Don’t kid yourself with +strength or +intelligence with this baby, +damages all the way! Let me illustrate this concept with an example:

  • For every +100 intelligence you will gain 17-26 damage increase
  • For every +10 damages you will gain 40 damage increase

I think its pretty obvious which one will fuel this beastly axe. When you pick up Cheeken you will throw away a part of your integral Feca spirit. But with great power, comes great sacrifice. For those who were seduced with Cheeken and swore it as a life long partner a matched out Stringsecticide set maybe your ultimate goal. This epic levelled set will maintain high intelligence for better shielding/glyphing but keep the damage of Cheeken Axe.

Posted Image Tynril Rhizome Level 186
At the cost of 4 AP it can dish out a good 912 damage a turn at 3 AoE. Choosing the Rhizome is a softer fall to the straight up Cheeken build as it retains a good chunk of intelligence and overall better stats. In essence this weapon maintains all the goodness of a Feca with the added advantage of hitting in three elements. The problem is the high level requirement – wearing Soft Oak can get old fast, and if you were previously Cheeken build the decrease in damage might not be welcomed. Nonetheless if the Intelligence/Strength Hybrid is what you seek the Tynril Rhizome is likely to be your goal.


Characteristic Points


Highly recommended to pump Intelligence to 300 and rest into Wisdom. As I have previously explained Cheeken is not reliant on strength. The caps are harsh enough for Strength that you don’t want to pump it for the minimal damage output. More wisdom all the way! It will help with your Blindness AP drain and make you more resistant to AP loss so you have the full AP each round.

Posted ImageIntelligence/Agility Hybrid

Tactical build revolving around locking opponents on Glyphs and manipulating the map. It may not have the biggest punch out there, but their strength exponentially increases as time ticks by – when locked the opponent may quickly find himself in a series of Glyph of Blindness, Aggressive Glyph and Burning Glyph that never ends. Given enough effort this build can be practicable before the mighty Ceremonial Set as Legendary Crackler Set and Vassal Set may be used as stepping stones. The downside of Int/Agi is the lack of epic phase gear – you will have to keep your Ceremonial pieces at high levels with only little upgrades on the way.

Sample Intelligence/Agility Hybrid set

An Int/Agi Hybrid shines at 1 vs 1. When the Feca closes in and locks the opponent with an obstacle behind him, an eternal hell of glyphs awaits for the opponent. From Glyph of Blindness to Burning Glyph, the opponent will have no choice but to watch his HP and AP chipped away each turn. The Int/Agi hybrid also has the ability to move around freely during PvM and lock mobs into a Glyph+Immunity combo which is powerful and effective. Furthermore glyphs and Moon Hammer are not affected by range allowing to have constant ranged attacks regardless of -range debuffs.

Intelligence/Agility Hybrid’s arsenal of spells:

Posted Image Level 6. Aggressive Glyph.
Goes without saying nowadays. Recommended that all Fecas max Aggressive Glyph regardless of which hybrid build.

Posted Image Level 54. Glyph of Blindness.
The only glyph that can be casted every turn without delay. Maximum of three stacks it can drain 6~9AP at the start of the enemy’s turn when levelled to 5. Level 6 if you seek for mass control.

Posted Image Level 70. Burning Glyph.
It’s here again, but for a different use. Many guides simply state to level it to 5 without second thought – for the Int/Agi build I’d like to shine light onto level 4 of this spell. It does 25~33 damage with a size of 2 for 3 turns and 3 cool down. What does that mean? It means that for a mere 3 AP it will do the more damage than Sword of Iop for 3 turns without cast delay. A 2 sized glyph is not particularly nice for farming and neither is it easy to hold enemies on it for 3 turns. However, the table turns around when you have the ability to dodge lock opponents. Level 4 Burning Glyph may be very well worth it for those tactical minded until one can attain level 6 Burning Glyph at level 170.

Moon Hammer.
The only air based spell that a Feca can acquire. Nerfed in 1.27 it’s a little controversial. The minimum range makes it a little hard to hit with and whilst the damage is stable, the cool down makes it non viable as a reliable off elemental damage.

Weapons :

Posted Image Studded Staff, Level 107
A good Int/Agi hybrid staff available post 100. The stats and damages are quite nice for its level, best suited in conjunction with the Vassal Set. It also has an affordable 1/30 crit base which is more or less easier to maintain to 1/2.

Posted Image Rotaflor Stem, Level 119
Excellent weapon for the Int/Agi hybrid. It is one of the rare 3AP staves and works very well in a Full Ceremonial Set + Gelano as shown in the sample set. The Int/Agi Feca is reliant on glyphs and the 3AP cost no doubt compliment the play style. Needing not to mage the weapon is certainly a plus too. Whilst it can shine at 1/2 crits like most low AP cost weapons, 1/45 base unfortunately calls for a Turquoise Dofus. But as we know, acquiring a Turq is one of biggest goals in Dofus that one can achieve. Unless you are extremely lucky to drop one or have an extreme affinity to this staff having it at 1/2 crits is quite unlikely.

Posted Image Palm Cane, Level 134
A tricky staff to use, the user must have the followings things in mind to use it effectively:

  • Requirements to equip. Maintaining 150 strength whilst retaining a good amount of intelligence and agility requires some work.
  • What will fuel this staff’s main damage is +damages, not +intelligence or +agility
  • The Int/Agi build isn’t as effective without +intelligence and +agility

As you can see point two and point three conflict with each other. In short, a Palm Cane user must aim to have high intelligence, high agility, high +damages and more than 150 strength. At the time I was contemplating using a Palm Cane, I could not think of a set that matched these conditions… way too many hurdles complete, I didn’t think one would exist. But in fact it does. It is required for the person to scroll strength to 101 but in return, the user will be able to have access to the only fire steal staff until Minotot Sceptre. If you seek the Int/Agi build till the end this will be the only reliable staff that will have fire steal component.

Posted Image Floramor Root, Level 144
A 2AP staff… hitting air steal! Returning half the damage dealt in CC it makes the Feca nearly invincible in PvM combined with shields. However the low damage makes fights unduly long. If you plan to use it, best to optimise into an all out +damage gear to increase the minimum hits or try maintaining 1/2 crits to exploit the +10 crit bonus (albeit difficult without a Turquoise Dofus).

Posted Image Fuchsia, Level 163
One of the strongest Int/Agi weapons. This weapon technically works best on Enis as they can attain a 10AP set in full Ceremonial Set without any sacrifice. To make a 10 AP set will require to drop a Ceremonial Belt for a Powerful Dazzling Belt, which in turn drops an extra MP from the set bonus. Ideally an Ochre Dofus + Gelano + Full Ceremonial is optimal.
I may be sounding a little hypocritical that I suddenly change my tune when I mention 10 AP Int/Agi set ups whilst I praise 10AP Int/Str Cheeken build. There are reasons:

  • The damage of Fuchsia fluctates, it does not have the consistency of Cheeken
  • It does not have a steal component
  • The Int/Agi build requires high stats in both to be effective, whilst Cheeken doesn’t

Thus Fuchsia can be a little difficult, but will remain the highest Int/Agi damage hitter.

Posted Image Little Bow Sleep, Level 185
Most probably the ultimate Int/Agi weapon barring Fuchsia. Relatively easy attaining 1/2 crits, it can crit for 462 average damage at a maximum range of 8. Unfortunately wisdom and intelligence gets a blow when attaining 1/2 crits without a Turq.

Characteristic points:

Advised to spend points into intelligence till 300, and rest into wisdom after scrolling. Agility caps are too harsh to spend points into. As aforementioned this build relies on locking the opponent and exploiting glyphs – thus wisdom is crucial to be able to drain AP/MP.

Posted ImageIntelligence/Chance Hybrid

Comparative to the other builds the Int/Cha isn’t particularly powerful. It does not have the raw intelligence like a Pure Intelligence build, neither can it have the versatility of three elements like the Int/Str build, or the ability to dodge lock opponents like an Int/Agi build. But due to the design of high end equipment combining Chance and Intelligence into one, it can prove as one of the most potent builds.

Sample epic set

I’ve yet to come across a true Int/Cha hybrid so my observations are limited to what I experimented on Test Server and what I theorised on pen and paper. Thanks to the high base damage of Bubble, it can close to the damage of Cloudy Attack level 6 for a mere 3 AP in a different element. Fire and water are two paradoxical elements in PvM and thus it is no doubt that hybridising will be beneficial for fighting mobs. Also, with the availablity of Int/Cha equipment starting from Shika Ingalsse Set to various parts such as Hoolone and Dreggon Boots for interchange to the Minotot Set and finally to the mighty Gladiator Bworker Set, this build has some room for fashion.

Intelligence/Chance hybrid’s arsenal of spells:

Posted Image Level 31. Bubble.
Trademark spell of the Intelligence/Chance hybrid! As previously stated, this spell has the potency to surpass Natural Attack and become on par with Cloudy Attack’s damage. Great for elemental diversity.


Posted Image Metal Hammer Level 126
Originally called AmpliF’ Hammer and with a requirement of Class = Xelor. This weapon is quite ridiculous in the hands of a pure chance build but serves useful for the Int/Cha build. It won’t hit the hardest damage out there but with a matched out set its not a bad weapon to use for an interchange.

Posted Image Minotot Sceptre Level 151
Goes without saying in a Minotot Set. Nice to get the full bonus and it has great steals/damage for a staff.

Posted Image Soft Oak Wand Level 172
The weapon for true Int/Cha hybrid Fecas. The 3 AP cost matches well with the arsenal of Feca spells and reinforces the user to be a ranged fighter. Thus casting Bubble would be second nature.
This weapon is usable without 1/2 crits, but it truly shines when the conditions are met. However, it does call for a Turquoise Dofus and an Ochre Dofus to be at 1/2. Given that any decent weapon will be pretty hax with a Turq and an Ochre, the prospect of hitting 664 damage at 3AP is quite tempting. Otherwise it’s one hell of a random wand with its rolls… a capstone of the chancy Fecaflip.

Posted Image Ougaammmer Level 180
A possible upgrade from Metal Hammer. Another difficult weapon to use, as Metal Hammer will do more or less the same damage unless Ougaammer is at 1/2 crit. Albeit it will require a turq 561 average damage with the splash effect is certainly very nice. It’s also a 1 handed weapon.

Posted Image Az’tech Level 186
The Holy Grail. The zenith. The pinnacle. The acme. The apex. The… you name it. Nominated as the top contestant in the discussion of UB3R 1337 H4X Intelligence weapon thread, this is the final destination of weapons. Whilst some weapons may exceed in the pure damage department nothing will have the all-round status of high damage, great consistency, and high steals. I’ve been reluctant to put up sample sets with full out Dofuses as anyone can compile half a decent set without a tinge of reality. But allow me to post this particular set to engrave the grand finale of a damage Feca:


Realistically this set is impossible. Not just because of the Dofuses but it requires all equipment to have maximum crits and includes the Spy Order bonus crit to attain +45 crits (i.e. 1/2 crits on all Class Spells+Striking). Its some awesome numbers though.

Note: fued’s set is a realistic 1/2 crit set with better stats. In this set, you only need a +18 Turquoise or better. It is my personal opinion that it would not exactly be an Int/Cha Feca in this set, rather, an AzTech Feca.


Characteristic Points

Advised to spend all points into Intelligence until 400, since comparative to other builds this build relies less on AP/MP manipulation. The more intelligence the better in the final Az’tech, too.


Many people seem to think that Fecas are the lower tier of PvP and pretty much suck. You’ve heard it before – shields don’t reduce enough, Burning Glyph has cool down, Natural Attack is pretty crap, Kryst sucks for 120 levels of PvP, people get 50% resistance to elements anyway with equippable shields, Unbewitchment = Death, etc. To be honest, that’s what I thought when I started playing and read stuff on forums. However I can now say with confidence that it is not the case. When you know your weakness and strength the class Feca is viable to win against nearly all classes 1 vs 1 and shine in group PvP. Its all about the mind set of playing… if you rock into PvP having a PvM mind you’ve just earned yourself death.

I will only be covering 1 vs 1 tactics as I do not feel confident to speak of group PvP. The only insight I have of group PvP is using Boogey Wand… to quote myself:

View PostPentecost, on Sep 17 2008, 11:27 PM, said:

Indeed, any intelligence character can use Boogey. And in fact, any character that wields Boogey and stays behind healing the whole time is a pain in the arse in team PvP on opponent side. They stay out of the fray and work like a healing bot with the occasional support spell on the way. Classic examples of Intel Osas, Intel Cras, and maybe the occasional Intel Xelor wielding Boogey. The saving grace is that you can kill them from range so long as their not behind a tree to block your LoS.

Now what happens if the Boogey wielder starts reducing 60-100 damage, then furthermore cut the damage by 50%?

Its a bloody pain in the arse. Your saving grace has gone, ranged attacks don’t do enough damage to penetrate shields. The occasional high-damage-linear spell might penetrate his shields, but soon you find that he’s recovering HP from the steals that Boogey has. Jumping/Teleporting right next to it to kill that wretched creature doesn’t work… that 50% resistance takes you twice as long to kill it – might have been better in other situations, but you’re in the middle of enemy territory. What more he has an arsenal of AP and MP draining abilities… and even a high damaging spell that hits for 3 AoE in maximum of 8 range. But you may be able to see the silver lining. You were successful at attracting and locking him… only to find that he has Immunity and will teleport straight out of the fray again.

Before I may start the 1 vs 1 guide I would like to give my philosophy. Dofus 1 vs 1 PvP is not balanced in anyway and devs will do nothing about it. Dofus is a chess game – you need your Bishop, your Pawns, your Rooks… all of your piece for a balanced battle. You can completely pwn a Rook with a Queen on 1 vs 1 but it doesn’t prove anything. Likewise on Dofus 1 vs 1 is merely for entertainment as you can basically win against all classes if you picked an Osa and lose against all classes if you picked a Cra (as a general example. I know Osas can lose and Cras can pwn, but that’s the idea). Fortunately Fecas are in the higher tiers of this malicious cycle and hence get a decent chance versus other classes.

Note: After the 1.27 update I am having to rethink this philosophy. The majority of 1v1 ability has been severely decreased with Immunity lasting only one turn, Armors having a ‘gap’, Burning Glyph becoming splash effect. Yet, at the same time, developers are raising the benefits of 1v1 by introduction of Strokens.

At the moment of 1.28 the class Feca has been optimised for group PvP and will generally suck in 1v1. The strategies I write here are ones that I gathered before the 1.27 update. I’ve lost all interest in PvP after it and converted to PvM build – hence, I have not won one battle in 1v1 of similar level post update regardless of class. So take the information with a good amount of salt.

Posted Image Cra

Easy opponent, notice how there’s an arrow stuck in the Feca’s logo? Devs even specifically designed Fecas to be natural predators! Two things to keep in mind for Cras: Spell Rebound and AP drain. Most Cras will rely spells for ranged damage and Spell Rebound will provide complete protection. Cras also have the trouble of keeping up too many crits and hence are usually low on wisdom. A good Feca ought to have 300~400 wisdom in his PvP set so draining one AP will be easy, yet so effective – you virtually reduce his attack power by half.

Posted Image Intelligence
A walk in the park. Intel Cras sacrifice damage to gain range… at least one can be completely negated. Range can be nullified with Teleport, and if you still can’t reach him cast Truce. Two whole turns to get close to him while he has nothing to do than Retreat and Lashing. Shield up + Teleport + Truce (if need be). Whack away and victory is there.

Posted Image Strength
Most troublesome type. With a high roll on Punitive they can penetrate shields like a hot knife on butter. The key to winning is getting a higher damaging weapon than he uses (e.g. Cheeken Axe) and negate his range using the Tele+Truce combo. If the map offers obstacles or you have enough AP to cast a Cawwot, hide behind it immediately after Teleporting. That will buy you some time for Paralysing Glyph and get in reach to him. Whack away once in CC, if he uses Daggers you’re ought to out damage him since armors will absorb most of it. But at the end of the day you just have to pray that he doesn’t get too lucky with his crits on Punitive and Lashing.

Posted Image Agility
I’ve only fought one decent agility Cra, so I cannot speak of much experience. Plagued Arrow is pretty futile against armors and Absorptive isn’t worth the cast for AP/Damage ratio (until the level 6 version). Same tactic, just negate his range and whack away. Also to note, if he uses a 8AP set up Moon Hammer can be easily be avoided by one Blindness/Glyph of Blindness.

Posted Image Chance
Never seen one up for PvP. I’d assume the same tactic… the perks of Chance is Slow Down Arrow which isn’t a fearsome spell. An Agility/Chance hybrid may use Placee Bow but I cannot think that there will be any more tactic involved than killing an Agi Cra.


Posted Image Ecaflip

Difficult opponent. Ecaflip’s Luck will always be a pain thanks to Murphy’s Law. There’s not a lot anyone can do unfortunately… just keep hitting and hope you get lucky. Keep an eye out on the panel and whack him when its in cool down.

Posted Image Strength
A tough fight. Playful Claw will hit through obstacles, Fate of Ecaflip makes 1-1 range scary, Feline Leap will neutralise glyphs and dodge locks, watching Ecaflip’s Luck heal is sad. One great thing about being a Feca is that Rekop will hit ~30% of what it should hit thanks to shields. Fights generally tend to be ranged as Ecas will use Fate to take all your MP and pick you off at range.

Posted Image Intelligence
Topkaj is a nasty spell. But when it reflects, its even more of a nastier spell for them. This can be said for all exotic builds since they rely on spells too much. If you chose the Int/Agi build Moon Hammer would be an effective attack against fire kitties for two reasons – Moon Hammer isn’t affected by range, thus will have no effect under Rough Tongue and you can take their range at the same time. They also tend to have less HP since most go all out on crits/range. Try killing them in close range as Ayassalama can’t hit higher than Topkaj with shields.

Posted Image Agility
Haven’t fought one. Moon Hammer will be a pain as usual but draining down to 7AP shouldn’t be too difficult to avoid it.

NB: Fyorl, who’s a much better PvPer than I, notes the following.

View PostFyorl, on Feb 14 2009, 01:22 AM, said:

I find Cheeken Axe actually works quite well against Eca’s Luck. If we abstract it a bit, the Cheeken Axe basically does two big chunks of damage followed by two smaller chunks of damage. With a 50/50 chance of healing or damage we can assume 2 of the 4 chunks of damage will do double damage while the other two do healing. If the first two chunks of damage heal then the two smaller chunks do double damage it cancels out the healing effect quite a bit and so the eca has only healed a little. If it alternates and one large chunk and one smaller chunk hits double while the others heal then you’ve actually done more damage than healing anyway. In the best case you’ll do double damage on both large chunks and heal on the smaller chunks in which case you’ve done a considerable amount of damage to the Eca.

The only times it doesn’t work is when you heal on 3 or 4 of the damages – but the reverse can also just as easily be true that you do double damage on all 3 or 4 of the attacks.

If you look at it like this then you see that the double damage actually does more harm than the healing helps and the result is that in most of the possible damage/healing scenarios you do more damage than healing.

I’ve also found it to be true in experience. I can only remember one time when I went into a CC match with an eca that Luck backfired on me, all other times I’ve out-damaged the eca and beaten them.

Posted Image Eniripsa

Worst opponent. If you don’t have Cawwot level 6 or a steal weapon you are dead already. If you have either of these its a battle of patience and ego – is it you or the Eni who can sit at the computer for 3 hours to get ~100 honour points? Having said that there are ways to beat Enis without too much pain so long as you match the right conditions.

Posted Image Intelligence
The cookie cutter Eni. I’m sure there are more variations, but most PvP Int Enis come under two categories:

Posted Image Wand

The easiest type. Things you need to win Wand Enis:

  • More Agility than him
  • Spell Cawwot
  • A weapon that hits 800~1000 a turn

The fight is simple – Teleport and summon a Cawwot behind you. Do your buffs and whack away. Have at least one Glyph of Blindness always in effect. The first two categories are quite easily reachable but the second not so much… in that case the battle of egos ensues. The Eni will keep on healing himself and you’ll keep on healing from Cawwot. Who’s got more time in their hands? The winner is who has the most persistence for ~100 honour. Except now with the unhealable damage you have a good chance at knocking him out one day. If you can stall the fight, you’ve won it.

Posted Image Hammer

Little difficult. Cawwot will die from hammer hits that go through you and you’ll lose your lock. The best way is to lock him with an obstacle (be it a tree or the end of the map) but if the Eni is smart enough he’ll never get close to those places. One good thing about Hammer Enis is that most use Toy Hammer…. which hits so horrible that you’ll receive nearly no damage with shields up. If he’s smart he’ll use Dreggon Hammer/Hammer Zery, in which case he’ll be vulnerable to AP drains as one AP loss will result in one less swig. Hammer Enis also tend to be more aggressive even when locked (which is quite obvious since they aren’t impaired by being locked) so if you dish out enough damage the Eni may forget healing himself. But they have WoR and Preventing Word so no smart Eni will make that mistake.

Posted Image/Posted Image Intelligence/Agility
The worst type. If this little demon has a hammer with them, you’re pretty much dead. What to do? If they went all out on Int/Agi they’ll have low +heals, making regen crappy. Best bet is to smash them with all the damage you have…. although this is so hard with Preventing Word, Word of Recovery, non lockable Enis.

Protip for Enis: Don’t aggress them, don’t get aggressed by them.


Posted Image Enutrof

Difficult opponent. With Ghostly Shovel, you will find yourself having no shields at most times. Thus raw vitality will be the key to surviving without shields.

Posted Image Chance
Whilst UB is scary, there are two weak points about chance Enus:
a) No spell does AMAZING damage (except Slaughtering Shovel on a crit)
b) Chance equipment lacks vit comparative to other equipment (Doro, Mastralis, Spring Leaf, etc.) until Mopy+Undergrowth. More so if they decided to go 10 AP set for Splitting Shovel (due to Gelano+PDC/PDB giving minimal HP).
Hence if you have decent vitality (~2000HP) shields or not you will survive to do a few attacks. And with few attack, the Enu should fall since they lack HP. As for the general tactic use one shield at a time. Aqueous first, Feca Shield second, Spell Rebound, Immunity. If they spend time unbewitching those each turn you can diminish their HP considerably. Bribery can be a huge pain as it will allow them to CC you with their full AP… usually resulting in about ~800 damage loss. If possible, try to stay out of the Bribery range. Alternatively if the Enu is in 8AP set, one could try draining his AP below 7 so that it is impossible for them to cast Bribery.

At the end of the day it boils down to hit ’em hard and don’t be afraid of the unbewitchment.

Posted Image Strength
Somewhat rare build that I’ve never seen any Str Enu wanting to PvP.

Posted Image Intelligence
Exotic build. Their main attack spell will unbewitch at the same time as dealing moderate damage. Shovel Kiss can become a hassle if the Enu keeps hiding. But the tactics are basically same, hit ’em hard. One positive aspect about Intel Enus comparative to Cha Enus is that their main attack will not drain MP from you, thus it’ll be a little easier reaching them.

Posted Image Feca

Relatively easy opponent. But if you had decided to take up a multi-component weapon… now is a good time to get something that hits high on single component. If the weapon’s lowest base damage is below 20 forget about PvPing a Feca. To summarise there are three things to win against a Feca: high base damage weapon, more initiative and more agility.

Posted Image Intelligence
Second longest battle barring Eni fights but at least these don’t give you depression from watching damage healed up. What goes down, stays down (so long as he doesn’t start healing with Cawwot).
In most cases the highest initiative character will win. Why? It’s easy enough to Immune and BG/Skill+CC resulting in the slower Feca to have 200~300 HP lower than the starting Feca.

During the battle you must keep track of when Feca Shield is down. This applies for most things but it is crucial to do so in vs Feca.

Another issue is avoid being locked by the opponent Feca. Burning Glyph will easily penetrate Armor + Feca Shield, so standing on the glyph for longer than 1 turn is hugely detrimental. Otherwise most fights tend to be at close range where each Feca is whacking at each other. If you have a 1/2 crit Kape, Efufuc, AzTech, or any high base damage weapon you should win.

Posted Image Strength
Blindness does horrible damage through shields and so does Rahm Bow. Backlash, however, does considerable damage even through shields. The key to winning is always keeping distance between yourself and the opponent – which is relatively easy when they have only one movement spell to get close (Teleport) but you have both Teleport to run and Release to push back. Keep on spamming Burning Glyph and Natural Attack and they’ll fall.

Posted Image Iop

Interesting opponent. Strength, Agility, Intelligence, all of them have unique styles which you must prepare for. Overall, Spell Rebound and AP drain is your best friend. And hope that the Iop lives up to his name so they cast Wrath on you whilst Spell Rebound is up!

Posted Image Strength
Orthodox build. It’s a lot more interesting after the 1.27 update as Iop’s Wrath adds a great factor of intense in the game. Speaking generally, there are two types of Str Iops; Melee and Ranged. Both are doable for a Feca. Firstly the Melee type: the key to winning is having a weapon that does considerable damage (1k+ a turn. E.g. Cheeken, AzTech). With Armors and Feca Shield you should be reducing in the ranges of 70 on Earth Armor and a further 50% on Feca Shield. What does this mean? See the numbers below:

Feca = 1000 raw damage per turn
Iop = 1800 raw damage per turn

Through armors = ((900-70)*.5)*2 = 830 damage per turn

(Feca) 1000: (Iop) 830

Thus you will always out damage the Iop in melee. Add in AP drain using GoB/Blindness to reduce one whole hit and Immunity to buy you a turn, victory is there.
Also if we are talking about Melee Iops, Iop’s Wrath should not be dismissed. To explain the the new Wrath, Hayk – the winner of Solar’s class guide competition – could not have put it better:

The first cast of wrath does the said 47~66 Earth damage, and you get an effect that increases the base damage of Iop’s Wrath by 240 for 4 turns, and Iop’s Wrath has a cool down of 4 turns, see where I’m going with this? The first turn you are able to recast is your one chance to deal Wrath’s massive 47~66 + 240 damage. After using it, the effect is stacked again. In this way, you are able to cast your first powered wrath after 4 turns, and every 4 turns after that. In my belief this is a great change for PvM from old wrath which had a 20 turn cooldown, though some might miss the clutch do-or-die wrathing. (Marco Guru Tip: When you see Iops wrath the air, it’s not because they’re retarded. It’s a popular method to prepare for using buffed wrath. This is the Air Wrath concept.)

Such a powerful spell, yet such ease to exploit! All the Feca has to do is cast Spell Rebound after 4 turns when the Iop casts Wrath. BAM, dead Iop (provided that he actually casted Wrath when Spell Rebound was up… it actually happens more often than you would expect)

The ranged Iop is nightmare for many classes. With +3 range, Jump, and SoI, there’s virtually nothing that they cannot reach. But here’s a catch – they need their full AP to do that. Using Blindness or Glyph of Blindness will render their efficiency to 1/2 of their true potential. SoI doesn’t hit that high through shields, and you have Spell Rebound/Immunity/Truce at your service to provide 100% protection during the times when armors and shields are down. Keep spamming Burning Glyph, Aggressive Glyph and ranged attacks – you’ll out damage them when they can only do 1 SoI per turn.


Tribasauras for his awesomeness guide. This guide would look so much uglier and wouldn’t of started if I hadn’t met his.
Wikia for images.
Fued for his totally haxed out sets and advices.
ChankD for his recommendation of Cheeken Axe and telling me how to use it when I was a sceptic.
Fyorl for his PvP guide and break down.
4look4rd for the epic phase Int/Str set
graydoo for his insight into Aggressive Glyph from a different occasion.
NeedTan for his Cheeken build set that I have quoted too many times.
Sljm for sending the link of Shield effect page on Wiki

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