Dofus Professions Guide

Dofus Professions Guide by KamiToro

Hey, I play dofus for about a year (might be +1 month). By this time I have my main sadi level 12X and some alts. I have some list of level 100 professions (if interested, check the dofus ladder for Nyo-Adi, Kuro-Nezumi, Nyo-Akai).

Because of some actions (unpleasant memories) I’ve lost some significant amount of money and stuff. That was the moment I said “I NEED MONEY”. Thanks to the guildies, they helped me with some initiate capital to get some of my equipment back. And I started to think – what now?

Yes, money making by “buying for lees-selling for more” might be attractive, but information on dofus spreads pretty fast. This source of income is quiet unreliable, fluctuates greatly. I considered this as a secondary .. or even a thirdly and so on sort of income.

Farming resources. Yeah, really nice – especially when it’s mats for scrolling. BUT… I find it really boring. Extremely, awfully (and so on) boring. I think I prefer making money and buying scrolls or mats for scrolls

Aha! Professions. Professions give nice money. Really. Sometimes it might not pay off leveling your professions, but it depends on your attitude, your want to spend time/money for the leveling process and some other things.

What profession to get?
Forum’s full of such question-related topics. I’d suggest answering yourself some questions first:

1. Is that your first profession? Yes/No. If the answer is yes, then you’re welcome to read…ers-t72807.html To put it shortly: alchemist (potions, healing yourself, little pods required, easy to level, much mats easy and available. Might get little money), farmer/baker combo (possibility to heal yourself, combo is mostly self-sufficient, not much pods required, MUCH and easy mats available), a harder one – lumberjack (more pods required, some better money for 20+ level lumberjack, mats are easily got near asturb. If the answer is “no”, there’s a great possibility you’re not reading this topic as you already know how and what to choose

2. Do you have a possibility to spend some significant amount of time? Yes/No. If the answer is “yes”, miner, lumberjack and fisherman are the best choice Much patience required. If “no” – not much recommendations, just choose the one except for these ones.

3. Do you have some money (initial capital) you might spend for your profession leveling? Yes/No. Yes/No. If “yes”, you have a really great range to choose – all crafting professions, all weaponry professions. Just anything you like. Yes, you will spend different amount of money on different professions to get any of them to level 100, depends on your ability to find cheaper resources, get in touch and negotiate with appropriate gatherers and so on. If “no”, 1. choose some professions from the first part; 2. find friends, guildies that can help you with the resources. For example, I helped my guildies to become level 100 miners and alchemists when I hit 100 in these professions. I think there’s always a possibility to find people who will help

Choosing weaponry profession?
My general thought about it would be.. what char you have and what weapons they mostly use. Leveling appropriate weaponry profession might get easier for you

General notes:
1. if you’re f2p, I won’t recommend anything except alchemist, farmer/baker or lumberjack. If p2p – learn about places your mats are easier to get on wikia, answer the questions listed above
2. my main mistakes I wouldn’t recommend you to do as well… for “heavy” professions (lumberjack, miner and so on) choose str based char, for “light” ones – any char is a proper one (my mistake: I choose int osa to become miner/lumberjack). Get nice equipment with +pods (my mistake: maybe not a mistake, but I didn’t know about full bworky capacity at that time, so I traveled in only gob set even without nice gob belt).
3. little trick – get your self a first “light” professions, level it to maximum so you have a nice +pods bonus. I did it on my feca – got her level 100 alchemist in several days and then took “heavy” profession (hammer smith). If you got crafter/weaponry professions level 65, max magus to 100 (having that nice bonus) and then return to your main crafter
4. if you really want a crafter, become a gatherer first (unless you have a nice kamas-factory for supplying your crafter). Lumberjack/miner are mostly required for all crafters (more or less). At the moment lumberjack and miner are my main incomer resource
5. tailor is NOT recommended until you realize that .. have a strong will. like challenges, have some money you just want to spend (I think at least several millions)… NOTE: I don’t have a tailor (actually I have, but he’s level 30), so this is an information I got from my higher level friends that thought about this profession, know tailor level 100 or trying to reach that epic level
6. choose profession you will have some yield. My main is sadi, I like her using the staff, I chose staff carver profession. Having also level 100 staff carvemagus I can yield from it by enhancing my own equipment. Same with jewelmagus. At the same time my osa has axe smith profession, but in all the time I have this profession I have made like… 4-5 crafts for other people
7. check wikia dofus for some tips, guides (generally they are useful. Almost all of them luck information about leveling from level 60-65, but by this time I think you’ll know general mechanisms for your profession. You just need some understanding of those mechanisms and will to level)
8. register on impsvillage, they have some nice useful information about dofus world
9. I know some people making enu their hunters. Great combo. I mean, if you’re leveling/ dropping alone, get a second account, create enu (drops ), get him a hunter profession, equip an appropriate tool – GREAT! More drops, leveling hunter, leveling both of your chars.

Best regards,

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