Dofus Hunter Level 1-20 in Tofu Dungeon Guide

Dofus Hunter Level 1-20 in Tofu Dungeon Guide by shootinshort

This thread will show the maths behind how long it takes to get Hunter level 1-20:

Ok, so first head for the sixth room of Tofu Dungeon (one after the maze) you should see hundreds of single tofu mobs.

To get to level 20 for hunter it takes 822 2 slot crafts (found this out from wiki)

Lets say each fight takes roughly 7 seconds to complete (assuming we’re being quick and can hit the tofu from wherever it starts).

So that’s 822 x 7 which equals 5754 seconds, or 95 minutes.

But then we don’t drop meat every single fight at level 1, it’s roughly 80% drop rate.

So we add 20% on,
822 x 1.25 = 1027.5 [Total amount of fights]
1027.5 x 7 = 7192.5 seconds [Total time of fights]

119.875 minutes is the total amount of pure fighting time.


But what about the time in between fights?

Lets say there’s roughly 2 seconds between each fight,

Meat fights + Non-meat fights,

822 (meat fights) x 1.25 (20% non-meat fights) = 1027.5 [Total amount of fights] Which is what we did above.

1026.5 (amount of times you have to run to a fight) x 2 = 2053 [Total time between fights]

Now we add the Total time of fights with the Total time between fights,

2053 + 7192.5 = 9245.5 seconds [Total time overall]

or 154.0916666 minutes recurring.


But then there’s the time of moving to a starting position.

Lets say that’s on average, a second.

So we need to do,

1027.5 (Total fights) x 1 second = 1027.5 seconds.

And if you add that onto the current overall time you get this,

1027.5 + 9245.5 = 10273 seconds,

So overall, with all the things I can think of (other than lag) that could slow you down the total time for getting Hunter 1-20 is roughly,

171 minutes

– Pain-reliever x

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