CrimeCraft Short Money Making Guide

CrimeCraft Short Money Making Guide by Avarice

There are plenty of ways to make money in Sunrise. Here are some of your options.

1. Match Rewards

You will get money and rewards from matches 98% of the time (I say this because I have found that if I place last in a PvP match, I receive no material reward. Whether this is normal or not I do not know), as well as experience. You will always receive material rewards from stockpile, provided that you have picked up at least one container. These materials you can sell to other players and to vendors, or use to level your craft.

2. Tournaments

No matter where you place in the tournament, you will always receive a monetary and material reward for your efforts. The better you place, the better items you will receive.

3. Crafting

Every craft has items that can be sold. There are dozens of new accounts, if not players, being created every day that are in need of even low levelled items. Even Mod Kits (weapon paint) are bought on the auction house (but those are best vendored, anyway).

4. Auctions

Bid on auctions that will end soon (also called Bid Sniping), and have lower bid prices than buyout. Resell for more than what you paid, but still less than what the average price is on the market. This ensures that your item will be bought before others’ items of the same type as well as helps in bringing down exorbitantly priced items to something more average-user friendly.

Also, if you are putting more than one of the same item out in auctions, either set a base price that is extremely low and go up in increments that are reasonable for each item, or wait until the first has been bought, then put a second up. This is also a good way to get a feel for what you can get away with as far as pricing.

Really, though, the key is to sell items lower than the market average. Many players have told me that this is the way that they make money.

Disclaimer: Some of the information here may come off as shady, dishonorable, or cutthroat. This is unintentional.

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