CrimeCraft Product Pricing Guide

CrimeCraft Product Pricing Guide by Avarice

This is how I price my crafted items. Since I usually buy all the ingredients necessary, I go based off that, then add 2 to three hundred credits per item depending on whether or not it’s a XDI or item that is sold in stacks rather than just 1.

I also buy in bulk, so I get my ingredient price by going to the auctionhouse and taking the best deal on the highest stack of the ingredient. Lets use Silken Jacketing Matrix for this example, since it’s been the most recently updated.

Recipe: Silken Jacketing Matrix
-3 Button Edging
-4 Yarn Cord Polyester
-5 Shredded Fabric Scraps

Auction House Prices:
-Button Edging: 2kea, 6k for 3
-Yarn Cord Polyester: 2k ea, 8k for 4
-Shredded Fabric Scraps: Could not be found

Now, I can make Shredded Fabric Scraps from Ripped. Since there were none on the auction house, I had to figure out the individual price per based off of ripped.

50 Ripped = 6350
6350/50 = 127 – To get the CPU (cost per unit)
1 Ripped = 127
5 Ripped = 2 Shredded
127*5 = 635 – How much it costs to make two Shredded
635/2 = 317.5 – To get the value of two Shredded
317.5/2 = 158.75 – Divide by two again to get the CPU of Shredded
158.75*5 = 793 – multiply by 5 to get the total cost of Shredded needed for the Silken

A few of these steps are redundant, but sometimes shortcuts confuse me, and it’s bad to get mixed up when you’re dealing with numbers, especially when they relate to money. xD

So in total, it costs 14,793 to make 10 Silken Jacketing Matrix. CPU is 1479

I want a 25% profit, because that seems fair. So the PPU (price per unit) is going to be 1,848 rounded down.

If you want to get into it, here’s a profit margin calculator. :) Make sure you have javascript enabled for it to show up.

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