Buddy Rush Level 40 Challenge Items Guide

Buddy Rush Level 40 Challenge Items Guide by Buddy Blitzers

Just wanna record down the items you get at each wave from now on. I understand it’s random to a certain extent. Please chip in what you have gotten. You can post it as a comment and I will edit it if necessary.

wave 23 – BU Glad Sword
wave 25 – GU Gladius
wave 29 – Colourless Gladius, BU Gladius, Colourless Glad Shoe, GU Glad Armor
wave 30 – RU (Glad Shoes, Glad Armor, Gladius, Glad Helm), BU (Glad Shoes, Glad Mask, Gladius and Glad Armor), GU (Gladius, Helm), CU Centorion (Helm, Shield, Armor)
wave 31 – BU Glad Helm, RU Gladius, Colourless Centurion Armour , BU Glad Shoes
wave 32 – Colourless Gladius, Colorless Glad Helm
wave 33 – RU Gladiator Shoes, RU Glad armor, Colourless Centurion Helm, RU Gladius, Colorless centurion armor, RU Gladiator Helm, GU Gladiator Shoes
wave 35 – BU Gladiator Shoes
wave 36 – RU Glad Armor
wave 40 – RU Gladiator Shoes
wave 41 – BU Gladiator Armor

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