Buddy Rush Items List

Buddy Rush Items List by Eric Zhen


  1. Intro
  2. Index
  3. Currently in the spotlight items (e.g toy gun, heavy hammer)~ does not include set parts ~
  4. Item (set) (including parts that dont have set effects)
  5. Wodeam (Main chest drops/random chest drops)
  6. Tresed(” ” ” “)
  7. Loocos(” ” ” “)
  8. Elgnuz(” ” ” “)
  9. Xi Lin(” ” ” “)
  10. BooTomb(” ” ” “)
  11. Questern(” ” ” “)
  12. Kanbucay(” ” ” “)
  13. Oriac(” ” ” “)
  14. Raid Items
  15. Notes

1.Spot light items 
Toy gun
Heavy Hammer
Weird Marble

2. Items (Set)

3. Wodeam
Main Chest
Wool Glove Def+6, Att+8
Wool Headgear HP+24, MP+12, Def+4
Double Axe Att+10, Critical+3%, Stun+0.5%
Horn Cap of Hugeblin HP+24, Def+7, Evade+2%
Spiked Club of Hugeblin Att+12, Critical+5%, Stun+2%

Random Chest 

4. Tresed
Main Chest
Ring of Anuvis HP Regen+1.5, MP Regen+4
Ankh of Anuvis Def+7, Evade+1.5%, Att+4
Wand of Anuvis MP Regen+2.5, Skill Cooltime-0.5sec, Skill Pow+7.5%
Light Saber Att+16, Hit Speed+1%, Critical+2%
Cooky’s Paw Att+16, Critical+1%, Stun+3%
Cooky’s Pilot Cap HP+16, HP Regen+1.5, Def+9, Evade+1%

Random Chest

5. Loocos
 Main Chest
Sunglasses of Bearnardo MP+8, Def+8, Evade+2%
Icebox of Bearnardo Att+18%, Critical+3%, Stun+1%
Oblins Furhood HP+32, HP Regen+1.5, Def+8
Pengster’s Chocobar HP Regen+4, MP Regen+3.5, Skill Cooltime-0.75sec
Pengster’s Watergun Att+22, Critical+2%, Stun+1%, Skill Pow+4.5%

Random Chest

6. Elgnuz
 Main Chest
Oblin’s Horror Mask HP+40, Def+10, Evade+1%
Skull Wand Att+8, Skill Cooltime-1sec, Skill Pow+15%
Explorer’s Fedora HP+40, HP Regen+2, Def+9
Explorer’s Whip Att+28, Critical+2%, Skill Pow+3%
Betty’s Claw Att+28, Critical+2%, Skill Pow+3%

 Random Chest

7. Xi lin
 Main Chest
Taekwondo Uniform HP Regen+3, MP Regen+1, Def+12
Asian Bamboo Hat HP+32, Def+12, Evade+2%
Dual Sword Def-4, Att+32, Hit Speed+1%, Critical+2%, Stun+1%
Cloth of Grim Reaper Def+10, Evade+2.5%, Att+8, Critical+3%, Skill Pow+3%
List of Death HP-160, MP+48, MP Regen+3.5, Att+14, Critical+8%, Skill Cooltime-1sec, Skill Pow+12%

 Random Chest

8. BooToomb
 Main Chest 
Jack O’Lantern HP+64, Def+14
Big Bolt Evade+2%, Att+32, Skill Pow+3%
Drablin’s Suit HP+112, HP Regen+1.5, Def+4
Horn of Succubus MP-12, Att+38, Hit Speed+1%, Critical+5%, Stun+1%
Spirit of Succubus Def-2, Evade+2%, Hit Speed+2.5%, Stun+3%, Skill Pow+18%

 Random Chest

9. Questern
 Main Chest
Slingshot Evade+1.5%, Att+ 24, Critical+9%Boomerang Att+12, Hit Speed+3%, Skill Pow+10.5%Chieflin’s Headdress HP+72, HP Regen+1, Def+13Cutieblin’s Longbow Att+32, Stun+4.5%Sheriflin’s Rigle Att+38, Hit Speed+1%, Critical+10%
 Random Chest

10. Kanbucay
Main Chest
Paper Pirate Hat HP+168, HP Regen+2, Def+12
Pirate Do-rag MP+56, MP Regen+4.5, Evade+7%
Staff of Sage Att+28, Skill Cooltime-1.5sec, Skill Pow+12%
Pelicano’s Beak Att+20, Hit Speed+2%, Stun+6%, Skill Pow+18%
Jack Blin’s Hook Att+56, Hit Speed+3%, Critical+9%
Jack Blin’s Shield HP+136, Def+20, Evade+3%
Real Pirate Hat MP+24, MP Regen+1.5, Skill Cooltime-4sec, Skill Pow+25.5%

 Random Chest

11. Oriac 
 Main Chest

Random Chest

Raid Items
Genzir’s Flag Evade 5%, Hit Speed+2%, Skill Cooltime-2.5sec, Skill Pow+18%
Genzir’s Pants HP+128, Def+16, Evade+3%
Genzir’s Golden Tooth Att+28, Hit Speed+3%, Critical+10%, Stun+4%
Genzir’s Gigantic Hammer Att+42, Stun+7%, Skill Pow+9%
Genzir Set Effect Evade+5%, Att+32, Hit Speed+2%

Titanium Scales HP+192, Def+17
Titanium Teeth HP+48, Att+36, Hit Speed+8.5%
Titanium Leaf HP+48, HP Regen+5, Def+10, Critical+15%
Titanium Eye MP+52, MP Regen+6.5, Skill Pow+30%
Titanium Set Effect HP+128, Def+16

Farjegnon’s Sword Def+6, Att+46, Stun+6%
Farjegnon’s Armor HP+48, HP Regen+2.5, MP+24, Def+24
Farjegnon’s Helm HP+160, HP Regen+2.5, Def+16
Farjegnon’s Cloak HP Regen+5, MP Regen+6, Def+6, Evade+8%
Farjegnon Set Effect Def+10, Evade+3%

12. Notes
 Hey peeps im calling in all professional marketees to insert items and their price ranges  in the selected areas
include stats if you can but not level it get’s in the way of numbers having chapters would note the levels better
save as you go or you’d get pissed like i did with the intro
also post you notes here so the comments section can be clean

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