Buddy Rush Class Sets and Effects Guide

Buddy Rush Class Sets and Effects Guide by Buddy Blitzers

Western Hat: Def+13, Att+28, Skill CoolTime-0.9s, Skill Power+10%
Western Boots: Evade+4%, Att+52,Hit Speed+4%, Crit+2%
Western Jacket: HP+168, HP Regen+2, MP+32, MP Regen+2, Att+24

Set Effects: Evade+2.5%, Att+30, Hit Speed+2.5%, Critical+2.5%

Total Effects: Def+13, Att+134, Skill CoolTime-0.9s, Skill Power+10%, Evade+4%, Hit Speed+6.5%, Crit+4.5%, HP+168, HP Regen+2, MP+32, MP Regen+2

Aikilu: Masks Of Power, Wisdom, Courage
Mask of Power: Att+66, Hit Speed+2%, Crit+2.5%, Stun+2%

Set Effects: HP+64, Att+32, Hit Speed+3%

Hat of Phoenix: HP+184, HP Regen+3, Def+12, Evade+4%
Bow of Phoenix: Att+60, Hit Speed+3.5%, Crit+4.5%
Arrow of Phoenix: MP+80, MP Regen+2.5, Skill CoolTime-0.9s, Skill Power+12%

Set Effects: HP+80, Evade+2%, Attack+32

Total Effects: HP+264, HP Regen+3, Def+12, Evade+6%, Att+92, Hit Speed+3.5%, Crit+4.5%, MP+80, MP Regen+2.5, Skill CoolTime-0.9s, Skill Power+12%

Tooth of Tiger: Att+68, Hit Speed+1.5%, Crit+3%, Stun+1.5%
Paw of Tiger: MP+80, MP Regen+2, Att+18, Skill CoolTime-0.9s, Skill Power+10%
Skin of Tiger: HP+208, Def+9, Evade+4%

Set Effects: HP+80, Att+20, Skill CoolTime-0.75s, Skill Power+5%

Total Effects : Att+106, Hit Speed+1.5%, Crit+3%, Stun+1.5%, MP+80, MP Regen+2, Skill CoolTime-1.65s, Skill Power+15%, HP+288, Def+9, Evade+4%

Armor of Glory: Hp+128, Def+30
Shield of Glory: MP+52, MP Regen+2, Def+20, Evade+3%
Helm of Glory: HP+272, Hp Regen+2, Def+11

Set Effects: HP+80, MP+40, Def+10

Total Effects: HP+480, Def+71, MP+92, MP Regen+2, Evade+3%, HP Regen+2

Sandglass of Ice: HP+128, HP Regen+2, Def+16, Evade+5%
Sandglass of Fire: Att+60, Hit Speed+2%, Crit+2%, Stun+2%
Sandglass of Light: MP+80, MP Regen+4, Skill CoolTime-1.05s, Skill Power+14%

Set Effects: HP+64, Att+32, Skill Power+6%

Total Effects: HP+192, HP Regen+2, Def+16, Evade+5%, Att+92, Hit Speed+2%, Crit+2%, Stun+2%, MP+80, MP Regen+4, Skill CoolTime-1.05s, Skill Power+20%

Fan of Reincarnation: Att+64, Crit+3.5%, Stun+2%
Earrings of Reincarnation: HP+240, HP Regen+2, Def+8, Evade+2%
Bracelet Of Reincarnation: MP+96, MP Regen+2.5, Skill CoolTime-0.9s, Skill Power+14%

Set Effects: HP+64, Att+32, Hit Speed +3%

Total Effects: Atk+96, Crit+3.5%, Stun+2%, HP+304, HP Regen+2, Def+8, Evade+2%, MP+96, MP Regen+2.5, Skill CoolTime-0.9, Skill Power +14%, Hit Speed+3%

Crystal Necklace: Att+48, Hit Speed+3%, Critical+4%, Skill Power+16.5%
Crystal Earrings: MP+96, MP Regen+3%, Skill CoolTime-1.6s, Skill Power+12%
Crystal Hairpin: HP+192, Def+15, Evade+2%

Set Effects: ??

Golden Spiked Ring of Justice: Att +68, Hit Speed +4%, Critical +2%, Stun +1.5%
Silver Spiked Ring Of Friendship: MP +84, MP Regen +3, Skill CD -1.05s, Skill Pow. +12%
Black Spiked Ring Of Endurance: HP +224, HP Regen +3, Def +6, Evade +1.5%

Set Effects: HP +80, HP Regen +2.5, Def +5, Att +20

Total Effects: Att +88, MP + 84, HP +304, HP Regen +5.5, MP Regen +3, Def +11,  Hit Speed +4%, Critical +2%, Stun +1.5%, Evade +1.5%, Skill CD -1.05s, Skill Pow. +12%

Dog Collar with Bronze Medal: MP+100, Skill CoolTime-1.2s, Skill Power+10%
Dog Collar with Gold Medal: Att+56, Hit Speed+3%, Crit+2%, Stun+2%, Skill Power+7%
Dog Collar with Silver Medal: HP+208, Def+10, Att+20

Set Effects: MP +40, Att +20, Skill CD -075s, Skill Pow+5%

Tooth Tattoo: Att +64, Hit Speed +3%, Critical +2%, Stun +2%
Wings Tattoo: MP +104, MP Regen +3.5, Skill CD -1.2sec, Skill Pow +8%
Rose Tattoo: HP +104, HP Regen +4.5, Def+12, Evade +4.5%

Set Effects: HP+80, MP+40, Skill CoolTime-0.6sec, Skill Pow+6%

Total Effects: Att +64, HP +184, MP + 144, HP Regen +4.5, MP Regen + 3.5, Def +12, Hit Speed +3%, Critical +2%, Stun +2%, Evade +4.5%, Skill CD – 1.8 sec, Skill Pow + 14%

A Thousand Year Old Ginseng: Att+52, Hit Speed+3%, Crit+2.5%, Skill CoolTime-1.35s
Ginseng: HP+168, HP Regen+5, Def+12
Ginseng of Eternity: MP+112, MP Regen+2.5, Skill Power+16%

Set Effects: ??

Assassin’s Boots: HP +128, Evade +3%, Atk+38, Hit Speed+4%
Assassin’s Gloves: HP +48, HP Regen +3, Atk+44, Hit Speed+3%, Critical+3%
Assassin’s Hood: MP +64, MP Regen +3.5, Atk+20, Skill Power+10%

Set Effects: Mp +40, Att +10, Hit Speed +2.5%,Skill CD -0.75 sec,Skill Pow +5%

Total Effects: HP +176, Evade +3%, Atk+112, Hit Speed+ 9.5%, HP Regen +3, Critical+3%, MP +104, MP Regen +3.5, Skill Power+15%, Skill CD -0.75 sec

Betty: Nothing.


To make the set effect work all three “RU” items must be equipped.

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