Buddy Rush FAQ

Buddy Rush Frequently Asked Questions by Accqou Cii Bonn and Branson Soh

Character Slots
You have 2 character slots and you can create 2 basic characters out of a possible 3 (Boorseye, Worrier, Wizz).  To play other characters other than these 3, you need to purchase character slots at a cost of 20 chips each.  Once your character reaches Level 60, you’ll be given an additional character slot (1 time only) to create Betty Jr.  However, you may use this slot to create another basic character

They are the ingame currency to purchase skins and perks for your characters.  You can acquire more of them by buying chips through iTunes or Facebook Credits (I was told that Facebook Credits are more worth it).

There are 5 kinds of items of each and can be grouped as such.

The most basic variant of the item
Slightly better than its colorless variant.
Better than its green variant.
The best of its variant.
Only available through raid mode.

You might come across a gold banner at the top of corner of your item.  It simply just means that your item is unique and you may only equip only 1 of the item for each of your characters.

Acryonyms of Items

Some of the more commonly used acryonyms in this group with regards to items

PU – Purple Unique
RU – Red Unique
BU – Blue Unique
B – Blue
G – Green

You are given 3 stamina per character (4 stamina once you reached Level 21) to rush your character and stamina are regenerated at a rate of 1 per hour.  You can still rush even though you’ve run out of stamina through the use of stamina potions.  You gain 1 stamina potion everytime you level up.

There are 2 levels of every mission, Normal and Hard.  To master a Normal mission, you need to play the mission 3 times.  After playing the Normal mission for 3 times, you will unlock its Hard variant whereby you will need to play another 3 times again to master it.  Sometimes, even though you have mastered a Normal mission, the Hard variant of it is not unlocked.  To unlock it, simply level up a little more and it will be unlocked for you.

Chest Boxes
Sometimes, you’ll encounter treasure chests drops during missions.  They contain character items or EXP for your character.  Once you complete a mission, you’ll get to choose 1 out of 3 treasure boxes.  The general strategy regarding choosing of treasure boxes is that you pick any color of the treasure box that you like and stick to it always e.g. If you choose a green treasure box at the end of the mission, it is highly recommendable to choose a green treasure box for every mission as it evens out the odds of getting a good item.

You are able to access the dungeons once you reach Level 40.  There isn’t any lowest level currently and you can go as low as possible.  However, as you make your way down lower for each level of the dungeon, you will have better chances of getting better loots.  With regards to companionship in the dungeon, you will be given a random character of ANY level in your friend’s list e.g.  You are a level 40 worrier and they might give you a level 6 skully.  To recruit more buddies, you will need to collect the coins dropped by monsters so that you can request for more buddies.  It gets more expensive as you make your way down each level.  You can also use the coins to restore your health or give you an attack boost.

You are able to access the dungeons once you reach Level 40.  You are given by random, 2 other characters of +/- 5 levels of your chosen character to rush the arena.  The arena will send in wave after wave of monsters and the amount of monsters per wave is random.  To get a chance to get a loot, you will need to complete a wave without dying and they will give you a choice to carry on or collect your random loot.  As you keep complete more and more waves, the loots will get better and to get RU Gladiator items, the recommended wave to stop at is 30+ and above.  However, there has been cases of people getting RU Gladiator items at Wave 24.

I’ll add more info on Raid once I’ve experienced it more.  Likewise, people who have completed the Raid modes, feel free to leave comments below so I can update this accordingly.

Hopefully, this helps out the new players of buddy rush.  As more questions are asked, I’ll add more stuff in it.

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