Buddy Rush RU Items List

Buddy Rush RU Items List by Buddy Blitzers

Cap (Req Lvl 7): HP+32, Def+3, Evade+0.5%

Cloak (req Lvl 8): HP+16, Def+7, Evade+1%

Stone Amulet (Req Lvl 9): HP Regen+2.5,MP Regen+2

Wool Headgear (Req Lvl 11): HP+24, MP+12, Def+4

Shirt (Req Lvl 13): HP+32, Def+6

Horn Cap of Hugeblin (Req Lvl 14): HP+32, Def+7, Evade+1.5%

Spiked Club of Hugeblin (Req Lvl 14): Atk+12, Critical+2.5%, Stun+2%

Oblin’s Spear (Req Lvl 15): Atk+10, Critical+4%, Stun+1%

Ring of Anuvis (Req Lvl 16): HP Regen+1.5, MP Regen+4

Tutankha Doll (Req Lvl 17): HP+24, HP Regen+2, MP+12, MP Regen+1

Ankh of Anuvis (Req Lvl 19): Def+7, Evade+1.5, Atk+4

Light Saber (Req Lvl 19): Atk+16, Hit Speed+1%, Critical+2%

Wand of Anuvis (Req Lvl 20): MP Regen+2.5, Skill CoolTime-0.3sec, Skill Pow+5%

Cooky’s Paw (Req Lvl 21): Atk+16, Critical+1%, Stun+3%

Cooky’s Pilot Cap (Req Lvl 22): HP+16, HP Regen+1.5, Def+9, Evade+1%

Frozen Marlin (Req Lvl 26): Atk+18, Hit Speed+1%, Critical+3%

Forefoot of BigFoot (Req Lvl 27): Atk+8, Stun+3%, Skill Pow+6%

Pengster’s WaterGun (Req Lvl 29): Atk+22,Critical+1%,Stun+1%,Skill Pow+3%

Oblin’s Poison Needle (Req Lvl 30): Atk+20, Hit Speed+1.5%, Critical+3%

FryPan (Req Lvl 31): Atk+16, Stun+4%

Magic Stone (Req Lvl 32): Skill CoolTime-2.5sec, Skill Pow+10.5%

Skull Wand (Req Lvl 34): Atk+8, Skill CoolTime-0.6sec, Skill Pow+10%

Explorer’s Fedora (Req Lvl 35): HP+40, HP Regen+2, Def+9

Explorer’s Whip (Req Lvl 36): Atk+28 , Critical+1%, Skill Pow+2%

Betty’s Claw (Req Lvl 36): Atk+16, Hit Speed+3% Critical+2%, Stun+1.5%

The Holy Grail (Req Lvl 36): HP+40, HP Regen+2, MP+12, MP Regen+3, Def+3

Surprise Box (Req Lvl 36): Att+20, Stun+4%

Throwing Knife (Req Lvl 37): Atk+22, Hit Speed+1.5%, Critical+2%, Stun+1.5%

Chain Letter of Luck (Req Lvl 37): HP+56, HP Regen+1, MP Regen+2, Evade+2.5%

Toy Hammer (Req Lvl 38): Def+2, Atk+26, Stun+2%

Dokkebi’s Horn (Req Lvl 39): HP+80, MP+20, Evade+2%

Asian Bamboo Hat (Req Lvl 41): HP+48, Def+12, Evade+1%

Dual Sword (Req Lvl 41): Def-4, Atk+32, Hit Speed+1%, Critical+1%, Stun+1%

Taekwondo Uniform (Req Lvl 41): HP Regen+3, MP Regen+1, Def+12

Clothe of Grim Reaper (Req Lvl 44): Def+10, Evade+2.5%, Atk+8, Critical+3%, Skill Pow+3%

Gladiator’s Shoes (Req Lvl 45): HP+64, Def+14, Evade+6%, Att+12

List of Death (Req Lvl 45): HP-160, MP+48, MP Regen+3.5, Att+20, Critical+2.5%, Skill Cooltime -0.6sec, Skill Pow+8%

Witch’s Broom (Req Lvl 48): MP+24, MP Regen+1, Atk+16, Skill Pow+9%

Jack O’Lantern (Req Lvl 48): HP+48, Def+14

Tombstone (Req Lvl 46): HP-16, MP+32, MP Regen+3, Skill CoolTime-0.45sec, Skill Pow+5%

Gladiator’s Mask (Req Lvl 48): HP+48, MP+16, Def+16, Evade+5%

Leopard Glove (Req Lvl 49): HP+48, Def+16

Big Bolt (Req Lvl 49): Evade+2%, Atk+32, Skill Pow+3%

Orgel (Req Lvl 51): Atk+16, Hit Speed+3%, Critical+9%

Night Flower (Req Lvl 51): HP+48, Atk+8, Hit Speed+3%, Stun+3%

Friendship Neckless (Req Lvl 50): Evade+2.5%, Hit Speed+3%, Critical+3.5%, Stun+1.5%

Gladiator’s Armor (Req Lvl 51): HP+88, HP Regen+2.5, MP+12, MP Regen+3, Def+14

Drablin’s Suit (Req Lvl 51): HP+112, HP Regen+1.5, Def+4

Horn of Succubus (Req Lvl 54): MP-12, Atk+38, Hit Speed+1%, Critical+2.5%, Stun+1%

Leopard Shirt (Req Lvl 54): HP+64, HP Regen+3.5, Def+7

Slingshot (Req Lvl 54): Evade+1.5%, Atk+24, Critical+9%

Armor of Red Dragon (Req Lvl 54):HP+104, HP Regen+2.5, Def+16, Evade +1%

Boomerang (Req Lvl 54): Atk+12, Hit Speed+2.5%, Skill Pow+8%

Gladius (Req Lvl 54): Atk+46, Hit Speed+3.5%, Critical+2.5%, Skill Pow+10%

Mysterious Stone (Req Lvl 55): MP+32, MP Regen+5, Skill Cooltime-1.75s

Spirit of Succubus (Req Lvl 55): Def-2, Evade+2%, Hit Speed+2.5%, Stun+3%, Skill Pow+12%

Chieflin’s Headdress (Req Lvl 55): HP+72, HP Regen+1, Def+13

Leopard Boots (Req Lvl.56): HP+64, HP regen +1, Def+4, Evade+5%

Hawk Feather (Req Lvl 56): HP+80, HP Regen+5, Def+5

Centurion’s Helm (Req Lvl 56): HP Regen+3.5, MP Regen+5.5, Def+14, Att+20

Stone of Wise (Req 57): HP Regen+3, Evade+1.5%, Skill Cooltime -2.5sec, Skil Pow+18%

Toy Horse (Req Lvl 58): Evade+2.5%, Hit Speed+5.5%, Skill CoolTime-2.25sec

Cutieblin’s Longbow (Req Lvl 58): Atk+32, Stun+4.5%

Native Totem (Req Lvl 58): HP+48, Evade+3%, Critical+4%, Stun+4%

Big Black Toy Horse (Req Lvl 59): HP+32, Evade+3.5%, Hit Speed+4.5%, Skill CoolTime-1.2sec

Sheriflin’s Rifle (Req Lvl 60): Atk+38, Hit Speed-1%, Critical+10%

Leopard Cloak (Req Lvl 60): HP+64, HP Regen+3, Def+10, Evade+1.5%

Bulletproof Vest (Req Lvl 61):  HP+80, Def+10, Evade+3%

Chain Sickle (Req Lvl 62): Evade+1%, Att+28, Hit Speed+2.5%, Critcal+6%

Rubber Ball (Req Lvl 63): Evade+1%, Atk+40, Critical+3.5%, Skill Pow+5%

Oxygen Cylinder (Req Lvl 63): HP+112, HP Regen+3, MP Regen+7

Harpoon (Req Lvl 65): Atk+42 Stun+5.5%

Centurion’s Sword (Req Lvl 65): Atk+50, Hit Speed+4%, Critical+2%, Skill Pow+10%

Scimitar (Req Lvl 66): Att+32, Critcal+6%, Stun+3%

Paper Pirate Hat (Req Lvl 67): HP+168, HP Regen+2, Def+12

Pirate Do-rag (Req Lvl 67): HP+64, MP+56, MP Regen+4.5%, Evade+3%

Field Manual (Req Lvl 67): Evade+3.5%, Hit Speed+3.5%, Critical+7%, Skill Pow+12%

Pirate Sword (Req Lvl 67): Att+50, Hit Speed+3%, Critical+3%

Staff of Sage (Req Lvl 68): Att+30, Skill CoolTime-0.75, Skill Pow+8%

Tae-go (Req Lvl 69): HP+64. HP Regen+3, MP Regen+3.5, Def+8

Pelicano’s Beak (Req Lvl 70): Atk+28, Hit Speed+2%, Stun+4%, Skill Pow+12%

Bearnardo’s Icecream (Req Lvl 70): HP+56, Atk+48, HP Regen+3.5

Real Pirate Hat (Req Lvl 72): MP+40, MP Regen+1.5, Skill CoolTime-1.8sec, Skill Pow+17%

Jack Blin’s Hook (Req Lvl 72): Att+62, Hit Spd+2.5%, Critical+3.5%<br
Jack Blin’s Shield (Req Lvl 72): HP+136, Evade+2.5%, Def+21

Monkey (Req Lvl 72): Att+12, Critical+2%, Skill CoolTime-1.05sec, Skill Pow+11%

Shaman’s Wand (Req Lvl 72): MP Regen+5, Skill CoolTime-2sec, Skill Pow+15%

Slavlin’s clothes (Req Lvl 73): HP+160, MP+36, Def+12

Boxing Gloves (Req Lvl 74): Def+10, Atk+32, stun+4%,

Jade Stamp (Req Lvl 74): HP Regen+3, MP Regen+2, Evade+4%, Critical+6%, Stun+3%

Tiger’s Claw (Req Lvl 75): Att+40, Hit Spd+1%,  Critical+2%, Stun +2.5%

Fur Costume (Req Lvl 75): HP+48, HP Regen+4, MP +32, Def+11, Evade+4% 

EvacaOblin’s Costume (Req 75): HP+122, HP Regen+1, Def+18

Enhanced Double Axe (Req Lvl 77): Def+12, ATT+40, Stun+4%

Weird Marble (Req Lvl 78): Att+60, Critical+3%, Skill Pow+9%

Bouquet (Req 78): HP+160, MP+40, Def+8, Evade+3%

A Piece Of Shining Tombstone (Req Lvl 79): Hp Regen+5, MP+72, MP Regen+4, Skill CoolTime-1.05sec

Cow Warden’s Horn (Req Lvl 79): Att+44, Hit Speed +3%, Critical +3%, Stun +2%, Skill Pow +7%

Cow Warden’s Staff (Req lvl 80): MP+96, MP Regen+2, Skill CoolTime -1.2sec, Skill Pow+9%

Lollipop (Req Lvl 80): HP+208, HP Regen+3, Mp+40, MP Regent +2

Toy Gun (Req Lvl 82): Evade 2%, Att +66, Hit speed +2.5%, Skill Pow +7%
[blue toy gun lvl 81. green toy gun lvl 80. colourless toy gun lvl 79]

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