Buddy Rush Character RU Items List

Buddy Rush Character RU Items List by Buddy Blitzers

Nicked Kitchen Knife (Req Lvl 7): Atk+12, Crit+1.5%
ChopStick HairPin (Req Lvl 9): HP+40, Def+5
Beginner’s Kung-Fu (Req Lvl 13): Atk+14, Crit+4%
Worn China Dress (Req Lvl 15): HP+16, HP Regen+1.5, Def+7
Jade Accessory (Req Lvl 19): Crit+5%, Skill Cooltime-1sec, Skill Pow+7.5%
Kitchen Knife (Req Lvl 21): Atk+10, Critical+4%, Stun+2%
Senior’s Kung-Fu (Req Lvl 25): Evade+2.5%, Atk+14, Crit+2%, Stun+0.5%
China Dress (Req Lvl 27): HP+40, HP Regen+1.5, Def+8
Steel FryPan (Req Lvl 31): Atk+18, Crit+4%, Stun+2%
Steel Kitchen Knife (Req Lvl 33): Atk+20, Hit Speed+2.5%, Crit+1.5%
Steel Roller (Req Lvl 37): HP+56, Def+4, Stun+4%
Steel ChopStick (Req Lvl 39): Atk+16, Hit Speed+3%, Crit+6%
Dragon China Dress (Req Lvl 43): HP+40, HP Regen+1.5, Def+8, Evade+1%
Dragon Kitchen Knife (Req Lvl 45): Atk+20, Skill CoolTime-1.5s, Skill Power+9%
Dragon HairPin (Req Lvl 49): HP+104, HP Regen+1, Def+8
Expert KungFu (Req Lvl 51): Def+6, Evade+1%, Atk+24, Hit Speed+1%, Critical+1%
Kitchen Knife of Liu (Req Lvl 55): Atk+32, Crit+1%, Stun+4%
Secret Recipe of Liu (Req Lvl 57): HP Regen+3.5, MP Regen+3, Skill Cooltime-1.25sec, Skill Pow+12%
China Dress of Liu (Req Lvl 61): HP+80, Def+11, Evade +3%
Hairpin of Liu (Req Lvl 63): HP+64, MP+40, MP Regen+2.5, Def+5
Jade Frong of Liu (Req Lvl 67): HP+64, HP Regen+2, Evade+2.5%, Hit Spd+3%, Crit+3%
Kung-Fu Scroll of Liu (Req Lvl 69): Evade+1%, Atk+34, Hit Speed+2.5%, Skill Power+9%

Short Bow (Req Lvl 7): Atk+8, Crit+5%
Hunting Cap (Req Lvl 9): HP+16, Def+6, Evade+1%
Hunting Guide (Req Lvl 13): Atk+12, Crit+5%
Hunting Bow (Req Lvl 19): Atk+16, Hit Speed+1%, Crit+3%
Hunting Shoes (Req Lvl 15): HP+16, Def+4, Evade+3%
Strong Arrow (Req Lvl 21): Atk+12, Crit+2%, Stun+1%, Skill Pow+6%
Hunting Jacket (Req Lvl 25): HP+32, Def+11
Hunter’s Badge (Req Lvl 27): Evade+1%, Atk+16, Hit Speed+1%, Skill CoolTime-1sec
Long Bow (Req Lvl 31): Atk+14, Crit+7%, Stun+3.5%
Sight Scope (Req Lvl 33): Atk+8, Crit+10%, Stun+2%
Fine Arrow (Req Lvl 37): Atk+18, Hit Speed+2%, Crit+9%
Lucky Charm (Req Lvl 39): Def+14, Evade+3%
Cross Bow (Req Lvl 43): Atk+14, Hit Speed+5%, Crit+2%, Stun+1%
Hunting Trophy (Req Lvl 45): HP+80, HP Regen+2, Def+4, Evade+2%
Camping Kit (Req Lvl 49): HP+72, HP Regen+4, Skill Cooltime-1.5sec
Bow string of Dinosaur (Req Lvl 51): Atk+16, Hit Speed+3%, Critical+8%, Skill Pow+3%
Eagle-Eye’s Boots (Req Lvl 55): Def+8, Evade+6%, Hit Speed+2.5%
Eagle-Eye’s Teaching (Req Lvl 57): MP+40, Att+16, Skill Pow+12% 
Eagle-Eye’s Suit (Req Lvl 61): HP+56, Def+14, Evade+3%
Eagle-Eye’s Hats (Req Lvl 63): HP+80, HP Regen+4, Def+6, Stun+2%
Eagle-Eye’s Bow (Req Lvl 67): Att+36, Hit Speed+4%, Critical+3%
Eagle-Eye’s Badge (Req Lvl 69): Evade+3%, Hit Speed+5%, Skill CoolTime-1sec, Skill Pow+15%
Bow of Phoenix (Req Lvl 79): Att+60, Hit Speed +3.5%, Critical +4.5%

Corset (Req Lvl 25): HP+32, Def+7, Evade+2%
Ribbon (Req Lvl 15): Def+8, Evade+2%
Skull of Stupid (Req Lvl 31): MP+28, MP Regen+3, Att+8
WolfGang’s False Teeth (Req Lvl 37): Atk+18, Crit+4%, Stun+3%
Scroll of Magic Circle (Req Lvl 45): Hit Speed+3%, Skill CoolTime-1,5sec, Skill Pow+15%
Jewel Box (Req Lvl 49): HP+64, MP+24, Def+9
Grass Skull (Req Lvl 51): Att+24, Hit Speed+1%, Skill CoolTime-0.75sec, SkillPow+5%
Luxury Tiara (Req Lvl 61): HP+64, Stun+3%, Skill Pow+9%
Luxury Folding Fan (Req Lvl: 67): Att+36, Critical+7%, Skill Pow+6%
Luxury Wig (Req Lvl 69): HP+80, HP Regen+1.5, Def+6, Att+22
Dog Collar with Bronze Medal (Req Lvl 73): MP+100, SKill CoolTime-1.2sec, Skill Pow +10%
Dog Collar with Silver Medal (Req Lvl 79): HP+208, Def+10, Att+20

Nail Clipper (Req Lvl 13): Att+10, Critical +2%, Stun +1%)
Dunbbell (Req Lvl 19): HP+48, Crit+2%, Stun+2.5%
Fiction- Flow vs Vampino (Req Lvl 27): HP Regen+2.5%, MP Regen+2, Skill Power+10.5%
Canine with Blood (Req Lvl 37): Evade+2.5%, Atk+20, Crit+4%
Hair Growth Solution (Req Lvl 49): HP+48, Evade+2%, Crit+4%
Ring of the Moon (Req Lvl 55): Def+2, Evade+3.5%, Hit Speed+1.5%, Skill Pow +18%
Ancestor’s tales (Req Lvl 67): Evade+5.5%, Skill CoolTime-1.75sec, Skill Pow+12%
Ancestor’s heritage (Req Lvl 69): HP+64, HP Regen+1, Att+40
Spiked Ring of Endurance (Req Lvl 73): HP+224, HP Regen+3, Def+6, Evade+1.5

Crystal Earrings (Req Lvl 79): MP+96, MP Regen+3, Skill CoolTime-1.2sec, Skill Pow+8%

Old Bamboo Sword (Req Lvl 13): Atk+12, Critical+2%, Stun+2.5% 
Sword Master Vol. 1 (Req Lvl  19): Evade+1%, Att+16, Critical+1.5% 
Dummy of Straw (Req Lvl 21): Atk+12, Hit Speed+1%, Critical+3%, Stun+1.5% 
Wakizashi (Req Lvl 27): Att+18, Hit Speed +1%, Critical +3%
Sword Master Vol. 2 (Req Lvl 31): Evade+2%, Att+14, Critical+2%, Stu +1%
Sword of Wanderer (ReqLvl 43) Atk+18, Hit Speed+2%, Critical+2%, Stun+1%, Skill Pow+6%
Emblem (Req Lvl 45) HP+32, MP+16, Skill CoolTime-2.5sec, Skill Pow+6%
KeepSake (Req Lvl 49): HP+49, HP Regen+2, Def+10, Evade+2%
O-Ni Mask (Req Lvl 51): Def+6, Att+12, Critical+6%, Stun+3%
Cloak of Master (Rq Lvl 67): Hp+56, Hp Regen+2, MP+16, Def+4, Evade+5%
Sword of Master (Req Lvl 69): Att+40, Critical+2%, Stun+1%, Skill Pow+9%
Tooth Of Tiger (Req Lvl 79): Att+68, Hit Speed +1.5%, Critical +3%, Stun +1.5%


Coppet Bullet (Req Lvl 9): Att+10, Critical+2.5%)
Net (Req Lvl13): Att+14, Stun+2%
Skully Badge (Req Lvl 21): HP Regen+3.5, MP Regen+3.5 
Pistol  (Req Lvl22): Att+24, Hit Speed+2%
Ankle Boots (Req Lvl 25): HP+64,Evade+3.5
Silver Bullet (Req Lvl 49): MP Regen+2, Critical+9%, Skill CoolTime-2.25s
Skully’s Diary (Req Lvl 67): HP Regen+7.5, MP Regen+5, Critical+8%, Stun+3.5%
Grenade (Req Lvl 61): Att+22, Skill CoolTime-1.5sec, Skill Pow+13%
Laserscope (Req Lvl 6
9): Att+54, Critical+5%, Stun+2%
Western Boots (Req Lvl 79): Evade +4%, Att+52, Hit Speed +4%, Critical +2%

White Ankle Boots (Req Lvl 13): Def+8, Evade+2.5%
Small Dull Knife (Req Lvl 19): Att+18, Critical+2%
Sharp Knife (Req Lvl 27): Att +26, Critical 3%
White Long Boot (Req Lvl 43): Def+8, Evade+4.5%, Hit Speed +2%
Poisonous Dual Knife (Req Lvl 49): Att +34, Skill pow. 9%
Light Tight Pants (Req Lvl 51): HP+16, Def+11, Evade+5.5%
Antidote (Req Lvl 61): HP+112, HP Regen+5, MP+52
Damascus Knife ( Req Lvl 67): Att +50, Hit Speed +7.5%
King Scorpion’s Poisoned Needle (Req Lvl 69): Att+14, Critical+12%, Skill CoolTime-1.5sec, Skill Pow+21%

Dentures (Req Lvl 7): Att+12, Critical+1.5%
Sun Block (Req Lvl 13): HP+56, Def+4
Mascara (Req Lvl 19): HP+24, HP Regen+1.5, Def+7
Scrapped Articles (Req Lvl 31): MP Regen+1.5, Atk+4, Skill CoolTime-1sec, Skill Pow+6%
Good Looking Suit (Req Lvl 45): HP+80, HP Regen+2, Def+8
Coffin (Req Lvl 49): HP+104, HP Regen+1, Def+8
Silver Staff (Req Lvl 67): Att+18, Hit Speed+1.5%, Critical+3%, Stun+1%, Skill Pow+16.5%
Sleep Shade (Req Lvl 69): HP+144, HP Regen+2.5, MP Regen+2, Def+3
Rose Tatoo (Req Lvl 73): HP+104, HP Regen+4.5, Def+12, Evade+4.5%
Tooth Tatoo (Req Lvl 79): Att+64, Hit Speed+3%, Critical+2%, Stun+2%

Paper Fan (Req Lvl 9): MP+8, Atk+16
Lotus Taenia (Req Lvl 19): HP+24, Def+7, Evade+1.5%
Mandara Scroll (Req Lvl 31): Def+2, Atk+16, Hit Speed+1.5%, Skill CoolTime-1sec
Yo-Ga Statue (Req Lvl 39): Def+4, Evade+4%, Att+8, Hit Speed+2%
Dancer’s Accessory (Req Lvl 45): MP+40, Crit+6%, Stun+3%
Dancer’s Book (Req Lvl 49): Atk+24, Hit Speed+3.5%, Critical+2%, Stun+1%
Stone of Wise (Req Lvl 57): HP Regen+3, Evade+1.5%, Skill CoolTime-0.5sec, Skill Pow+18%
Statue of Nirvana (Req Lvl 61): HP+80, Def+7, Evade+2.5%, Hit Speed+2%
Stura of Nirvana (Req Lvl 67): MP+28, Evade+3.5%, Hit Spd+2%, Crit+2%, Stun+3.5%
Scent Bag of Nirvana (Req Lvl 69): MP+32, MP Regen+3, Stun+2%, Skill CoolTime-3sec
Fan of Reincarnation (Req Lvl 73): Att+64, Critical +3.5%, Stun +2%

Spell Book Vol. 1 (Req Lvl 13): MP+24, Skill CoolTime-0.5sec, Skill Pow+4.5%
Star Magic Stick (Req Lvl 27): MP+28, Atk+18
Newbie Wizz’s Ring (Req Lvl 37): MP+48, MP Regen+2, Skill CoolTime-0.75sec
Spell Book Vol. 3 (Req Lvl 43): HP+32, Att+18, Skill CoolTime-0.75s, Skill Pow+7.5%
Wizz’s Robe (Req Lvl 49): Hp+48, Hp Regen+2.5, Def+12
Wizz’s Pendant (Req Lvl 51): Def +8, Att+18, Hit Speed+1%, Skill Pow+9%
Hat of Wizz the Great (Req Lvl 61): HP+88, Def+10, Evade+3.5%
Spell Book of Wizz the Great(Req Lvl 67): MP Regen +4, Att +20, Skill CoolTime-1.05sec, Skill Pow+4%
Rob of Wizz the Great (Req Lvl 69): HP+48, MP Regen+3, Def+10, Evade+2%, Skill Pow+6%
Sunglass of Ice (Req Lvl 79): HP+128, HP Regen+2, Def+16, Evade+5%

Round Shield (Req Lvl 13): HP+16, Def+4, Evade+2.5%
Iron Sword (Req Lvl 45): Atk+22, Hit Speed+1%, Critical+5%, Stun+2%
Irom Shield (Req Lvl 49): HP+24, Def+11, Evade+1%, Stun+3.5%
Armor of Black Knight (Req Lvl 69): HP+64, HP Regen+1, Def+20
Armor of Golory (Req Lvl 79): HP+128, Def+30

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