Buddy Rush Trading FAQ

Buddy Rush Trading Frequently Asked Questions by Buddy Blitzers

Q. How do I trade?
A: To trade you must find a dealer, both must agree on the deal, once confirmed one can send the item as a gift as the other person will send the promised item after the first person sends it ( first item sender must be the one with less trading experience ). Just be sure that the dealer is trustable looking.

Q: What if I have used up my limit of 7 gifts a day?
A: Tell the person that you can send the item the other day possible.

Q: What’s the meaning of GPs?
A: GPs stands for Gold Pots by set ( 3pcs ).

Q: Is 1GP 3piecess of GPots or 1piece Gpot?
A: 1GP = 3piecess Gpots ( one of the commmon mistakes of Rushkies ).

Q:The person posts that he wants GPs for an item. I sent it to him immediately without commenting. He then told me that he did not confirm the deal. Is he a scammer?
A: He’s not. A deal should be confirmed before any items should be sent. Hopefully he returns the gps to you on goodwill ( don’t even expect it to return ).

Q: What does R/B/G/U items mean?
A: R means Red. B means Blue. G means Green. R has the best stats and usually requires a higher level to use. U stands for Unique, meaning you can only equip 1 of that item. Normally, R items would be the U ones. There are exceptions where even B, G and colourless items are U. e.g: Gladius

Q: Where can I find the stats of RU/Character RU items?
A: It’s listed as one of the other documents on this page. But it is currently under reconstruction as new items are being discovered after the 4th wave was installed.

Q. How can I prevent scams?
A: Check if he/she has a trading history first, check his characters level and some FB information, if the trader is doubtable tell him/her to equip the wanted items first and check if the item was equipped. *note: the one with the less trade experience must give the item first.Q: I’ve been scammed! What will I do?
A: Report the incident to an admin, tell the story of what happened and an evidence ( if possible ). If your evidence is too thin, solution may not be possible.*note: you can let me investigate a scam just drop a message at :

and hopefully, I might be able to help ( of course I can! )
Q. If I reported the scamming incident, will my item be returned?
A. If you don’t have enough evidence then NO.
if you have evidence …. NO. except if the sinner is attacked by tremendous conscience and return it like impossible. But if the scamming is proven the scammer would be kicked out of the group and be banned.

Q. I want a super-strong rushing partner, who can I rush with?A. Well.. this does not relate from the topic but, if you want strong rushing partner then you must be looking for … *drum rolls*ME! *fireworks*yes, me! just add me and heres my link:

by the way I don’t add strangers or people I don’t knowme
( laughs alone ) *cricket sound*well…. except if you have a trade with me. Happy rushing kids!

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