Age of Empires Online Easy Farming Strategies Guide

Age of Empires Online Easy Farming Strategies Guide by wilmer0072000

Not sure if anyone has mentioned or noticed these 3 awesome farming methods (especially for F2P Players).

#1) Material Farming From Questing:

The very first quest you get at lvl 1 is simply the best material farm period. Simply make a new free account just for farming material from this first quest. Once the quest loads just send a unit to the top left of the map and another to the bottom left of the map. You’ll have both treasures (or material in this case) in as fast as 30 seconds. both materials add up to roughly about 50 material in total. That means your farming about 100 Material Per Minute. Who needs workshops making common material (and at 1 material every 15 mins) when you can farm the matieral you need right here at this rapid rate.
Of course if you are low level you’ll have to make do with your workshop producing common material until you can buy the Uncommon Recipe (ex. Leather or Olive Oil)  or the higher materials.
Then you simply send whatever material you need over to your main account and away you go. Who would have guessed its faster, easier and more efficent than doing the repeatable Craftsman Quest once every 12 hours for much less. Just spending 10-30 mins a day farming here is enough to feed your empire for at least half a day (considering you spent 8+hrs a day playing).  Now obviously if you are way past common material this won’t benefit you too much. However even then you can always trade or sell this common material to other players for gold or whatever you can so it’s always nice that you can still benefit from it somewhat.

#2:  Workshop Material Farming:

This works for F2P and Premium Players but obviously works way better for Premium Players. Basically you want to have one account for each possible workshop. Assuming you are a F2P Player that means you can only have one workshop per account that you make or 8 (plus the advanced workshops) if you are Premium Player. What you do is you use whatever account has the most gold (that should be your main account) to buy the blueprint of the workshop you need. Then you mail the blueprint over to a newly created lvl 1 account (can be free or premium depends on you but free is the better option) and start your material farm.
If you want to produce uncommon or higher material (like say Leather for instance) then buy the recipe aswell and send it along with the workshop blueprint as well. Note that you can also just send the gold over to the other account and just buy your workshop and recipe that way as well, however you will have to do all the quests along the way that unlocks the Construction Store needed to buy the workshop and the recipe. Or you can pack up your Construction Store  and send it to the other account but that will just complicate things and cause you to have an inventory space open at all times for packing it up between accounts. However you can also pack up your Constuction Store and send it to whatever account you want to use to buy workshops for your other accounts. Like i said your main account is recommended to take care of the confusions and headaches.
So anyways buying them with your main account is faster however it is more expensive than sending the Gold instead. Mail charges you 1 coin for every gold transaction vs 5 coins for every item sent so it does add up after a while when having a Construction Store in each account is more cost effective. However this 4 coin tradeoff is negated with the fact that a newly created account starts producing the material at lvl 1 without ever having to do a single quest and also allows that account to do the material farm mentioned above. It’s bascially up to you but if you already have at least one multiple account past lvl 1 then it would be more cost effective.

#3 Craft School Farm:

This next and final farming method adds up the first two farming methods for the ultimate goal and that is to make the best items your schools can possibly make. Basically you are going to do the exact same thing as the Workshop Farm method, but with Schools. So you’ll need 7 accounts at minimum (one for each school if you are F2P Player)  or 5 accounts if you are Premium (2 from premium and 5 from F2P) or if you are rich you’ll need just 4 accounts if you have 4 Premium accounts). You must take the account you intend to use to the lvl required to make whatever it is you intend to use. So for example you want to make a Gold Mine Item Farm out of a Religion School you’ll need to unlock the Craft School which is at around lvl 5-6 on average (assuming you do the quests normally without any EXP Farming Techniques).
Premium Items are best to have friends to trade with so you do not have to worry about managing multiple accounts. But for F2P players, this early farming method will really give you a nice advantage over a F2P player who only manages one account and only has one school to work with. I recommend choosing Craftsman School for your main account (especially if you are Premium). If you already chose another school then i recommend choosing Craftsman on your secondary account. You can also switch but remember that it will cost 1,000 gold if you ever want to switch back to the school you picked so i suggest you choose carefully.
Of course if you just want to focus on 2 schools then you’ll only need 2 accounts. One with Craftsman School (since its the best School since it focuses on improving villagers), and the other school depending on your playstyle. If you like Fortress, Towers and War Elephants then choose Construction as the school for your secondary account. Of if you like to hit and run then choose Archery School, etc…

Keep in mind 2 schools will put you at a disadvantage over a player managing all 7 schools over multiple accounts however it does cut out the macro managing over multiple accounts.

That is all and happy farming :)

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