Age of Empires Online Opening Build Guide

Age of Empires Online Opening Build Guide by TheMistaAoT

Hello guys :) many ppl asked me to put some bulding orders into paper and thats what this thread is about !!!!

First of all i would like to say that i play this game 4 days but i have a huge experience of aoe/rts games, i am 27 lvl atm losing only 3 games out 120+++ 3 games vs(40lvl,37lvl,32lvl)so what you gonne read is no joke but tested bulding orders.

Scout:Scout is one of the most importand factors of a rts game , scouting and knowing what your oppo is doing + knowing how to take advantage of the map is your half way to victory!Your first moves with your scout is to find your best possible WOOD spot a place where u can see the trees and place the store arranging the workers in good places.Your second move is to scout your opponent , scout arround his base check how many he has on food/wood check his wood spots(are those wood spots safe??can i rush with toxotes???is his gold forward???maybe i can rush and get an easy win??) all this thinking comes after scouting so scout scout scout!!!!!

1-20 LVL This section is without the capital bonuses( wich i recentrly found out)

Normal opening:This a standar built for players who wann play safe!
You start with 3 workers —> berries
You produce 3 more –>berries (always take first the less berries will explain later why)
You produce 4 on wood (safe wood spot) with store  next to the trees
You produce 3 on berries and click to advance to 2cond age!!
As soon as you click advancing you take 4 from your berries and move them to your wood so you have 5 on berries and 8 on wood!
Get to the second age make 2 more workers on food while taking Axe wood upgrade, (built house + archery range)
(meanwhile you take ur workers from berries(the less ones) and move them to the other pack with a store house next to them) ,next step is taking your gold you only need 2 at this point.
The follow up is simple and depends on what you wann do, but you must always create workers and keep balance on your economy.
For example if you go mass toxotes you will focus more on wood than food/gold.

2 Archery range rush: This is an agressive opening!
First 3 workers —> on berries
You produce 2 workers—> berries
You produce 4 workers —>wood(with store on good wood spot)
You produce 2 workers —> berries
Waite and advance to the second age while advancing leave 2 workers on berries 3 workers go for wood and 2 workers go to the enemies base to built 2 archery range.
After advc make workers on food until u have 5 of them there in the meantime take 1 worker from wood and put him on gold (without store) and continue making workers on food wood  and not more than 3 on gold (built storehouse as soon as you can afford it)
On your 2 archery and rushing side u have to make non stop archers and harash your oppo (his wood or if u can his gold) those 2 workers are essential on figthing early SS.

Water built ! This built is for maps like meditarenean!
3 workers –> on berries
You produce 3 workers —> near trees
You produce 1 worker—> built dock —> for trees(wood)
You produce 1 worker trees
You produce workers on food + 2fishing ships until ur ready to advance to second age
As soon as you click 2cond age put all workers on wood and make a store on a good wood point!
built 1 fishing boat make house and start mining gold with 1 worker.
As soon as you up u have to scout ur oppo weither he goes sea or he goes land!
If he goes sea built 2cond dock and spam tireme and later built 1 archery range.
If he goes land make 1 archery range +1 tireme dominate sea and start producing fishing boats out of 2 docks.
Meanwhile produce workers on wood mainly and some on gold (not more than 5 on gold)(take upgrades (economical)).
Defend land with toxotes/SS.

This is for now. LONG LIVE AOE GAMES :)

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