Age of Empires Online Avoiding Trade Scammers Guide

Age of Empires Online Avoiding Trade Scammers Guide by CosyGOODkNIGHT

We’ve been receiving an increasing number of reports that people are being scammed while conducting player-to-player trading.  These scammers use various methods to acquire other player’s items for less than the value agreed upon during the negotiation process.  Please take a look at the tips offered below to protect yourself against trade scammers and identify someone that may be trying to scam you during the trading process.

How to protect yourself while conducting player-to-player trades:

-Be very cautious when dealing with a level one account that is selling or attempting to acquire expensive items.

-Do NOT accept a trade immediately after posting your items or coin.  Pause for a moment to see whether the other person does anything suspicious.

-Wait for the other person to accept the trade before clicking the accept button. This will prevent the other person from being able to change the terms of the trade at the last second.

-You can always request that the other person use the cash on delivery mail feature to trade items

Warning signs that someone is trying to scam you:

-They are removing items from the trade window after having posted the correct item up for trade.

-They are changing the coin totals in the trade window to less than the agreed upon price after posting the correct amount.

-They are making excuses to reopen the trade window several times before accepting the trade.  This is often a way to make you hurry through the trade process instead of using caution.

-A level one account is trading away extremely valuable items or is attempting to acquire extremely valuable items. Often time’s scammers use alternative accounts in an attempt to hide their primary accounts.

Trade scamming other players out of their hard earned coin and items is something we take very seriously. We will be patching in changes to eliminate the opportunity for players to scam other users out of their hard earned items.  Look for this in future patch updates.  If you encounter a scammer, please report the issue to with a screenshot of the chat log and a description of what occurred during the transaction, we will investigate the issue from there.


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