Age of Empires Online Epic Item Chart and Crafting Guide

Age of Empires Online Epic Item Chart, Material Chart and Crafting Guide by Darkalb1no

Hello all

I’ve put together an epic item chart from all stores that sell them – I didn’t cover the Epic Items available at the Mycenae War Council (Access it by clicking on the War Council) because those items aren’t used at level 40 or the Argos Epics (Under the Argos General Store) as they aren’t used at level 40 either.
This post is intended as both an index and a guide.

This is the Materials chart, it shows the progression for each material that you can obtain in the game. The first set are all obtainable through Workshops that are available through your “Construction Store” in the home city. These Workshops are limited to 8 total (This means you may have 8 of one workshop or all types, obviously at the cost of production amount) and have four ranks of material (Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic).They all start with a tier one item, which are Pine Planks, Stone Blocks, Grain, Copper Ingots and Animal Hides. They are all given a Common Ranking (White title). You’re able to obtain each production buildings respective second tier of item (Green title) at the “Mycenae Crafting Store”, which are Oak Planks, Granite Blocks, Olive Oil, Bronze Ingots and Leather.

Additionally, at the Mycenae Crafting Store are five blueprints, similar to the ones found in the Construction Store in your home city. These give you access to the second set of pictured materials. These are limited to 2 shops in total and have three ranks of material (Uncommon, Rare and Epic). Their respective first tier (Green title) items are Scrolls of Lore, Wool Cloth, Resin Vials, Garnets and Work tools, which are all available for purchase at the Argos General Store.

The Rare and Epic (Blue and Purple) materials are all found through various loot drops at medium to higher levels, while not as common, recipes are also gained through loot drops (the recipes allow you to actually craft the material). So keep your eye out for them, because people are always on the look out for them!

I hope this has helped, and yes, putting a quest on Elite does increase its loot, at least for materials anyways :)

You may access “Exquisite Epic Edges” at the home city of InfamousBiobob (Right next to the Trojan Horse!) type /visit InfamousBiobob
You may access “Elegant Epic Escutcheons” at the home city of LoganK63 (South of the Arena!) type /visit LoganK63
You may also access “Moes Mystorium” at the home city of Braidon (Centre of Town!) “for the chance to win epic items, just type /visit Braidon”

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