9 Empires Magic and Skills Guide

9 Empires Magic and Skills Guide by Will
Why Use Magic?Most magic spells are underrated, and will easily make a difference between win or lose in a fight. For many of these spells, you don’t even need a spellcaster hero, or even spellpower! For example: The level 3 spell, Energy Coat, will decrease damage to your unit by 70% at its max level!

Damage Spells & Non-damage spells

I classify spells into two types: spells that rely upon high spellpower to be effective, and spells that don’t. Here is a list of some great spells for each category:

Excellent Damage Spells: (P = spellpower)
* Poem of Revive (lvl 2): (Undead only) revives 300xP of undead troops at max level
* Thunder Storm (lvl 2): Deals 200xP damage at max level
* Insects Nuisance (lvl 2): Deals 200xP damage at max level

* Fireball (lvl 3): Deals 400xP damage at max level to a 3×3 area

* Meteor Storm (lvl 4): Deals 500xP damage at max level to a 5×5 area
* Chain Lightning (lvl 4): Deals 550xP damage at max level to a 5×5 area

* Bright Poem (lvl 5): (Kills Undead only) Deals 750xP damage to undead at max level to a 5×5 area
* Reincarnation Rebirth (lvl 5): Revives 1500xP of your troops at max level
* Judgment of Doom (lvl 5): Deals 1500xP damage to ALL units at max level (unless they are immune)
* Inward Burst (lvl 5): Deals 4000xP damage at max level

Excellent Non-Damage Spells:
* Armed Defender (lvl 2): Adds +240 defense to unit at max level
* Armor Liberation (lvl 2): Reduces -240 defense to enemy unit at max level

* Strength of Anger (lvl 3): Adds +240 attack to unit at max level
* Energy Coat (lvl 3): Reduces 70% of damage to unit at max level
* Inability of Strength (lvl 3): Reduces -240 attack to enemy unit at max level

* Bloodthirsty Madness (lvl 4): Increases +120% damage (that’s more than double) on your unit at max level

How to Learn Spells:

Once you have your hero visit the Sorcery Tower and learn a spell, it can then be upgraded higher in the hero’s “magic” tab, near the inventory tab. Each upgrade will cost you gold, but more importantly, it costs skills. Plan your spells wisely!! Your skills are precious! You probably don’t have enough skill points to acquire ALL the spells you want. You only get 1 skill point per level, each time your hero gains a level. However around level 40+, you’ll begin to attain extra skills that can be used for these spells. I personally recommend investing in magic once some of the more basic combat skills are completed. Remember also that the Fundamental Wisdom skill is needed to learn spells level 3 and above.

Spellcasting tactics:

It is not a very good idea to cast a defense-boosting spell on a highly defensive / high HP unit (like Ogres), nor is it a good idea to cast an offense-boosting spell on a highly offensive / low HP unit (like Genies). You want to cast defense-boosting spells on the units you believe your opponent will attack, and offense-boosting spells on the units you believe your opponent won’t want to attack. Also, be sure to carry with you some mana potions!

Invest in Magic points?

Do not invest your level-up skills into Spellpower unless you plan on raising a spellcasting hero! The most important skill that you want your spellcasting hero to have is Advanced Madness (+200 Magic Damage). With gear and invested attribute points, you can easily get a lvl 50 hero to 600 spellpower, and casting max level inward burst, that’s 2.4 million damage!!

PS – do not spend diamonds to refresh spell list until after you’ve built Sorcery Tower level 5 and learned the spells you need

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