9 Empires Exp Gain Guide

9 Empires Exp Gain Guide by s7davis

I thought I could start the list of monsters and drops. I know where to train for auto training not for drops but for experience also know as EXP.

Now the best way to get more EXP (this depends on your style and race) will be to start off putting all attributes to intelligence. This help gain EXP, Gold, and magic defense. Now ppl will say that if you are the elf race and your vet troops are the dragons they are magic immune which is correct and is pointless to point a bunch of attribute points to the Intel for EXP. However, with intel attributes it also speeds up your heroes travel time as well. Now on to the Auto Training guide that I thought would help the noobs out.

If you are just starting out and following the tutorial your main hero will be @ lvl 5 before you really need to go battle or auto train anything at the Enemy Base. To get to the Enemy base you will need to go to the Portal in your city by clicking the hero icon and then click on the portal then select which mystic shrine you would like to go to. For example, Mystice Shrine 2. It does not matter which Shrine you go to all the bases are the same but if your legion/alliance has a recruitment spot in the bases in the shrine you will need to know which shrine you need to go to.

Once in the shrine a lvl 5 hero needs to go to Enemy Base 1-1 go east or follow the path to the Portal to Enemy Base 2 and their will be a Cenataur their will armor on you want to auto train their until around lvl 10 or 11 (Can’t remember which one)

ONce you have reached the correct lvl which is min 11 max 12 I believe go to the 3rd lvl of the Enemy Base. Don’t forget to grab the attribute points from the Windmill and other on the way up. Go to the Mine on the 3rd lvl and make sure you have skill points on at least Investigation on a Skill lvl 1 so you can investigate mobs so you can find the correct mobs. Once in the Mine you will go to the right and their will be an Spike armor guy they are Crusaders and some are Mine Guardians. The ones you want are the Mine Guardians. You will auto train on them until lvl 17.

Once you are @ lvl 17 leave the mine and continue going up the enemy base to the dungeon on the 5th lvl of Enemy Base. Also do not forget to look for those free attribute point areas. Their is one just above the mine and one just west of the dungeon. When in the Dungeon you will want to go to the 2nd lvl of the Dungeon and look for the same type of Mob but they are called Dungeon Guardians. YOu will auto train on them until you reach lvl 19 or 20.

ONce you have reached lvl 20 max you can continue going up Enemy base just to finish collecting all the attribute points all the way up then once at the top take the portal back to the Mystic Shrine and then go to Dawn Village the portal right next to the Enemy Base. Once you take that portal you will go North and you will see a Dual Horned Mob and that is your next Auto Training Spot. At this locale you will train until you reach lvl 25. At lvl 25 you have some options available to you.

When you reach lvl 26 you can go to the Doom Valley Mob or you can check out the Mobs on the 2nd part of your City if your TH is at least lvl 10 by then which it should be. If for some reason your TH is not lvl 10 then you will have to go to the Doom Valley 1st lvl and go south the the Sultan Ifirit. However, if your TH is lvl 10 you might want to see if you have any good mobs in your town for these next few lvls. YOu stay in Doom Valley at the Sultan Ifirit until you reach lvl 30 max.

Once you have reached lvl 30 you will want to leave either your town or Doom Valley and go back into the Mystic Shrine to Cloud Highland. Once you are in CloudHighland you will be able to stay here for about 12 lvls so this is your home for a few days or a weeks. you will stay here until lvl 42. The mob you are looking for is a Fire Ghoul to the west as soon as you get to the CloudHighland.

After you have 42 or 43 you will need to go to CloudHighland 5 and go north to the Genie up their until you reach lvl 47.

Once you have reached lvl 47 just go southeast to the CloudHighland Cave right below you and you will see the Cyclops in the cave that is your next mob to tackle on auto training. YOu will train in the cave till lvl 50 then you will leave the Cloud Highland area and go back to the Shrine and then go south to the Cursed Land and you will see the Cursed Cyclops just to the West of the portal. Once at the Cursed Cyclops you will auto until you are @ lvl 53.

Once you are @ lvl 53 you will stay in Cursed Land 1st lvl and just cross the bridge and their will be like a dragon mob that is your next mob. I am not sure how long you stay their but this is a good tutorial on mobs to hit for more EXP gain.

Remember to always put attribute points to Intel at the beginning this helps with EXP and Gold gain. ANd be sure to get gear and heros with the EXP (gear), and heros from tavern with Intell bonuses some will have exp bonuses as well but at first you need intel more.

lvl 5-10: centaur captain (east) in map1
lvl 11-16: mine guardian (map3 mine)
lvl 17-19: Dungeon Guardian in map5 dungeon2
lvl 20-25: dual-horned beast (north) in DawnVillage1
lvl 26-29: Sultan Ifiriti (south) in DoomValley1
lvl 30-42: fire ghoul (west) in Cloud1
lvl 43-46: genie (north) in Cloud5
lvl 47-49: cyclops in Cloud5 cave
lvl 50-52: Cursed Cyclops Cursed Land (west)
lvl 53-? : Dragon Mob Cursed Land East of Cyclops

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