9 Empires Troops Skills Guide

9 Empires Troops Skills Guide by soulthug

Each creature will only possess 1 type of special ability and might own immune abilities. (Attention: These immune abilities are different from the Black Dragon’s Magic Immunity, whereby specific immune abilities are only applicable to creature with that particular ability, for example the opponent could not strike-back even if they have counter-attack abilities when you have the immune ability upon opponent’s counter-attack.)

Counter Attack:Counter attack ability appears when facing an attack

Combo Attack:When making continuous attack twice or above

Sacrifice: Creature being attacked with this ability can revive other creatures which brought by hero, but it can only revive 50% of the dead

Charge: Harm will be enhanced if player move during an attack; the increase rate: Harm*Moving Distance*15%

Binding Strike: In certain rounds, creature will be frozen, though they can still launch attack without moving.

Magic Immune: Immune of magic used by Heroes

Magic Resist (50%): Decrease the damage resulted from the magic attack of other players

Blind Attack: Creature unable to move and attack in a battle round

Regroup: 20% of the damage caused on opponent will be transformed as increment of squad member; the increase amount: 20% Damage/Squad member life

Reflection: Reflect 20% of opponent’s attack

Fear Attack: Decrease 30% of opponent’s defense

Poison Strike: Increase 50% of the damage experienced by opponent

Resurrection: Resurrect 20% of the dead squads

Drain Life: Absorb 20% of opponent’s dead creatures to resurrect the dead

Berserk: Double up damage

Reposition: Return to original position after attack

Blocking Shield: Block any of the attack without harm

Deadly Gaze: A gaze that could kill 25% of opponent’s creatures

Total Ignore: Ignores opponents defense and causes direct effects on opponents.

Launching of creatures skills is much related to player’s luck.

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