9 Empires Leveling and Gear Guide

9 Empires Leveling and Gear Guide by mikethefis

First of all I need to tell you that this guide is for newbies who want to get a clue and some hints to be successful in lvling and looking for the right drops.

What is important if you want to level fast? Is it necessary to find the right spots/mobs to get the right gear? What do you have to know about investigate, battle, auto-train and avoid?

When you encounter a mob you have a few different choices:

If you want to know what you have to fight against manually in case you choose „Battle“ you can click „Investigate“ – if you have already learned the skill.

This might show you the following:

You will see different kind of mobs – sometimes a lot, sometimes a few – and you will have to decide if you want to challenge them manually by using battle or if you just want to use auto-Train (auto-battle). If you battle them you should have strong enough troops – be careful the mobs could beat you. Using auto-battle your hero has to have at least one troop and you will never lose a fight.
As a reward your hero gets gold, experience and belief. Maybe you will find a piece of equipment also.

Now, what is so important?
There are a lot of different mobs. Each mob if you investigate them all you will see that they consist of different enemies. These mobs have different levels and the enemy parties are small, big and some are huge or even enormous. The mobs give you different experience if you battle them.
Now let’s think that your hero is level 11. You want to gain the most experience you can get from the mobs equal or beneath to your level.

How do I know where is the best mob?
a) You can ask someone in your legion or use the world chat room, maybe they know.
b) You can auto-battle each mob once to figure out which one is the best.
c) In this case (lvl 11) it will be the mine-guard , enemy base 3, the mine level 1

How long should I stay at this mob?
In this case: till you turn level 17.
But how should I know? Well, you can try to find out by battling or by asking someone.
Most of the time there is someone around who might be able to help you out because some people already tried each mob playing closed Beta. I will give some more hints on mobs later.

Is it important to level up my hero each time I could?
It depends on different facts:
a) Can I move on to the next mob that will give me more experience?
b) Can I put some new gear on to gain more experience?
c) How do I want to skill my hero? If I want to level fast I add all my attribute points to intelligence.
You should always keep in mind that you will gain more experience if you have the same level as your mob you are battling. If you stay at the same mob and you level your hero and nothing else happens (raise the intelligence or put on new equip) you will gain less experience – but it can still be the best mob.
Maybe you want to level your hero when you get new equip or when you will reach the level to move to the next mob.
Hero’s attributes?

What else is important?
You want to skill your hero:

Some skills might be interesting to you some not. It always depends on you and what kind of hero you want to play or what kind of extra skills he has.

If you want to level up fast it is important for your hero to get the following:

Master Comprehension: Increases XP by 20%
Master Logistic: Increases Stamina to 50

What do I need Stamina for?
Each fight will cost you 2 points of stamina. The more stamina your hero has the more fights he can do. That way he gains more experience. Stamina refreshes automatically once a day (08:00 am CET).

What about my equipment? Is it important?
Yes. The equipment can give your hero more attribute points, more stamina, more gold, more experience, and so on. It depends on the level and on the quality of the gear.
Different gear = different stats
You should always take a look at your blacksmith. Maybe you are lucky to find perfect (legendary) equipment there.
The other way to get excellent equipment is to auto-battle mobs and hope that they drop the gear you need (normal to perfect gear; all drops possible).
Helmet: it might give your hero knowledge(=intelligence) + experience bonus, etc.
Chest: it might give your hero defense, morale, etc.
Finger: it might give your hero + experience, etc.
Right Hand: it might give your hero + attack, + troop min. harm, etc.
Neck: it might give your hero + experience, + knowledge, etc.
Shoulder: it might give your hero + experience, + income, etc.
Left Hand: it might give your hero + attack, + defense, etc.
Feet: it might give your hero + stamina, + priority, etc.

You can see that there are some possibilities to gain more experience but there is only one possibility to gain stamina (boots) putting on gear. Keep this in mind.
If you want to look for gear just auto-battle once at a time – you don’t want to waste too much stamina and you might have to do it a few times to get the quality and the stats you need/you are looking for.
Here are just a few hints for new gear (more later):

Boots level 11 Master Elf , Enemy Base 6, level 12
Shoulder level 42 silver Pegasus(42) Cloud Highland , map 5
Boots level 43 Genie (43) Cloud Highland , map 5
Armor level 38 Sultan Ifrit (36) Cloud Highland, map 3
Iron Helmet 52 Dread Knight, Cursed Land , map 3

If you find something after auto-battling it will show you the following:

How can I be faster than others? Is there a way to get even more experience?
Yes, there is. Well, you might want to invest some money. It can be worth it.
I told you already that it is important to have a lot of stamina. If you don’t want to wait till the stamina refreshes you can buy stamina potions in the shop using diamonds.
Look at the special offers. There might be a nice mount that you want to buy.
Those mounts often give you stamina and they even have some special bonuses. Think about it, your hero will be stronger than others.
Another possibility is to buy experience spheres. They grant you a bonus on experience for a certain period of time. 30% bonus on experience from battles for 2 days, I think that’s a lot.

Why is it important to have high level heroes?
If you have high level heroes you gain more experience, more gold and more belief.
You will need a lot of gold to upgrade your town (town hall, mines, barracks, etc.).
Belief is needed to build more towns, upgrade your temple, etc. More towns = more resources ……….
I guess I don’t have to say anything else.

Don’t forget to look at the other guides. They might give you some clues what kind of hero you are trying to get. Some heroes give you a bonus on stamina and intelligence.

And maybe we will see you soon at this point to auto-battle:

You might need some more hints for battling?

17 – 22 enemy base 5, dungeon lvl 2, guard
22 – 24 Dawn village, map 2, white unicorn near swamp
24 – 25 earth elemental map 4, Dawn village
25 – 26 mind ghoul, doom valley, map 1
26 – 30 Doom valley, map 1, fire elemental in the south of map
30 – 43
43 – 45
45 – 46 Green Manticore, cloud highland map5, cave lvl 1
46 – 50
50 – 53
53 – 56
56 – 57
57 – 59

more drops to get u started:

Battle Gloves (lvl 8)right hand Captain of Centaur (lvl 4) Enemy Base (EB) 3, next to “Sar Axis”
Bronze Knuckles (lvl 9)finger Pixie (lvl 8), EB 3 , upper right corner of map
Secret Cape (lvl 10) shoulder Harpy (lvl8), EB 3, uppper right corner next to exit to EB4
Silver Chest Protector (lvl 14) chest Royal Griffin (lvl 11), EB4, after crossing bridge, above mountain
Royal Protector (lvl 15) left hand Griffin (lvl 11) EB 4
Golden Axe (lvl 16) right hand Swordsman (lvl 14), EB 6, above Exit to EB7
Leader’s Cape (lvl 18) shoulder Myst. Wizard (18), EB 8 or Monk (lvl 18) EB8
Forest Helmet (lvl 20) head Golden Golem (18), EB 7
Cryptic Necklace (lvl 21) neck King of Minotaur (17), EB 8
Bone Crusher (lvl 23) left hand Manticore (23), EB 9
Dwarf’s Cape (lvl 26) shoulder Champion (23), EB 9, top map

Good Luck and have Fun!


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