Ragnarok Online Money Making Guide

Ragnarok Online Money Making Guide by Pyrous Dracon

This is my first time writing anything to outrightly help anybody. I have always kept to myself on iRO because I’m there to play the game, socialness isn’t my first goal and I learned early on that nobody wants to talk to me anyway. I’ve often been mistaken for a bot, been called a snob, and just generally tried to aviod social contact. Because of this I found some very interesting ways to gain money and rare items. I have broken it down into some general steps that can help any player get rich.

Section 1: Budget:

Take stock of how many potions you use, amount you can care easily and how much you spend. The most bang for your buck is the Red potion, so try to use them as long as possible. At a 50z cost off the NPC factor that as the base cost, but always assume somebody has a lower price. Hunt for the best price you can get before buying as to make your overhead costs less, and try to obtain a good load number. Good load numbers for potions are 50 or 75 pots. This is a good amount to keep you on your feet for long enough to make back what you lost.

Consider all money used as a debt! Keep in mind how much you spent on that new dagger, pair of goggles, or even potions. When you hunt try to maximize how much you pick up to pay off this debt. Remember that common drops only wiegh 1. This commonly means that other than ore, equipment or consumable drops any drop you pick up is worth it. If you doubt it, watch how much this adds up. Where as you would get 1z off a NPC for iron ore you get upwards of 30z for a worm peeling, and you can hold 20 worm peelings for every one iron ore. In this way never leave loot just to sit there because it doesn’t sell for alot, because you will probally always have enough room for that rare later on.

Also remember to fight what you can take. Try to be considerate to lower level people and not take smokies when you are level 99, but still fight what you can get the most money for with the least amount of potions. If you can take out three drianliars without a single red, fight drianliars. If you can’t take much more than a thief bug without a much needed rest, stick to porings. Don’t be ashamed that you are bashing easy creatures for money, but also don’t be a jerk about it. Sure you can eventually get to the point where you can annihilate that newbie zone, killing any monster in one hit, and nobody can stop you, but that’s actually going to wind up hurting your income. Only do true bunny bashing seldomly, for you will find yourself easily bored and frustrated with your income. Instead every so often move up a peg or two, test the water. If you find you can take elder willows and get a better profit from it, fight them. But limiting potions consumption is key to getting rich.

Section 2: Don’t hold your breath:

So you are hunting in a smokie zone and the guy next to you gets a smokie card. That’s always good for him, luck visits us all once and awhile, but don’t expect the next smokie to drop you a card. Rare drops are called rare drops for a reason. Don’t expect to make it rich selling a huge number of rares off the monsters you hunt. Rares are a nice little boost, but they shouldn’t be your main (or in some people I encountered, only) source of income. Instead just be glad when you find something, and indifferent when you don’t.

Keep this in mind when your selling your rares to other players; You aren’t the only person selling that item. Players tend to sell items for any amount that’ll get them a profit or that they think is fair. Shop around before you start to sell, then put your goods at a good discount from other people. You’ll find they sell quicker, and the quicker they sell the quicker you can get out there and find more. The name of the game is supply and demand. If the item is hugly expensive and very common, people will not buy it. Keep in mind though that your you are still trying to make a profit, so go as low as you feel comfortable with on any rare item.

Also when selling aviod the following words; cheap, discount, best prices, sale, OMG!, deal or the name of any branch store. This tends to get you over looked on Ragnarok! Online due to it is what ever other person does when they want to sell items. Instead try to keep your items classified to one groups and list your best deal in the name of your room/store or come up with an inventive store name. Also it’s all about location, location, location. Sure everybody goes to Pront to buy and sell things, but where in Pront or the world is your item needed most? If you are selling yggs leaves and white pots, sit around in glast hiem with a body guard. If you are selling Swordie stuff, hang out around weapon shops. If you are selling standard heals, hang out near exits and Kafras. There is a place for everybody to sell everything.

Section 3: Pyrous’s hideaways:

Here is a list of some good places to hunt. Keep in mind this may all depend on character level and class to which of these are good for you. I mind you also, that I will report botters in these zones because some of them are my favorites and I don’t like getting choked out of my relaxing retreats. The list is made up of place and alternate place to aviod crowds. The are set up in the following way:

Crowd favorite -> Less Crowded alternative -> Hermits hideaway

Crowd Favorite: This is your average place to hunt for loot with your buddies. These are the places that anybody who’s anybody knows and goes too at least once. You often don’t have to worry about being over run by mobs, just have to worry about not having anything to fight or competeing with the local bots.

Less Crowded Alternative: There is always someplace else to go for good loot and experince. If you can handle yourself well enough you will have no problem here. Sure some of the mobs and their rare drops aren’t here, but then again you are still getting a good bang for your buck.

Hermit’s hideaway: No crowds, no rush, nobody to save you if you get in trouble. If you value solitude, these are the places. If you value your life, these may not be for you.

The List:

Ant Hell level 1 -> Ant Hell Level 2 -> Coal mines Level 1
If you like fighting ants and stuff in huge numbers with active spawns, sorry to tell you even the hermits hidaway is very crowded. But in these zones there are often more than enough to go around.

Geffen level 1 -> Comodo Field 1
Ah Pospores. Good experince and as annoying as all hell. They also can be good money if you are good enough at fighting them. Personally I wouldn’t suggest it for the loot.

Bylan lvl 2 -> Bylan lvl 1 -> Comodo dungeon east
Great places to fight your fishy friends. If you go to Comodo though, don’t bring that wind weapon, Megalodons and Tri joints are rather unphased by it…

Culvert lvl 4
No real other place with a spawn like it (or a walk to it). I was able to gain experince off the sheer number of thief bugs I was killing. Beware golden bug and be sure you can take male thief bugs, if you do this you will have a golden place to gather 500+ worm peelings per load of potions.

Orc Dungeon lvl 1 -> Area around Orc Dungeon
If you can’t stand fighting those pesky Orc Zombies, join the crowd above ground and start bashing the still living ones. All and all they are good loot, and Yoyos can drop a nice treat once and awhile…

Smokies and Elders(east of Payon) -> Payon Caves 2 -> Smokies and Caramels (Mount Mojolnir)
Nothing too exciting about bashing smokies, but they are fairly easy and good loot. Elders add some spice, as do the martins in Payon 2, but the caramels, dustinesses and Bigfoots on Mount Mojolnir make for a varied hunt worth your time.

More to come.

I’ll be adding more to this guide, but for now I’m a little burnt out. Look for further instalments in the future.

Thank you

-Pyrous Dracon
The cranky hermit

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