Ragnarok Online Wanderer WoE Build Guide

Ragnarok Online Wanderer WoE Build Guide by yaguhLOLOL

Originally wanderers’ past dancers/gypsy was all about one major skill. Dazzler! There dances that were used was slows grace and gypsy kiss. After Balance Patch, Wanderers have been left with pretty much nothing to do but look cute! But there are still stuff wanderers are capable of doing! It all depends on the skills, equips, stats, and practice!

Strength is essentially used for reverbation or weight capacity. You may want for weakness tolerance.

Intelligence for gypsy’s kiss, SP, reverbation, and linked “strings”. Based on my testing, the more int, higher success rate for Siren’s Voice! (MDEF too!)

Vitality is for max HP!, linked “lutie”, tolerance to howling, stunning, silence, freezing (from wls), and I believe Crystallization. (DEF TOO!)

Agility is good for slow’s grace, attack speed (for breaking emp), and immunity to divest and sleep!

Dexterity is a must for all performers. Dex boosts the effects of strings, help with cast time delay & rate, some what helps with attack speed, and hit!

Luk overall is good for reverbation for 3 luk =1%atk&matk, good for Arc Angeling card users, and helps with almost every status effects

If one chooses to get str I would get maybe 30,
For int I would suggest 99,
For vit I would suggest at least 99 or higher,
For agi, 90 or higher,
For dex, 99 or higher,
For Luk, 30 or higher.
One can choose which stats to choose from!

1st Class skills to get

Arrow Shower– Can help one give status effects.

Double Stafe– Stop person from recalling, spammable based on aspd.
Improve concentration for more dex+agi!

2nd Class skills to get

Tarot Card of Fate Lvl 5- Have several possible affects! (Use on tankers)

Dazzler lvl 5- Stun noobs lower level with no vit! (Use within strings)

Dance Lessons lvl 10- Don’t forget to get, -__- you need for effect of dances and to walk normal speed when linked

Gypsy’s Kiss lvl 10- More sp for Rune Knights to dragon breath, decrease sp consumption, and more g-fist damage of suras! (Use when by allies)

Lady Luck lvl 10- Helps with GX-s to do critical damage, and allow the usage of Magic Strings when linked!

Slow Grace– Decrease the speed at which enemies walk, remove agi up, and most importantly lower attack speed! A must get for woe! (Use when enemies on emp)

Classical Pluck– Pretty useful for precasts, disable skill usages within range. Best to use by portal (Ensemble skill, require a opposite sex performer)

Focus Ballet – Increase the hit rate of anyone in range, isn’t a must get for woe, but would suggest getting for Lullaby! (Use when fighting foes with high Flee)

Lullaby – Pretty useful if stacked by Classical Pluck! Puts noobs to sleep! (Ensemble skill, require a opposite sex performer)

Longing for Freedom – Allow one performer to move within ensemble skill. Would recommend if alt plans to be Classical Pluck/Lullaby slave!

3rd Class Skills!

Voice Lessons Lvl 10 is recommended for the effectiveness of third class dances. Get at least lvl 5 to use third class songs while using 2nd class songs.

Song of Despair Lvl 5 is recommended to stop foes from moving. Can be used while casting any 2nd class skill if user got lvl 5 or higher Voice Lessons! This skill also gets allies outside of party, so one must know how to target. To get opponent, place skill one cell next to target.

Sirens Voice 5 IS A MUST! Siren’s protects performer from being hurt from targets affected. Also removes buffs such as dances with warg, song of mana, lerad’s dew, and circle of nature. Please note that this skill also removes debuff such as gloomy, sinking melody, warcry from beyond, and Saturday Night Fever.

Gloomy Shyness isn’t required, but would recommend at least lvl 1. Skill would be useful to decrease aspd/flee of recallers, but is single target skill so… I would recommend using this skill to remove debuffs or buffs from other performers!

Dances with Warg lvl 5 is recommended! Helps with fixed cast time and aspd and help rangers’ Warg Strike/Warg Bite/Warg Dash!

Saturday Night Fever is a risky skill to cast. I honestly would say this skill is all about timing. This skills disable the usage of recovery items, slowly drains sp & hp of opponent, decreases defense and flee, and deals 9999 with seven or more people. The bonus of this skill is more attack! The bad part of the skill is sometimes it may fail to cast, and affects BOTH Allies and ENEMIES! Keep that in mind.

Sinking Melody lvl 5 is recommended! This skill drains sp of opponents ONLY and drains sp by percentage. Pretty Boss when suras try to gfist you, and bam, You live!
The skill downfall is that it does not guarantee to work 100% of the times casted. (Depends on job lvl of performer)

Warcry From Beyond lvl 5 is recommend! This skill lowers opponents HP by 20%! This skill is useful when fighting DB Rks and when fighting suras! This skill downfall would be that does not gurantee to work 100% of the time casted. (Depends on job lvl of performers.)

Severe Rainstorm is optional but I would recommend no. This skill does low damage, and only effectiveness would be position lag, but also put performer at risk!

Reverbation is optional as well but would be more recommended over Severe Rainstorm. When linked, performer is allowed usage of strings, and can spam reverbation to kill baddies!

Dominion Impulse is optional and can be somewhat recommended due to its ability to disable Reverbation of other performers!


Basic gears would be an
-unfrozen or fire armor. (Switch when between the two, based on what you are fighting. Either Maestro spamming unbarring octave or Rune Knights’ Dragon Breathe!)
-any hiding accessory! (hide from baddies like a boss! Hide from g-fist, db, or any other AoE!)
-a CRANIAL shield is a must! 30% from demihumans, is totally required to live during woe.
-any top headgear that reduces 10% damage from demihumans! (Feather Beret, Beret, PooPoo Hat, Abysmal Knight helm, +9 or higher Cat Ear Beret or Red Pom Band)
-Stem Whip would be good for instant cast on swing dance. But any whip with Golem card would be useful! Even a 4 slotted whip with fabre and golem card is useful! Whip is only to cast basic dances/songs! If you are going reverbation a high upgraded whip is recommended.
-WoE Set is affordable now a days so!
-Lower Headgear I would suggest either Handkerchief or Well Chewed Pencil. Handky’s 3% reduction from demi humans is useful, but I personally prefer Well Chew Pencil, for the dex!
-Mid Headgear I would suggest black devil mask, robo eyes, or sigrun wings. Honestly, slotted mid-headgears are useful because headgear cards are not so much of use for performers. I would recommend slotted midheadgears if one is rich enough for OP cards like Kiel, Kathrye or whatever!


Get a linker, link yourself and ride out….SOLO! When a wanderer is linked, I would recommend flashing strings for yourself, and speed potting when slows grace to slow down opponents and spam Sirens Voice for protection! Switch between hiding and sirens, and wait till it’s the right time to cast skills such as warcry or sinking when with another performer. Run with slows grace and use song of despair to target opponents who look deadly during woe, and keep in mind song of despair may seem useless against suras and scs, and mechs, but it still prevents them from speed potting! Song of Despair is good to annoy people, so keep using it!! If your by your party, use gypsy kiss for the Rune Knights and Suras and Dance With Wargs for those in your party. When fighting opponents use LVL 1 strings and speed pot to their precast to cancel the effect of a lvl 10 string of a maestro! Wanderer’s strings are said to be debuff, so use it to debuff rks! If there is no maestro in precast, put up strings and flash between strings and lutie. If you are fighting one person head on, use sirens voice and then use the Vellum Arbalest to drain sp! Sirens will prevent foe from attacking you, while you drain SP! Draining sp does not cancel siren off opponent so don’t worry! That’s all a wanderer can pretty much do or should do!

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