Ragnarok Online Commodo Skills Quests Guide

Ragnarok Online Commodo Skills Quests Guide by Molokov

First Aid
Info : Use 3 Sp to recover 5 Sp.
Requirements : An excess of Job level 3.
Items needed.

1. Red Herbs 3 EA
2..Clovers 3 EA
3. Sterlized Bandage 1 EA **** You get it during the quest, don’t worry.

First, talk to the NPC in the hotel in pontera. (Left path above it)
He will tell you to get the 3 items listed above. After you finish
talking to him, he’ll tell you to go to the nurse. Which is in the
castle. Go to the castle, (walk around 2 screens forard) and go east.
Then, go up the stairs and walk around till you see the NPC named
“Nurse”. Talk to him and he will “give” you the bandage. ***But, it
won’t appear if you press Alt-E***. Then return to Nami and he will
teach you how to use First Aid.

Trick Dead
Info: Act Dead, Agressive monsters or the monster that
we are attacking will stop attacking us. Attacking spells
cannot be targeted at the person, but supporting spells such as
Heal can be used on the player. Uses 4 Sp
Requirment : Job level 7 + and only if you are a novice.
Item :

1. Novice Name tag ****You get it during the quest****

Go to the pontera chivary. The place where you enter for
the culverts and/or change to being a knight. Talk to an NPC
named “Blma”. He’ll tell us to go get the Novice name tag in 10
minutes. ***There is really a time limited, if you fail you have to
start over.*** To get the novice name tag, is that you have to talk
to the “Nurse” in the castle. The same person in the First Aid quest.
Look at the First Aid quest for directions. Talk to him and he will
give you to Name tag. Then, you must come back to Blma and talk to him.

Holy Light

Info : Using a holy elemental magic attack on the monster with a 1.5 second cast time. 15 Sp
Requirement : Acolyte Job 30+

1 White_Jewel 1 EA (Opal)
2 Crystal_Blue 1 EA
3. Rosary 1 EA ***sold in Prontera

Go talk to the NPC in the church. He’s at the most top-right of the churce. He’s the “leader of acolyte”. Talk to him and he will give you the skill. (So simple – -”)

***Holy light’s cast time can be reduced with dex.

Magic Coat
Info : Create a barrier around the user. Every time we are attacked, it will drain sp according to how powerful the attack is. It has a duration of 5 minutes and will disappear if our sp turns to 0.
Requirement: Job 35 + Mage.

1.Crystal_Jewel 1 EA (Basically a 1 carat diamond can be bought form the jewel store in morroc)
2. Shell 5 EA **** If you go to talk to NPC, it will say 3, but youa ctually need 5
3. Solid_Shell 1 EA
4. Glass_Bead 3 EA ******* Sol in pontera for 1,500z *********

In the place you change to becoming a mage. There will be a NPC named “Powerful Wizard”, talk to him and he will give/teach you how to use magic coat.

Sprinkle Sand
Info: Use an earth elemental attack on a monster, it is 125% of our normal attack, and has a 15% of blinding the monster.
Requirement : Job 25 + Thief

1. Fine Grit 5 EA
2. Leather_Bag_of_Infinity ***You will have to do an extra quest to get this.
1. Cactus_Needle 1 EA
2. Earthworm_Peeling 1 EA
3. Spiderweb 1 EA

Leather_Bag_of_Infinity quest: Go to the Western side of Payon, and you will see an NPC named “Rurumuni”. He/She is found south of the weapon/item shop. Talk to him and he will give you the bag.

Sprinkle Sand quest: Talk to an NPC in the Thief guild on the right room, his name is “Alcouskou”. Then you will get the skill.

Pick Stone
Info: Pick up stone.
Requirement : Job 20+

1. Zargon 1 EA
2. Bear’s_Foot 1 EA
3. Spawn 5 EA

Talk to the NPC named “Alcouskou” in the thief guild, and he will give you “Pick Stone”. He is in the right room.

Back Sliding
Info : Move back 5 or 7 (i’m not sure) spaces to avoid danger. Can be used to dodge area magic attacks, monsters, and mobs.
Requirement : Job Level 35 + Thief
Item :
Grasshopper’s_Leg 20 EA

Talk to the NPC named “Alcouskou” in the thief guild, and he will give you this skill. He is in the right room.

Throw Stone
Info : Throw a stone -_-. Dealing around 30 damage. 5% chance to stun.
Requirement : Job level 35+, and you also need the “Pick Stone” ability.

1. Garlet 2 EA
2. Scell 2 EA

Talk to the NPC named “Alcouskou” in the thief guild, and he will give you “Throw Stone”. He is in the right room.

Fatal Blow
Info : Have a chance to stun enemies if you use the skill “Bash” at levels higher than 5.
Requirement : Job level 25+, Bash atleast level 6.

1. Fire_Arrows 10 EA
2. Silver_Arrows 10 EA
3. Banana_Juice 1 EA
4. Tentacles 30 EA
5. Royal_Jelly 5 EA

Talk to the NPC named “Reon Phon Prisue”, in the Pontera Chivary (place to change to knight and culvert registration), and he will give you the skill.

Moving Hp Recovery
Info : Recover some hp when walking. (I think it’s like 10~25% of the recovery rate when standing?)
Requirment: Job level 35+

1. Empty_Bottles 200 EA
2. Padded Armor 1 EA ***Not sure if it is a requirment, and you may or may not get it back to. Information not 100% sure.
3. Wing_Of_Moth 1 EA

Talk to the NPC named “Knight Ditomaso”. He is in Izlude, in a house in the right down side of the town. Talk to him and you will get the skill.

Auto Berserk
Info : When you have less than 25% hp, you will cast “Provoke” on yourself. But, it will go away when your hp has returned to normal.
Requirement : Job level 35+

1. Powder_of_Butterfly 35 EA
2. Horrendous_Mouth 10 EA
3. Decayed_Nail 10 EA
4. Honey 10 EA

Talk to the NPC Huahn, that is in the place where you upgrade weapons, and give him the 4 items and he will give you the skill.

Make Arrow
Info : Create arrows out of materials that you have. Depends on materials.
Requirement : Level 30+

1. Resin 20 EA
2. Red_Potion 1 EA
3. Trunk 13 EA
4. Pointed Scale 41 EA Wormtail
5. Mushroom_Spores 7 EA

Go talk to the NPC named “Kyulnari”, in morroc, near the water (i think center area) and he will give you the skill.

Charge Arrow
Info : Shoot and arrow and send the monster back 7 blocks. It is not considered a magic attack, so if the caster is hit, he will still continue to cast the arrow. 150% of normal attack, and 15 Sp.
Requirement : Job level 35+

1. Cross Bow 1 EA (You’ll get it back after you have done the quest)
2. Tentacles 10 EA
3. Yoyo_Tail 3 EA
4. Emerald 2 EA
5. Banana_Juice 36 EA

Talk with the NPC named “Gaeho”, in the South West area of Payon and he will give you the skill.

Crazy Uproar
Info : +4 Str, for 5 minutes. 8 Sp.
Requirement : Job level 15+

1. Pearl 7 EA
2. Banana_Juice 1 EA
3. Mushroom_Spore 50 EA

Talk with an NPC named “Naeko”, who is around the center of Alberta. And give him these items and you will get the skill.

Change Cart
Info : Change how the merchant’s cart look. It’s feature depends on Merchant’s level.
Requirment : Job 30+

1. Trunk 50 EA
2. Iron 10 EA
3. Animal’s_Skin 20 EA

Talk with the NPC named “Shyailron”, and give him the items, and he will give you the skill. He is in the North-East area of Alberta.

Cart Revolution
Info : Attack an 3×3 area (9 blocks total) with the cart. It also pushes enemies back 2 spaces. Damage depends on the amout of items and weight of the overal cart.
Requirement: Level 35+

1. Iron
2. Sticky_Mucus
3. Fly Wing
4. Tentacle
5. Grape_Juice

**** How many items you need, will vary from player to player.

Talk with the NPC named “Gusangs”, in the Middle-Right area of alberta. And he will give you the skill after you give him the items. (May have to talk to him twice to know how many items, then to get them and give it to him)

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