Mabinogi Human Melee Guide

Mabinogi Human Melee Skill Builds, Equipments and Enchants Guide by Alijahbeth

%English is not my first language, I apologize in advance for grammar/spelling errors%
%Also this guide is designed for PvE ONLY%

Human Melee Guide –

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Human Melee?
  3. Skill Builds
  4. Equipments and Enchants
  5. FAQ
  6. Comments and Suggestions

1. Introduction

Mabinogi considers of 3 different races – Human, Elf, and Giant. Unlike a typical MMORPG which puts your character into a certain class, you have immense freedom to grow your character into whatever you enjoy the most.

Purpose of this guide to provide some ideas and suggestions for all player groups ranging from beginners to high level players.

I have personally started out my character as a full-melee, and now I becoming more of an archery oriented player, so I can assure you that this guide will provide a lot of helpful insights for new players as well as intermediate level (Total Level 300~700) players.

2. Why Human Melee?

Human is the most balanced race out of the three. Towards the end-game (Total level 4000+) I will even go out of my way to say that Human’s quality in all aspects surpasses all other races. Perhaps not in terms of stats, but Human-specific skills and characteristics (such as Final Hit, Arrow Revolver, Less AP spent for certain skills, and so on).

Melee-oriented players are the most common in the world of Mabinogi, even after the release of the Alchemy skills.

  • It’s relatively cheap
  • It’s easy to start out as (Newbie-friendly)
  • It can be very powerful

Even with just Melee combat skills, you can clear out almost every currently existing dungeon and shadow mission. People who say that Human Melee is weak or boring can be generalized into one of the following:

  • The player gave up on melee due to upsetting or frustrating experience
  • The player is too high level and already completed not only the Combat skill tab but have high ranked Magic and Alchemy as well
  • The player does not enjoy hand-to-hand combat, and likes to stay safe at all times

Human Melee as of G9:Alchemist is still shining and standing strong.

3. Skill Builds

Despite the fact that Mabinogi offers players freedom to rank whichever skills they want, there are builds that will guarantee and optimize your character’s growth efficiently.

Each Rebirth, you should be able to get at least 50~60 AP. The more you grow, you will see that AP gain becomes easier and faster. By the end of the following skill build, you will be raking in at least 80 AP per rebirth.

I also recommend you start character at age 17, as earlier on, you need as much base stats as you can get to ease through the beginner hunting quests and dungeoning.

If you have completed all the beginner quests, you will have 10 AP as well as 7 AP from creating your character at age 17.

Starting out – Level 40 / Exploration Level 15 – Total Level 40 [Total 69 AP]

  • Windmill Rank 8 – 41 AP
  • Critical Hit Rank 9 – 27 AP
  • Combat Mastery Rank E – 1 AP

Rebirth #1 – Level 40 / Exploration Level 15 – Total Level 80 [Total 55 AP]

  • Windmill Rank 5 – 40 AP
  • Critical Hit Rank 7 – 15 AP

Rebirth #2 – Level 40 / Exploration Level 15 – Total Level 120 [Total 55 AP]

  • Windmill Rank 3 = 44 AP
  • Critical Hit Rank 6 = 10 AP

Rebirth #3 – Level 50 / Exploration Level 15 – Total Level 170 [Total 65 AP]

  • Windmill Rank 1 = 54 AP
  • Critical hit Rank 5 = 15 AP

Rebirth #4 – Level 50 / Exploration Level 15 – Total Level 220 [Total 65 AP]

  • Critical Hit Rank 3 = 30 AP
  • Combat Mastery Rank 9 = 34 AP

Rebirth #5 – Level 50+ / Exploration Level 15+ – Total Level 270 [Total 65 AP+]

  • Critical Hit Rank 1 = 38 AP
  • Smash Rank 9 = 31 AP

Rebirth #6 – Level 50 / Exploration Level 15 – Total Level 320 [Total 65 AP]

  • Refining Rank 1 – 53 AP
  • Production Mastery Rank B – 7 AP
  • Final Hit Rank F – 5 AP

Rebirth #7 – Level 50 / Exploration Level 15 – Total Level 370 [Total 65 AP]

  • Combat Mastery Rank 5 – 62 AP

Rebirth #8 – Level 50 / Exploration Level 15 – Total Level 420 [Total 65 AP]

  • Combat Mastery Rank 3 – 46 AP
  • Smash Rank 7 – 18 AP

Rebirth #9 – Level 50 / Exploration Level 15 – Total Level 470 [Total 65 AP]

  • Combat Mastery Rank 1 – 56 AP
  • Production Mastery Rank 9 – 7 AP

Rebirth #10 – Level 50 / Exploration Level 15 – Total Level 470 [Total 65 AP]

  • Smash Rank 4 – 54 AP
  • Production Mastery Rank 7 – 10 AP

Rebirth #11 – Level 50 / Exploration Level 15 – Total Level 520 [Total 65 AP]

  • Smash Rank 2 – 50 AP
  • Production Mastery Rank 4 – 19 AP

Rebirth #12 – Level 50 / Exploration Level 15 – Total Level 570 [Total 65 AP]

  • Smash Rank 1 – 30 AP
  • Production Mastery Rank 1 – 24 AP

From here on then you rank Final Hit to 1 as you rank up other necessary skills (Animal Taming, Charge, Basic Bolts, Weaving, and so on).

  • Final Hit Rank 1 – 409 AP

Afterwards, you want to rank up the following for Dexteriy (in no order). Aim for 200~ Base Dex.

Ranged Attack
Arrow Revolver
Magnum Shot
First Aid

4. Equipments and Enchants

Early Damage Set:

** If you are just starting out, you don’t need any armors yet. You want to focus on killing things without getting hit rather than exchanging blows. Below is designated towards the early/mid-game (total level 100~300)**


  • Dual wield Gladius x 2 and go for max damage modification.

Recommended Enchants:

  • Prefix: Fox/Corundum/Diamond/Wolf Hunter’s
  • Suffix: Energetic/Raven


  • Light Melka

Recommended Enchants:

  • Prefix: Fox/Corundum/Diamond/Victorious
  • Suffix: Imp


  • Victorious Bracelet
  • Any

Recommended Enchants:

  • Prefix: Fox/Corundum/Diamond/Victorious(Bracelet/Event Items Only)
  • Suffix: Giant, Burst Knight


  • Raven Boots (8/4 being the highest, but not a necessity).
  • Any

Recommended Enchants:

  • Prefix: Fox/Corundum/Diamond
  • Suffix: Giant, Burst Knight


  • Wolf Hunter’s Tail Cap
  • Stiff Tail Cap

Recommended Enchants:

  • Suffix: Giant, Thief

*If you are wearing a heavy armor, you cannot wear any accessories.*
Recommended Enchants:

  • Prefix: Fox/Corundum
  • Giant

Late Damage Set: (Total level 600+ and 200+ Dexterity)


  • Dual wield Broadsword x 2 and go for 222 modification.

Recommended Enchants:

  • Prefix: Diamond/Wolf Hunter’s/Lion Hunter’s/Goddess
  • Suffix: Spike


  • Light Armor (Lorica)
  • Heavy Armor (Valencia/Dustin/Platemail)

Recommended Enchants:
Light Armor –

  • Prefix: Ancient/Victorious/Corundum
  • Suffix: Darkness

Heavy Armor –

  • Prefix: Basic
  • Suffix: Avenger/Oak Tree


  • Wooden Needle Elegant Wood Plate Cannon
  • Wooden Needle Peaceful Wood Plate Cannon


  • Raven Boots (8/4 being the highest, but not a necessity).
  • Any

Recommended Enchants:

  • Prefix: Diamond
  • Suffix: Elegant


  • Wolf Hunter’s Tail Cap
  • Stiff Tail Cap
  • Metal Helm

Recommended Enchants:

  • Prefix: Diamond/Corundum
  • Suffix: Burst Knight

*If you are wearing a heavy armor, you cannot wear any accessories.*
Recommended Enchants:

  • Prefix: Corundum
  • Suffix: Earthquake

5. FAQ

  1. Which transformation suits the best for warriors?

A) Paladin is the best for early warriors as its stat bonus is consistent. Later on, once you reach end-game (total 2k+) you should consider turning into a Dark Knight to use your Human to full potential.


  • How am I supposed to level with just Windmill early on?A) Rundal Normal, Ciar Basic/Intermediate, Rabbie Normal are your best bets. As long as you understand how the Monster AI works (you can either do your own research or learn from experience), you will have no trouble clearing the mentioned dungeons. Can’t fight the boss? go with a party. Can’t find a party? Just stop at the boss room and redo.
  • How do I make money?A) Running dungeons is the best way to make money. Pick up everything you see and keep your eyes open for party ads, and see if anybody needs anything you have.

    Holy Water Part Time Job is also a very good way to make money early on.

    Rank up Metallurgy and sell the ores and gems to players.

    Collect, create, and sell raw materials such as Thin Thread Balls, Thick Thread Balls, Herbs, and so on.

  • Why are Defense and Counterattack not even mentioned?A) Early rank Defense and Counterattack is pitiful and waste of AP. Focus on your damage if you want to grow quickly and effectively.

    Resorting to Ice-counter or n+1 -> def -> n+1 is a very poor tactic for warriors. Learn how to use and time your Windmill correctly, and you won’t even need Counterattack or Defense on your hotkey bar.

    I will say this again:

    Do not touch Defense and Counterattack till you have enough damage. (I left my Defense and Counterattack at Rank F till I hit total level 1000, and I never used Defense and Counterattack, not even once unless I was dueling or for very few bosses that require Firebolt+Counterattack to defeat).


  • It’s too hard for me to get 200+ Dex, any alternatives for a pure melee warrior?A) If you don’t have enough time to get 200+ Dex or if you are simply too lazy to rank life skills, you are stuck with Gladius forever.

    Gladius is inferior to Broadswords for one reason – Critical Rate. You will never see a Critical Smash with a Gladius in higher dungeons, whereas Broadswords make it just look so easy.


6. Comments and Suggestions

You may find this guide not very helpful if you like playing “safe” and using Defense and Counterattack a lot.

I will guarantee that once you taste the power of high-damage, you will never even look at your defense.

If you have somewhat followed this guide, and finished all the way up to Rank 1 Final Hit (Around 800 Total Level), you will see that you will be doing twice or sometimes 4 times as much damage as someone your level who just ranked whatever they wanted.

After hitting the peak point, you can start ranking whatever you wish.

Run dungeons to make money.
Use your high damage to farm expensive things.
Save up money for -CP gears and start ranking Magic.
Rank up Alchemy.

Melee Human in my opinion starts out slow but towards the end, has the fastest growth – meaning fastest AP gain out of all “classes”.

I have been raking up over 100 AP per rebirth ever since I hit total level 1000, and I know a lot of other people who have followed this path and have been growing very rapidly.

I hope this guide at least gave you some general ideas or directions for new players to decide if they should play melee or not.

Combined with dual-wielding, human melee damage can be quite epic. You will have no regrets when you see that 7k Critical Smash.


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