Mabinogi Weaving Life Skill Guide

Mabinogi Weaving Life Skill Guide by Chaos

This is Chaos attempt another life skill guide ^^

In the following guide I will attempt to guide you through: WEAVING!

– With the introduction of merchant destiny [G15], it is recommend to attempt most like skills with this destiny as it offer 2x training value.
– This guide main purpose is to serve only as a guideline when ranking certain lifeskills. As such, basic info such as method to obtain, novice ranks etc will not be mention in said guide. Refer to for such info.

Okay let start.
[Following numbers are obtain via]


Weaving is one of the basic life skills that gives a tremendous amount of dex [+43 total dex for 41 ap] for the ap useage require for it. Materials made using this skill are also require for many other life skills such as blacksmithing, tailoring, handcrafting and carpentry. As such this is an important skill for many players.

Tips + Random Info
– Weaving reforge can only be obtain on weaving gloves [normal/fine/finest silk/fabric weaving gloves]. Note, that these gloves CAN NOT be repair. Thus making them one time use in their specific catagory.
– It possible to reforge a silk or fabric weaving glove for exp 2 to train leather cutting and thread making parts of the skill. Gloves will NOT lose durability when cutting leather or making threads [but will when making their respective material] thus gaining extra points in these category].
– ALWAYS hav 180+ dex when attempting weaving training.
– Rememeber to check auto production.
– General shop Part time job can be done for weaving training [only for cutting leather and making braids].
– One can make a spinning wheel and weaving loom for their homestead. By adding a Ladeca nearby they can increase the weaving success rate by 2%.
– Walter ptj started at 7am with submission opening at 9am. The ptj ends at 7pm. Cheap leather and braids can be made with novice ptj, common, fine leather and braids at int. ptj while finest leather and braids can be made with adv. ptj.
– Fragmentation skills is a great way to regain materials for weaving. Straps, Braids, tough string/thread, finest/fine fabric, and all type of silk can be frag.
– CLICK HERE for success rate and probability outcome for silk and fabric.

“Spider Farm”
– Spider Farms can be made by allowing white spiders outside of emain to ‘detect’ you. Once that is done, the white spider will follow the player around slowly. By moving behind an obstacle [e.g tree] then running around the tree, the spider will attempt to follow you but continues collide with the tree. Continue until all spiders in the area are stuck behind a tree. [The tree located near the lake in emain works best as it prevents the player from walking too far in the opposite direction thus preventing any spiders from de-aggroing/running away.
– White spiders has a limited detect range from their spawning point. If spider is too far away or its de-aggro before one can lure it successfully to the tree, killing the spider will help respawn another one closer to the point where the spider farm is located.
– Remember to cast heal or equip a bow WITHOUT ARROWS to prevent yourself from killing the spiders when collecting webs.


rF: First aim at making thin thread ball. With reforge glove, 90 points can be obtain. [75 without]. Now one can either save up the thin thread ball for later rank, [recommended] and make thick thread ball to finish the rank. 10 thick thread ball is require with reforge while 25 is require without.
– Without reforge:
Make a Thin thread ball [75pts – Make 15]
Make Thick thread ball [25pts – Make 25]
– With reforge:
Make a Thin thread ball [90pts – Make 15]
Make Thick thread ball [10 pts – Make 5]

rE: There are two possible method of completing this rank. One can collect webs and make thin thread balls then fill in the gap by making cheap leather straps. [*Require one to collect web. Faster as it doesn’t require multiple ptj.*]
– Without reforge:
Make Thin thread ball [60pts – Make 15]
Make Cheap Leather strap [40pts – Make 20]
– With reforge:
Make Thin thread ball [72pts – Make 15]
Make Cheap Leather strap [28 pts – Make 14]
Another free but more time consuming method is to camp Walter ptj for all 100 ‘Make a Cheap Leather strap’ requirement. However, success rate is rather low and would require ~3+ jobs that give leather to finish the rank. [*Time consuming, as its require one to do the ptj multiple times.*]
– Without reforge:
Make Cheap Leather strap [100pts – Make 50]
– With reforge:
Make Cheap Leather strap [100.8pts – Make 42]

rD: As always make thin thread ball first then cheap leather straps gather from Walter ptj. With this 80 pts is obtain [96 with reforge]. This would be the first ‘hell’ rank for those that lack reforge glove. One can either make 35 thick thread ball [14pts] then attempt to make finest fabric to cover for the last 6pts or One can also use the thin thread ball gain from rF to make cheap silk [appears 67% of the time]. Either way the rank will be a mixture of these three method for those that lack reforge. The one that has reforge can make 10 thick thread ball to finish the rank.
– Without reforge:
Make Thin thread ball [30pts – Make 15]
Make Cheap Leather straps [50pts – 5Make 0]
Make Thick thread ball [14pts – Make 5]
Either Aim for Finest Fabric or Cheap Silk for last 6 pts
– With reforge:
Make Thin thread ball [36pts – Make 15]
Make Cheap Leather straps [60pts – Make 50]
Make Thick thread ball [4.32pts – Make 9]

rC: Make thin thread ball … ._. only requirement. Easy rank. They pity us after rD :D.
– Without reforge:
Make thin thread ball [100.8pts – Make 72]
– With reforge:
Make thin thread ball [100.8pts – Make 60]

rB : Continue to camp Walter ptj for cheap leather straps. ~150 or 5 jobs are need to obtain all the neccessary cheap leather. WIth reforge one can finish the rank with only cheap leather, without one hav to fill in the last 10pts with thin thread ball. [Note: 25 max pts can be obtain from thin thread. If obtaining cheap leather straps is too slow, one can always make thin thread for pts].
– Without reforge:
Make Cheap Leather straps [90pts – Make 150]
Make Thin Thread Ball [10pts – Make 10]
– With reforge:
Make Cheap Leather straps [100.08pts – Make 139]

rA: This rank tends to be very slow as it require large amount of cheap leather. Instead of camping at walter shop for all the leathers cheap leathers can be obtain via. ciar dungeon from goblin drops and many other places. First make thin thread ball while doing walter ptj for cheap leather. Once these two requirements are done, the last 5 pts can be obtain in mulitple means. Some finds it easier to make fabric [with stuck sheeps at emain, wolf pet, sheep pet etc] and aim for finest while gaining points from making fine and common fabrics. Other finds it easier to use the store up thin thread and make cheap silk then farm for thin thread and make cheap silk. Either way, this rank can be difficult without a reforge glove.
– Without reforge:
Make Thin thread ball [40pts – 50]
Make Cheap Leather Straps [45pts – 150
Either Make [finest/fine/common] Fabric or Cheap Silk – 15pts worth
– With reforge:
Make Thin thread ball [48pts – 50]
Make Cheap Leather Straps [54pts – 150

r9: Continue to do Walter ptj job for cheap leather and keep a look out for braid jobs too. After this, its time to aim for finest silk to fill in the rest of the points.
– Without reforge:
Make Braids [18pts – Make 25]
Make Cheap leather straps [45pts – Make 150]
Aim at making Finest [Fine/Common] silk [40pts]
– With reforge:
Make Braids [15pts – Make 25]
Make Cheap leather straps [54pts – Make 150]
Aim at making Finest [Fine/Common] silk [28pts]
[Finest – 2pts | Fine – .2pts | Common – .1pts]

r8: Next ‘hell rank’ OTL … Reforge isn’t reasonable for this rank unless one wants to waste gold reforge Finest weaving glove for exp 2 every time one breaks. So it is recommended to farm for web and thin thread until one can make 50 finest silk. Another method is to make ~45 finest silk then use brionac and demi to finish the rank.
– Without reforge:
Make Finest silk [100pts – Make 50]
– With demi:
Make Finest silk [90pts – Make 45]
Demi train [10pts]

*At this point, attempt to obtain int. General part time job*

r7: Pats your back, you pass r8 -3- … So now its gets easier. Continue doing Walter ptj, however this time common leather straps are needed to finish the rank. All 100pts can be aquire from Walter. To speed up the proccess, one can run Math normal for common leathers drops [common drop] from Kobolds.
*Braids jobs can also be accepted from Walter for pts
*If no common leather job is availble, but fine leather job is, take it and complete it and store the leather for later ranks
– Without reforge:
Make Common Leather Straps [100pts – Make 100]
– With reforge:
Make Common Leather Straps [100.8pts – Make 84]

r6 : See, told ya gonna need those fine leathers -3- … Now continue camping walter ptj and accept any common or fine leather from him for training.
– Without reforge:
Make Common Leather Straps [60pts – Make 150]
Make Fine Leather Straps [150pts – Make 150]
– With reforge:
Make Common Leather Straps [72pts – Make 150]
Make Fine Leather Straps [180pts – Make 150]
[Fine leather strap – 0.5|0.6] | Common leather strap – 0.2|0.24]

r5: Continue to stalk Walter for those fine leather. Thoes with reforge finishes the rank simply with fine leather straps. Others will have to deal with making tough string [5 thick thread = 1 tough string].
– Without reforge:
Make Fine leather straps [90pts – Make 150]
Make tough string [10pts – Make 5]
– With reforge:
Make Fine leather straps [100.08pts – Make 139]

r4: The next ‘hell’ rank, although its nothing compare to r8 xD. It just requires a lot of wool :x … So first attempt to farm for thin thread again and make Tight thread first [simply because its easier to make thin thread then thick thread]. Afterward, one can make thick thread balls for the tigh string requirement.
*Tough Thread is harder to make then Tough string*
*Tough Thread = 5 thin string | Tough String = 5 thick thread*
– Without reforge:
Make Tough Thread [56pts – Make 35]
Make Tough String [44.4 – Make 28]
– With reforge:
Make Tough Thread [67.2pts – Make 35]
Make Tough String [34.56 – Make 18]

*At this point, adv General Part-Timed job should be reached*

r3: Hopefully you obtain Walter adv ptj so Finest leather can be obtain from him. Keep stalking him for them, your gonna need a lot :/
– Without reforge:
Make Finest leather strap [100.2pts – Make 167]
– With reforge:
Make Finest leather strap [100.08pts – Make 139]

r2: LAST RANK 8D … and yes its easy -3- … continue to stalk Walter and take all those finest leather D:< r1 is within your graps.
– Without reforge:
Make Finest leather straps [100pts – Make 250]
– With reforge:
Make Finest leather straps [100.32pts – Make 209]


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