Mabinogi Beginner and Advanced Guide

Mabinogi Beginner and Advanced Guide by Seraphim

This Part Is For Beginners Who Would Like Some Extra Advice

There’s alot of confusion when new players start out in Mabinogi. I’ll try to clear up some base problems, and give new players something to get on their feet. (I took some parts out of my other writings to create this one) I’m in no way an advanced Mabi player, however I’d like to do what I can, and also share my experiences.

Combat Flow (What level are you really?)

There is a certain flow to combat. Your ability to control the flow, and bend it to your will determines your true level. A level 1 could actually be level 100 by these standards. You’re ability to fight, tactically come up with quick combos, and performing reflex based skills are honed on this method. The big benefit to combat flow is that it has few limitations on growth. If you partner with a friend alot, you will actually adapt and share a similar flow. You will be able to save your partner from dire situations, as they you. In time you will be able to do combos together without word. Find your center, and set your TRUE level.

Toughness! (Be wary of how you spend AP or you will stunt your growth)

Certain skills boost a hidden level in your character called toughness. Toughness is increased by your own personal level, and your skills levels. High toughness makes you stronger, true. However, it also makes it harder to gain experience. Monsters difficulty levels will slowly decrease in time. Boss, Awful, Strong, normal, weak, and weakest. Less and less experience. Also, some skills are gauged on toughness. Kill so many boss monsters with so-and-so technique. In time, certain skills will become very very difficult to level up. Be careful where you spend you Ap, it may bite you in the butt someday. *Note that combat mastery is very bad for toughness. Be careful when raising it.

Take good care of your gear!

The first thing new players often miscalculate when it comes to buying weapons is that the most expensive weapon makes them “more powerful”. The weapons in mabinogi are merely an extension of ones own self. Someone with a short sword can fight ten times better than someone with a claymore if they are more skilled. This is a good thing to remember when buying weapons. If you know at heart that you aren’t experienced enough to wield an expensive weapon properly, then it may be a mistake to buy the most expensive weapons in the store. Why would this be a bad idea? Because, if you fail to wield your weapon properly and die alot, then your repair/retrieval bill is going to be too high for you to pay for. Thus, Mabinogi is very good at thinning out the best swordsmen.

Personally, I always have two swords. One with high durability and decent damage. This is usually a broadsword. I repair it at the noobsmith(Fergus) Because it’s cheap. True, he does fail ALOT. But I guess you could call this my training sword. I don’t focus on upgrading it, and I use it in easy areas where I can make decent cash. Also it’s a great sword to use when training my combat techniques on monsters. This sword is disposable, and often gets replaced alot.

My second sword is my main weapon. One that I spend alot of money on to keep in decent shape. Currently this is my bast sword. It still has 10/10 durability, and 4 balance upgrades (So it has +20 balance). This sword costs alot to maintain (Over 8k for a full repair). However, it is strong and gets the job done in serious situations. I won’t use this sword unless I’m confident that I have the training to take on the monster I’m fighting, or if it’s an emergency situation. I always repair this sword at the best smith, and I pay top dollar to have it kept in mint condition.

All in all, taking care of your weapons is an important thing in Mabinogi, and it can save you so much money if you’re careful. This actually rings very true for armor as well. Take good care of your gear, use what YOU know you can use properly, and always keep your main sets blessed.

Manage your repair prices economically.You see alot of people wearing full armor sets and wielding around a shiny 2 hander. That’s all well and cool now, but that setup has the highest upkeep cost possible. Imagine the repair bills -shudders-. I use a warhammer, a shield, some light armor, and a headband. Repair bills are around 4k for my hammer, the armor needs repaired rarely, and even when it does need repaired, it’s a fairly cheap deal (Less than 5k). Also I don’t need to worry too much about dropping these items because really the shield and leathers will be most costly, and even that’s not too much of a sting for me making an accident in combat. Fight economically wise, until you have a decent horde of gold to repair your awesome armors. Cool looking now, but later on it’s just a piece of metal with alot of holes in it if you can’t maintain it.

Mobs are too strong, I lose my armor, and repair costs are insane!

Well, the most simple explanation to this is that you need to learn the tactics of the enemies you are engaging. Running out and attacking the nearest enemies with your best gear is a surefire way to lose everything you have. Combat in Mabi takes time to learn. Find a mob you want to train against, grab your training sword, and take the fight to the enemy. I’ve seen people around level 10 fight and solo Rabbie. Truly the word “Level” will become obsolete once players realize that level means very little in this game.

Honestly, the starting sword is an amazing weapon, and I still wish I had mine. Make good use of it while you have it. If you die and get in the negatives, it’s not that bad of a thing. Once you’re a higher level, it’s much harder to train. Learn how to fight while still new. The negatives aren’t too tough to make up for, and you’ll thank yourself later for it.

Also a little trick. If you die in a dungeon and drop an item. Log out or change channels if you can. Ctrl alt delete if you have to. When you log back in, you’ll be in the lobby and someone can res you. Thus no item retrival for high prices at the town office.

If combat is too hard, find a mentor.

The combat system can be very overwhelming.for alot of players in Mabinogi,  Try to use guides people have already made on combat techniques. If you’re carrying a two handed sword, and don’t know what N+ is, then you have no idea what you’re missing out on. Dungeons are very linear, and each type of room/monster requires a specific tactic to defeat. If premade videos don’t help much, ask a more advanced player to help teach you. I myself would be glad to teach you new people combat lessons, and show you how to do N+ properly. Just message me. ^_^

Carry a decent stock of supplies!

One of the worst thing to happen to me in a dungeon run is running out of supplies. No more red pots, bandages, phoenix feathers, or a shattered weapon can completely ruin your trip. Make sure your friends stock up also. You get better benefits from healing each other, rather than just yourself. Stock up often on supplies to the extent of what you know will be adequate for you. Preparation is key, and holds true in many things.

Also if you’re a mainly a warrior and never use any MP, why not toss 2 AP in to getting rank f healing? I guess it’s a matter of personal preference… but your friends will love you for it, and it really cuts back on potion costs.

Establish connections!

Social power among fellow Mabinogi players is a great thing to have. Grabbing a partner when going out in the wilderness is an invaluable thing. You can take turns fighting enemies and ress each other if one falls. In dungeons, it’s the same way, except each player takes their own mobs one by one. Larger party’s are actually more dangerous. People can jump in on your fight, mess up your combat pattern, and even kill both of you. It’s quite frustrating. Party with groups that know what they’re doing. This makes guild members and close friends priceless things. Fight tactically as a team, and no monster is too mighty.


Questies are the foundation of a new players AP base. Doing the starting questies will net you a decent ammount of AP, and a nice experience kick to boot.

Collecting 10 Fomor scrolls are great things as well. You can make alot of money off of them over time, especially if you collect all your mimic scrolls (6K per 10 mimic fomors).

The group fomor scrolls are great also. Basically you’re just killing a certain mob over time and getting paid for it. It gives less money than collection scrolls because you’re with others, but really you don’t notice it and it’s just an extra little kick for a wallet boost.

Have fun!

What more can I say? Grab a ragtag group, play music, bake COOKIES!!, lounge about like a lazy oaf (guilty), or just do whatever gives you the most satisfaction in your fantasy life. Other people have written in depth guides on skills, combat, etc. And these guys are awesome for doing so. I recommend browsing about and reading a few. They helped me alot when I first started, and you can always message me if you have a question or two. I’m not too experienced yet, but I’ll always lend what little advice I can provide. ^_^



This is where players go after they master Alby. Decent cash for starting players and a friendly monster enviroment. The boss is intimidating, but if you keep the pressure on him, it’s not so bad. Be careful because there is one room with archers on the second floor.

Goblins are rather easy. They should go down in a few swings.

Poison Goblins

A little stronger than a normal goblin, but still you should be able to take them out in a swing or two. Defend or counter if needed.

Annoying little buggers. If you can get close to one targeting you then it’s easy to take it out. If it is far away, put up defense and walk towards it. A shield will nullify most of their damage.


Normal is very similar to beginner except all the monsters are now grown up. This dungeon is meant for small partys because it contains mix rooms. Goblins will multi aggro and it causes a real pain, even for more advanced warriors. All the monsters are the same, despite being older with buffed stats.


Ciar basic is where the training wheels come off for warriors. It takes alot of time and practice, but once you get down the basics, Ciar basic is a cakewalk.


Each snake has a different color. White ones being the strongest, Brown the weakest, and blue in the middle. The secret to snakes is that multicolored snakes will gang up on you. The best way to kill them is to grab a corner away from other snakes, and pull with a magic spell. Then fight normally with counter, switch to defend, strike for a knockback, counter, defend, etc.

These guys can be insanely annoying, or insanely easy depending on how you tackle them. The best way to take them on is using an ice spell to pull them, as soon as you shoot them with the ice, prepare counter and wait for them to hit you. As soon as you knock them back with counter, prep another ice. If you’re fast enough, you’ll never be touched. They are a pain to normal melee because they are very tricky and switch combat skills all the time.


Lagos are really fun to fight once you figure them out. Use the normal counter/defense/attack cycle against them. But the cool thing is, you can pull them together. They will follow you when in defense stance, allowing you to group them up. Use a breakdance combo and you’ll mess up the entire room. It looks really cool also. I can show anyone who doesnt know breakdance how to do it.

Beware though. There are two types of lagos in Ciar Basic. The wimpy green sickle Lagos, and the slightly less wimpy but still wimpy blue spiked lagos. Spikes lagos are pretty much the same, except they have a high damage output. Highly HIGHLY recommended you have a kite shield out if you plan on taking these bad boys on.

Different colored lagos will gang up on you together. So in multi color rooms, take them one at a time. grab a corner and pull them with spells.

Lago Farming For Advanced Players
There is a trick to lagos that can make it a piece of cake to wipe a room out. You will make your friends jaws drop with this also, if they have never seen it that is. Basically go grab a lagos aggro and try to lead it over to as many as you can. Do N+ Windmill and try to hit each lago in the room before you kill the one you are fighting. Make sure you don’t kill the one you are fighting with a windmill or another lago will aggro. If you kill it any other way, the lagos you already hit with mill will not aggro. They will follow you however. Pull them all together in one large clump. SWING! SWING! WINDMILL! and watch the bodies fly. This is very tasking on HP though, so make sure you have plenty of pots.
Example of lago farming:

Metal Skeletons

If you have high windmill, then this is probably the best bet for melee users. When the skeleton smashes, use a normal attack and windmill after the first swing. Passive defense will not activate if an enemy is charging a skill or has a skill charged (Unless that skill is defense of course). When the skel jsut stands there, run over to his buddies, prep a windmill and wait for the next round of combat. If the stationary skel continues to stand in place when it switches skills, unleash windmill. If it attacks, wait for it to get close and then unleash. If the skeleton walks slowly towards you, quickly switch to smash and then use counter in mid smash to gauge its next attack. Windmill is overall faster than magic counter, because you’ll be multiple enemies down instead of one at a time.

If you have high fire counter, then is probably the best bet for magic users.  They have passive defense, so normal attacks don’t work well on them. Use a fireball to lure them, they should just stand there with a skill on their head. If they do this, just keep charging up fireballs. Once they start moving towards you shoot them, hit counter to see what they are gonna do next. Usually they will go defensive, but sometimes they will run at you and even try to smash you. These guys are pain in the ass. But, you’ll get them after a little practice.


Inter. is not much different from Basic. If you get a pass for this and drop it, you should jump up in the air and roundhouse kick yourself in the head for passing up all this delicious EXP. Besides some rooms being mixed, the only notable difference are three new monsters.

Dealing with multi aggro

Multi aggro can be a pain. Rule one, is you never stand near a corner. Their is a certain spot that is good for dealing with aggro. It will allow you to intercept and flee to safety at a high rates.

See as I am directly below the center of the room. I have options of sprinting south east, south west, or to the northern corners depending on which has a safer chance of no aggro.

Now, where is the best spot to go? You have a split second to make a decision. In this case. The lower left, and right corners will do. The lower right probably being safer.

Another example:

My ally is fighting one on the left side. I would be safer going to the lower right corner. If she were to fall in combat, then I would have two on my hands. I’d rather avoid such a situation.

I multi aggro’d, am I screwed?

In most cases, it is very hard to fight off more than one attacker. Lagos will just dual attack you. You can try and windmill, go on defense, and pray one of the lagos goes into defense stance. They are highly aggressive, and difficult to deal with at times.

Ratmen are tricky… if you firebolt one, it has a high chance of using defense, counter, or windmill and just stand there. This gives you time to deal with the first one. You have to be quick and strategic though. If they both go into a defensive position, windmill is your best bet. Hit both of them, and go defensive. If they come at you with a smash, cancel and hit the attacker. If they both charge, you might be screwed.

Snakes are alot like lagos. They are aggressive and occasionally go defensive. Hope that you get lucky.

Blue Ratmen

Basically the same as normal ratmen. The only difference is these ones hit harder and have less hp. They also multi aggro. Don’t stand next to them. Grab a corner, if you’re with a friend grab a separate corner. Try to stay away from each other because of windmill from the ratmen.

Burgundy Lagos

Ugh if you don’t have a kite shield, these will hit you very hard. They are just like Blue spike lagos, except they multi aggro. Honestly, I’d recommend you start off with a smash, followed by a counter, and then firebolt them. Just keep using fire counter ’til they die.

Black Snakes

White snakes with higher attack power and lower defense. They multi aggro as well. Just be careful and you should be fine.


I’m not a master of these guys yet. But this is the most efficent method I have seen so far. There is fire counter for magic users and then there is the melee method. Start the battle with a smash, followed up by a counter. After counter use defense and slowly walk away. Once far enough away use counter. It’s that simple. If you get earthquaked at from far away, mash on counter to get it up asap (If it attempts another quake, just slowly walk away since you are far away). If you get earthquaked at close range… eh… it’s bad luck… Try and pull of a n+ windmill to regain balance. Note that if you get critted by golem at anytime, there’s a fairly good chance of death. Don’t be discouraged if you die, he hits hard.
Basic golem with no range, and no deaths:;=related
Skills that should be taken into consideration

Ok, it’s been debated and many players ask. Well…  “I don’t use windmill much Sera. Why should I bother?”
Alright lets look at it in depth
~Gives small boosts to strength and will, and eventually large ones later (2 stat boosts for 1 skill is rare)
~Is melee combats only AOE and is fairly good at exp farming later because of it’s large radius
~It’s charge time improves slightly at rank 9 (Skills charging faster? Giggity!)
~It’s range drastically changes from rank 5 to rank 1
~If you wait too long… you may never rank it up due to your toughness constantly increasing with AP spent
~You can combo it with N+ for a focused AoE, and it just makes you look pro when you take at a whole room with one swing
~It looks freaking awesome

Rank C counter is awesome. People commonly use magic counter which involves heavy use of the counter skill. Ranking counter  to rank C makes counter drain 1 stamina per second instead of 2. This is a huge huge upgrade and is essential for anyone who  makes use of heavy magic counter techniques.

Production mastery
1 AP for 10 stamina until the mid ranks? How could you turn such a delicious offer down.

Healing and First aid
If you’re into dungeons and combat alot, I really recommend at least rank F. These skills are to help out teamies and they  benefit you by a substantial amount in the end. I can’t fathom not having these skills myself. I’m not heal based, but I have rank F in both, and I don’t ever regret it.

N+ is a secret hidden ninja pirate guacamole technique of l337 haxor amazingness
What is N+? N+ is an amazing skill technique that allows you to get an extra hit out of your weapons. It requires a bit of  practice, but when you have it down, it’s an amazing skill that will be your friend forever (Until the lag monster arises).

First I like to take these precautions:
1. Turn auto attack off (N+ cannot be done with auto attack on)
2. Click on the snowflake thing in the bottom left, options, game tab, turn reserve attack off. This gives you a bit more  control of your swings and is really up to you. Call it personal preference, but I say it’s alot easier.

I’ll give a few examples of weapons I have used alot.

With a bast. sword:
Swing one time, wait for your character to twirl their blade regaining balance for the next strike. During the twirl double  click and you should swing two more times and cause knock back.

With a Warhammer:
Swing once, wait for the hammer to lower all the way to the ground before you pull it back up, click twice, and watch the 3  hit combo.

With a 2hander/Claymore

Swing one time, wait for your character to start to pull the blade back up and swing twice more. 3 hits with one of these beasts in freaking delicious.
Example of N+1 (2 hit weapon):

Breakdance Combo
Also for the more adept and daring, you can do a N+ windmill combo (Me and my friends jokingly call it the Breakdance Combo),  In order to do the breakdance combo you have to N+, but as you enter your second swing (With one of the aforementioned  weapons) click windmill. It should begin to charge, and finish before the enemy regains balance. It is difficult to time  correctly, and is alot easier with rank 9 windmill (Due to faster charge time). If you get good at this, you can move enemies  into windmill positions.
Example of breakdance combo:

The Battery Wall
Battery is an anti-cleave tactic that works best on gremlins and gargoyles. What you do, is stand in a corner with 2 or more supporters. One person will icebolt to reset the monsters aggro. You want the monster to normal attack your party. Normal attacks do cleave damage which will hit everyone. While one icebolts, the other two counter. More people, will boost the battery walls defensive capabilities. This is an excellent tactic to use on gargoyles, and you can even take multiples down at once if you’re party is good enough at it.
Example of the battery wall:

The Treasure Box Trick (Windmill)

Go into a multi mimic chest room, stand in the center, and activate windmill. Highlight each box with with your cursor. Tell me, which box is the real one? ^_~

Making cash and XP. What dungeon is best for me?

I think for newer characters. (Not character level, I mean ability to fight)

Ciar beginner is probably the best gold. You get decent xp up to 30 because of no toughness penalties of rebirth, and the gold from mimic scrolls is good (6K a stack). You can also do this barehanded and save yourself repair money (What I do when i’m dirt poor and have busted up gear). The boss is fairly simple. He may drop about 1.5k and the chest gives about 1k. So all in all, after a couple of ciar runs, you can make some decent cash. Bring a buddy along if golem gives you trouble. But don’t go in large parties, its way too easy, and you really wont earn much of anything.

The next step up is probably Ciar basic and rabbie normal

Ciar basic is more exp than  cash though. However you can get lucky in the bonus box room and snag yourself a giants scroll (I’ve seen these sell for 50k). If you duo it with a partner, you have a res buddy and can use PQ’s. The gold stacks up rather quick. Also you may get lucky and get a rare hat off of blue snakes. Also you may get lucky and get a fox item from the boss chest, which sells for about 5k normally. Ciar basic is overall decent exp and lucky with cash.

Rabbie normal is skeletons skeletson skeleton. Skeleton fomors are good cash though, and drop often.

Skeleton fomor 6.8k a stack

Red Skeleton fomor 11.1k a stack

Metal Skeleton fomor 15.9k a stack

Skeleton Wolf fomor 10.8k a stack

As for rare drops, if you solo. Succubus drops a rare dress for women that is rare and sells for a fairly decent ammount. The experience isn’t bad either. You may die alot at first because skels hit very hard. Once you get their patterns down, this place is great.

The third areas are probably Ciar inter and rabbie basic

Ciar inter is omg massive exp

Rabbie basic is just like normal except it has the level 2 skeletons instead (They have light armor). They have passive defense now, that isn’t hard to get by if you train on metals alot. Magic counter or windmill is pretty much required (Passive defense), unless there’s another way to do it without either of these. But I haven’t seen it yet. The scrolls drop still, and the expereince is alot better. Supposedly there are some real nice drops also, including the boss.


From Spooklee on Golems
As for the golem;

Remember to take out the Adds first :p Im tired of running with parties who think the adds wont aggro if we pull the boss first. (Hoo boy, you should’ve seen the Alby Basic party I was in last week. Oi!)

Melee and Smash spam may have worked for Beginner and Normal’s bosses, but these days I’m finding a 3 man Fire Counter method to be better. Charge up Firebolt, hit the boss, RUN BACK a little ways and pull up Counter. As long as you rememebr to run back about 6 steps and wait, the raised fist ground pound wont affect you, and you can usually stay just outside the edge of the range of its instant cast Windmill. This can be done solo as well, but takes a little more timing on the practice, since firebolt takes so long to charge.

Of course, if you have more than 4 people and some bored melee, you can set people up into teams, have someone firebolt, then a melee run in and Smash, have the next bolter shoot fire, and have the first melee run out of attack range and the second melee running in at the same time to Smash again.

Your ultimate boss strategy will depend on what skills of the people your playing with have. The general idea, though, is to do as much ranged damage and knockback as possible. He cant hurt you if he cant stand up, save for the instant cast windmill wich will pwn any melee in range. If your really having trouble with it, dedicate one or two people to be standby healers and keep everyone alive.

Response from me:

Spook seems to be more of a team runner, which is awesome if you’re doing it with a guild, or a close bunch of friends. These strategies may be a little sloppy though if you don’t run with these people often. Mainly because it’s alot of coordinate and team effort. However, if you get a decent group, and synch well, then it’s a good experience. As for taking out the adds first, it really all depends on the room in my opinion. If the golem is alone and blocking your path, then it isn’t too tough to take him out without aggroing the skeletons. Just be careful. If the skeletons are wide open for fighting, have a melee user solo them, or do a team effort if you have alot of magic users.

From Spooklee on common sense tactics:

“This Should Be Common Sense” Tactics;

— Cornor Camps!
While I appreciate Seraphim’s ways of judging before reaction, I’ve found positioning ones self in the center of the room is not always a good idea, especially if your prone to lag, or a group of mobs surrounds you completely on first spawn. With claiming a corner, you can easily right click and angle your camera to see the entire room without blockage, as wella s drastically reduce crippling attacks from behind. Even if you have mobs on top of you, theres a small gap of time where you can run to another corner before getting noticed, or deal with the said spawn before having to worry about others (Unless you have a slow connection, then your screwed weather you sit in a corner or camp in the center. 19 seconds lag doesnt work for Rabbie or Cair Intermediate ^^;).

This is also useful when playing in Trap rooms. Yes, all the chests are trapped, but in my case, I call a Trap when say two town rats or brown snakes spawn. Its usually a good indication that the second or third wave is going to be some of the harder mobs in the dungeon. I’m right about 75% of the time. In these rooms its better to stay at range as much as possible and cling to the corners as the last mob of whatever wave is being killed. This is most useful in 4+ man parties, so when something tough spawns, the monsters are completely surroudned and die from every direction.

Note; when your running with more than two people, dont hit any orbs or open any chests until people get into position or they may be caught running into the room during spawn and multi-aggro unintentionally. It really sucks to be doing well then die in masses because someone got trigger happy.

— Covor A Buddy!
With two players in a dungeon, one of you should have icebolt or archery skills learned, while the other either has the opposing skill or good Melee damage.

A) The person with range can shadow the Meleer with full charges on ice or basic or support shot at the ready and kill anything wailing away on the melee target if/when they multi aggro. This is especially useful if your melee buddy likes to use Windmill to knock back and stun targets, enabling you to pull off and kill weaker targets while he tanks.

B) When there are a LOT of mobs in the room and running in at full tilt would probably kill both of you (especially if your lower level and dont have much HP and defense), let the ranged buddy shoot soemthing once or twice and wait in a corner so the melee guy can beat the snot out of the monster when it gets close.

C) In the event that three or more players are in the party, you can spread out 2 or 3 people to a corner and effectivly pull a dangerous mob off another sub-group before they are killed, even if they have a bunch of baddies spawn on top of them.

D) In the event that all the mobs spawn in one side of the room and crowd around some loners, the members on the other side can break away from the corner camps and should be able to pull off the more hostile monsters with icebolt or melee or whatever they use as their main attack. With a good eye for reading skills and good reaction times, a good Covor party can make or break a dungeon.

E) Im totally biased in the favor of Icebolt due to its range, stunning ability, skillbreak ability and 5 charges with a machine gun effect. In the events that all 3 of my friends are in danger in the other corners, I can run out, stun the worst mobs and keep them stunned before they can turn and kill me, buying my buddies time to kill their extra aggro, or the target I just stunned without fear of dying. Its the best way to break ratmen out of counter, knockback snakes and laghodessas in defense, and wipes out most the weaker monsters in one shot. I reccomend getting Icebolt past F rank if you enjoy being That Guy Who Saves Peoples Butts :p

— Orb Rooms
We all love and hate orb rooms. We’ve all experinced a bad party who triggered all four and couldnt handle the resulting spawns, as well as the well planned psychotic melee windmill fests that can entertain one and all.

With a mixed level party though, I notice there’s one little detail a lot of newer players and some of the older players miss; The Hallway. The rooms dont completely lock down when an orb is hit, so lower levels and people with decent range skills could actually stand just outside of the doorway when the orbs are triggered and rip out a good sized chunk of the resulting spawns. This is actually my favorite tactic to use when doing PQs. Hit all the triggers when people know where to stand, let the archers and bolters do their thing, and melee kills anything left standing.

Response from me:

-Corner Camping
I used to corner camp in inter, however mobs there seem to have a fairly high aggro circle. I feel standing in the center is better. well… actually no. Not the center. I feel standing a little below the center is better. This gives you more time to run to L corner or R corner. If you start in a corner you have to use twice as much time to move from say R corner to the north R corner ot the L corner. If you lag in the center, true you may die. However, if you lag at all in a corner you will die. A big problem is when you share a corner and your partner dies, thats when the fun really begins haha.

-Cover a buddy
I’m not one big on party tactics. I am sure they are effective and quite flashy if you know your party well enough though. Over time, you will learn another players actions through rellex. It makes it easier to cover them if they multi aggro or get caught in a jam. Sometimes the biggest problems are when a player jumps in and messes up your flow, or when someone is too shy and doesn’t react in time. This isn’t their fault though. They don’t understand your style enough yet to work with your flow. This is why I feel dungeon running with guildies is really a good experience.

-Orb rooms
Pulling is a good strategy also for those unconfident with fighting in the fray, or range users. Certai rooms this can be good for, like ratmen for example. However, rooms with lagos, are actually better to let a windmill user take out (Haha ok, don’t take me wholeheartedly on this. I am just a windmill fanatic). However, a windmill user with decent skill can wipe an entire room of 15 lagos in less than 30 seconds. Adapt to your party and work together to support each other.

Thanks for reading I love you all!!

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