Mabinogi Fishing Guide

Mabinogi Fishing Guide by .PK3rZ
•Table Of Contents•  – Able to skip to places. ( Will be in RED )
1) Introduction
2) Getting the Fishing Skill
3) Fishing Skill Info

4) How to Fish
5) Manual Vs Automatic
6) Fishing Tips
7) Available Prizes From Fishing
[1] – Introduction | Translated: (WTH IS FISHING?!)`~ Fishing is a skill used in Mabinogi/Real life to catch fishies and other different types of sea creatures.
You use a fishing rod and bait then get to a place with fishes and cast your rod.

Fishing Locations:

  • Tir Chonaill
  • Emain Macha
  • Ceo Island
  • Port of Ceann
  • Fishing Boat
  • Reus River
    Crossed out locations are un-released.

[2] – Getting The Fishing Skill | Translated: (Where do I get this Fantabulous skill?!)

`~ Getting this skill is learned automaticly when you Equip a Fishing rod (Buy a Fishing rod from Any General Shop NPC. Example is Malcom in Tir Chonaill, You can also buy Fishing bait there too)
NOTE: Check the second page on NPC Shops! There’ll be more items!

You’ll then be a Novice and then you can practice some fishing! When you catch a fish, Don’t click “Catch” and Automatic Fishing will start. – More info on Automatic Fishing, skip down to “Manual Vs Automatic”
This is what the box I’m talking about looks like:
– Wait untill it’s 0 seconds and Automatic Fishing will start.

[3] – Fishing Skill Info | Translated: OMG! Tell me more about this Skill~!!

`~ Here is a list of things from the Mabinogi Wiki. 
It’s a pretty easy chart to follow.

Q: Does it get easier when you rank up fishing?? It’s SOOO Hard! T_T
A: Nope, Read the description (I feel I can catch bigger fishes) It’s acually getting harder as you rank up, since theres a bigger chance of you getting harder fishes and items.

Fishing Master Title: Catch a “Fresh-Water Huge Predator Fish” over 150cm in Tir Chonaill (Yes, thats the fish name o_o)

Will +20, Luck +20
Max HP -20
Max MP -20Max SP -20

[4] – How To Fish | Translated: I stink at fishing T__T

`~ Fishing is pretty much easy.
First, Use the skill and go near a fishing spot. Try to find a lake or a body of water somewhere. I took a screenshot of places, try to find it in These towns.

To find places that are fishing spots, they’ll have a light shading on the boarder of the land and water. Heres an example:

This is what your fishing Box will look like:

Put your mouse into the Box and DRAG!

Notice the Risk is red, If it goes all the way and fills up, you lose the fish and it “Owned” you.
Try and keep it a steady Green.

The Bar on the bottem is how long untill you catch the fish, when it’s empty to the left, you’ve caught the fish!

Manual Fishing:

But nuuu, It’s muuch easier.

After you’ve hooked on a fish, Start off with dragging your fish down middle, then wherever it goes, pull to the oppisite. It’s really basic. All you need is some good reaction and not to overthrust.
Heres a GIF of what It may look like (It was laggy trying to record it, so bear with me)

[5] – Manual Vs Automatic | Translated: Manual Vs Automatic
`~ Which one do I choose?!
Well, Automatic is easier and you can sit there while watching Anime or Multi-Tasking. It fails alot so I don’t suggest you use this unless your really bad at fishing.

Manual requires you doing something but, when a big fish comes, you can manually fish it and get it :D

Though, you don’t have to manual fish all the time, most of us fishers skip when It displays “It feels like a small one”. Even though it displays that, it can also be a Brifine Carp (But it’s wont be big enough for you to win a contest :P)

[ 6 ] – Fishing Tips | No Translation Available

`~ OMG, I still can’t catch that fish! AUGHH!!!

No worries, I can extend Tips to the Max >:D.
We’ve talked about starting the fish at the bottem middle, then going to the oppisite from where its going.

Reflexes: You’ll need this. You can even practise in school with overall reflexes playing in Gym or something. Playing other games that require your fingers is also useful for Reflexes and stamina. (Ex: Stepmania)

Remember, Don’t  OVER THRUST  your mouse! When your fishing, don’t fling your mouse across the room! Also, don’t UNDER THRUST it either! xD.

Your Mouse/Arm Space: Try having a better Mousepad, it helps with the way your mouse moves. Also, try not to have a grip on your Wrist + Down to your elbow. If you don’t get what I mean, place your hand on your mouse and have your 2 fingers on the mouse buttons. Then ONLY move your Palm around. If your Arm is gripped to your table (Maybe by sweat, shirt), you won’t be ably to move that much except that small space.

Also, a better mouse could help out. Having a better grip on your mouse and maybe a Wireless one.

[7] – Available Prizes from Fishing | Translated: MIEEN!!!
`~ The list of items caught from fishing is HUGE, so to save some space, I’ll just link you to Mabinogiworld Wiki to the items.

List Of Fishing Prizes! Click Here! :O
[ 8 ] – FAQ/Glossary | Translated: Yar.


`~ Lets Start out with FAQ first.

FAQ With Fish:

Q: I can’t Catch a “CM” Fish!! T_T
A: Just wait untill you get one :D. Try Manual Fishing if you aren’t.

Q: I caught a 20CM Fish! Is that Big?
A: Drop it on the floor and compare :P

Q: Why Wont It say “This feels like a big one”??
A: Keep fishing or/and raise your Fishing Rank.

Q: My friend said he/she Caught like a super huge Fish over 200CM!
A: USO DA! (He/She Is a LIAAR!!)

Q: Ugh, I always catch Taitinn Carps!
A: Keep Fishing until you get a bigger one :D

Q: My Fishing is Super High Rank (OVER 9 THOUSAND!), But I still catch small Fish!
A: Well, theres a Chance of you catching bigger fish and rarer Items. It’s not going to be 100% Giant Fish.

FAQ With Items:

Q: Ewww! Who the Heck dropped this Band-Aid?!
A: At least it’s still usable! Use it on a Friend >:D

Q: Whats with all these wierd items!?
A: People litter and rain comes down, Its natural :P

Q: Then how do you explain this Underwear Set I found?!
A: Uhh.. Skinny Dipping? o__o.

Q: I got these items that are in a gift box?
A: You can give them to NPC to raise your relationship with them. Drag and click on them.

Q: Omg someone said they got a Gargoyle sword from fishing?!
A: Yup, read the item drop list. You can also catch a Ski Mask too!

Q: A Garbage Herb?!
A: As far as I know, It can’t be used for anything.

FAQ With Quest Scrolls:

Q: Whats the difference between these? I can just buy them!
A: These give MORE Gold as the prize :). Ex: Goblin is around 3k and these give you 4k.

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