Mabinogi Water Alchemist Advanced Build

Mabinogi Water Alchemist Advanced Build by Tropa

Advanced Water Alchemist Enchant set.
Cressida WearRestored Static[18~25 Critical](Static isent out yet so use the Sufx spot for Ripple)
Cressida GlovesPolished Elementalist[12 Critical] (Next gen when Classic is releaced it adds 4 more critical then Polished)
Cressida ShoesOasis Ripple[5~10 Critical] +7 Water
Any Head gear: Vine Flame[20~23 Critcal] +6 Fire
Any Shield: Steam Ripple[6 Critical] +13 Water/+3 Fire
Any Accs 2x: Transparent Tidal +19 Water(38 from both)
Tidalwave CylinderSynergy Wave[6 Critical] +40~57 Water / +8~12 Fire
-(Fully +crit the cylinder[25 Critical] and then S type it) +25~30 Water
I recommend the Chain cylinder master title. (Royal alchemist for +15 Water)

Watercannon r1
Chain Cylinder r1
Water alchemy r1
Alchemy mastery r1
Critical hit r1
Rain casting r1
Party Heal r5
Flameburst r5
All bolts rA+/Enthralling Performance r6(For Classic)
Production Mastery r1

Skills that Go great with Water Alchemy:
Barrier spikes(r5+)
-At Rank5 or higher you can Use Alchemy/Ranged/magic over the wall.
-This skill blows bak your enemy if they get in your Face.
-This skill can also be loadedw hile knocked on your back.
Heat buster
-This would be your second main skill, you can use this skill right after using Watercannon 4 Times.
Potion making
-At rank7+ you can have 99% on making mana/stamina 100 potions.
Mana shield
-Since Water Alchemist don’t really use their Mana that much, use it for Mana shield! its good for those times where you Need to tank.

Skills that add will/Critical:
Windmill 5% crit
Thunder 3% crit
Axe mastery 2% crit
Xbow Mastery 2% crit
Lance charge 2% crit(Human/giant only)
All magic shields(Nat/ice/fire/light) 1% crit each

For Restored: Color -> Extraordinary -> Chaotic -> Restored(Be perperd to start buying Drop ins)
For Oasis: Color -> Tilted -> Oasis(warning, this ES is rare so better get Tilted on the shoes for Now)
For Steam: Color -> Careful -> Steam

Battle Strats and Proper Usage.
Before Running a Long-tire a Dungon or Mission make sure your Cylinder is fully Repaired, everythings blessed, you have your HP/MP/SP potions and have your crystals. and TURN ON Chain cylinder too!

When running Dungons or Missions.
Remember that Watercannon’s Range can over up most of a Room.
-Also remember that it’s Damage increases when you attack your enemy very close!
While running Rundal Advanced(Solo or party) make sure to kill of the Closest Black Ship Rats nearest to you.(You should clearly know why) Just make sure to pick off all the monsters that multi-aggro First! Such monsters are:
Black ship rats
Shadow mission Alchemists
Before starting a Room, you should Use rain casting it’ll Add a nice damage bonus to Watercannon and at rank1 it makes monster AI glitchy until you attack them. Giving you the Upper hand to Solo rooms Easier!
Using combos Is good too.
– Windblast > Charge > Watercannon
– Watercannon(Full charge) > Assault slash(If the monster gets kocked back into deadly)
– Watercannon > Counter > watercannon
– Punch > punch > punch(Knock back) > Watercannon

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