Granado Espada Katovic Snowfield Quests Guide

Granado Espada Katovic Snowfield Quests Guide by valinorian

Garcia Hingis Quest
Guide courtesy of Larg

**UPDATE** Katovic materials are now used in E96 Armor manufacturing (can get the crafted HQ meterial from ABS also), see Larg’s Guide to E96 crafting**


  1. Introduction
  2. FAQ
  3. Walkthrough
  4. Ice Wizard Tower – Gate of Ice Raid
  5. Rescue Knight Manufacturing
  6. Katovic Recipes
  7. Credits

Confused about where to start? Don’t know where to get your quest items?

Hope this Guide helps you out

Hello all, Valkrin here. I’ve seen various threads on Katovic Snowfield and its quests scattered all over , so I thought I’d condense them into this guide which I’m working on. Suggestions and help are greatly appreciated ^^


1) How do I go to Katovic Snowfield?
Ans: Take the waypoint to The Lava Plateau of Joaquin. From there, head up to Scorching Plateau, run pass Ferrucio Wall and then you’ll be in Katovic Snowfield

2) What is the minimum level I have to be?
Ans: If you want to survive, be at least veteran. Bring lots of potions, and go with a friend. More’s the merrier in a harsh place where monsters hit hard.

3) What level equips should I wear?
Ans: +6 E84 with DR3or +7 lv100 armour with DR3 at least.

4) Help, I put the material into the loom/shelf/anvil and its gone!!

Originally Posted by z2lla View Post
Please see carefully what material she allow you to make if not u put in
will become vanish ._.

When you have successfully manufactured the items, PICK THEM UP, or they will disappear after time.


Originally Posted by Windforce Remora View Post
There is a chance it will “Fail” and you lose the item(s). Same applies for other materials.

“The Item Vanished” = Wrong Item on the Wrong Anvil/Shelf/Loom
“Failed to Manufacture” = Rigth item on rigth equipment but the manfuacture failed.

5) What does the Avalanche Apparition look like?
Ans: see this

6) Erm, how do I get the Red Jewel Fragment from the Avalanche Apparition? Its too hard!
Ans: Look at this guide to solo-ing this mob

Originally Posted by Windforce Remora View Post
Avalanch can be soloed.

Fighter had nothing special just Lv92 Glad+5, +2DR Crusader Ward, and Lancelot. (Though she wasnt attacking much anyway) with High Guard.

ETS I removed her weapon so she can ESP (PF) and Cure.

Cath (the Damage) Wooden Controller +5 with 1AR and 2 Sasha Rings.

Tactic of Solo: Tricky Part #1 Finding Him, Tricky Part #2 Pulling him to a safer spot since he always pop in a mob infested area.

Most of the time only my Fighter would still be alive by the time i find Avalanche, so I have to pull him to the side or some area with less mobs as “camp”. Once he is near camp I save a Warp Point there and Go back Barracks to get my Team.

Once back PF ETS then Fighter and let the Fighter Melee Avalanche abit for hate and SP.

Then position Avalanch so that only fighter is in front (with some gap) and provoke every now and then. And ETS and Cath are behind.

Keep PF on ETS and Fighter. When he uses his “Soul Attack” switch to Cure Stance and Cure All Fighter.

Cath’s Dolls will make short work of Avalanche in about 6 mins.

Hope this helps.

Either that, of you can buy it from the Market Manager, or broad to see who’s selling.


1) Go to Island of Fire (1st/2nd/3rd) on Bahia.
2) Farm Strange Minerals.
3) Exchange them with the ore exchanger on Bahia Island.

**It depends on your luck, but Red Jewel Fragment CAN be gotten from exchanging.**

7) How do I start the Rescue Knights Quest?
Ans: Have either Ice Crystal or Philosopher’s Stone in your inventory, or talking to her will be useless.

8) Can I cancel the Rescue Knights Quest if I want to stop doing it?
Ans: Yes you can, just speak to her to cancel.

9) Can I buy recipes from the Rescue Knight after I have made an item?
Ans: Yes you can.

10) What type of chars should I bring?
Ans: Your basic aoe types. Like Levitation Wiz, Elementalist (lightning braces), Catherine the Summoner

11) How long does the portal for the Ice Wizard Tower stay open?
Ans: For 10 to 15 mins.

12) Can I go inside the Ice Wizard Tower if I did not complete the Katovic Quest up to AA?
Ans: Yes you can, if you tag along with someone who did it.

13) I’m having problem with the Ice Wizard Tower of the quest. Help!

Originally Posted by Ultimate Guardian Emcron View Post
1) after throwing the red jewel into rynin’s heart, you still have to open the warp to the tower YOURSELF, i.e. if someone opened it before you, going into the tower will not let u trigger the soup quest.

2) apparently, if you run into the tower through someone else’s warp, the game will take it that you’re tagging along without having thrown the red jewel into Rynin’s heart, regardless of whether you’ve thrown it or not.

3) in order to find out if you opened the warp BY YOURSELF, look for the message that says “Because all Katovic quests have been completed, you have been granted access to the Ice Wizard Tower”…if you entered through someone else’s warp, the message will say “The entrance to the Ice Wizard Tower has been opened”

14) What does the Black Magic Stone effect look like?
Ans: See this:

15) What must I do to get rid of the Black Magic Stone effect?

Originally Posted by Starstorm View Post
To remove the curse, just drop the stones, give them to someone else, or dump them into the vault (and let Leonardo be cursed).

16) What does the Glacial Lily look like?
Ans: Take a look at this pic:

17) Must I finish the Katovic Quest to unlock Garcia Hingis?
Ans: Yes, you need to complete the Katovic Quest up to manufacturing the Katovic Soup. Also, you need to complete the pioneering quests up to Bahamas Swamp.


Before we begin, a map of Katovic Snowfield:

First, talk to Ludeza Vishihah at I/J6 of Katovic Snowfield. He will introduce himself and give you the first quest

1) The Missing Village

Find 2 boxes and a cask

Go over to I4 and click on them and a ghost eye will appear

Reward: 3 lvl 90 exp card (85k exp)

2) The Investigation of Strange Waters

Click on the 3 Eltetah (tree like thing)

Go all the way up to C3. Click on the 3 Eltetah. Some worms will appear when you click on them.

Reward: 3 lvl 90 exp card (85k exp) and 1 Manzana Filler

3) Snow Storm Apparition

Kill 50 of them to get eye of the ghost, common mob at Frozen Plain (lvl 108 and above)

Reward: 1 lvl 90 exp card (85k exp)

4) Avalanche Apparition

Bring the red jewel fragment to Ludeza

Reward: 1 lvl 90 exp card (85k exp)

5) The Power From An Unknown World

place the red jewel fragment in the heart of Ryrin (E6 in the cave in the Frozen Plain map)

Reward: 3 lvl 90 exp card (88k exp)

A map of the Frozen Plains:

He also gives you access to the Ice Wizard Tower. You need to go to the Snowfield of the Ice Wizard, K5. YOU WILL ONLY SEE THE NPC AT CHANNEL 1. Talk to the NPC there, and she will grant you access to the Ice Wizard Tower.

6)(i) Enter the Ice Wizard Tower, then relog or use a warp scroll to leave.

(ii) Return to Katovic Snowfield and talk to Ludeza. He will ask you to speak to Invierno in Frozen Plains. Go to D7 of Frozen Plains. Speak to him a few times and he will give you a quest.

7) Trace of Cruelty (chain quest)

(i) First, you need to make the soup. 50 wolf meat, 50 beet, 50 Cabbage, 20 Golden apples

(ii) Bring the materials to him, he will ask you to give him

Hub Bunch 0/1
Pocket of Seed 0/1
Piece of Letter 0/1

All 3 are around the destroyed camp in Snowfield of the Ice Wizard, E8-9. Hub Bunch is in the box, the other 2 will go inside your inventory once you go near them.
Note: The Piece of Letter is to the extreme right of the box. The Seed is here:

Very annoying to find, hope my SS helps you to estimate the distance from the box. And you HAVE to be on foot.

(iii)Once you get everything you need, go back to Invierno who will tell you to put the ingredients in the pot beside him. You will manufacture Katovic Soup. After that, talking to him will give you these options:

Choosing the 2nd option will show you this:

He will reply thus for the 3rd option:

(iv) Now you need to return to Ludeza in Katovic Snowfield. Do so, and you receive your reward.

Reward: (2 lvl 84 Enchantment chips)

(v) But we’re not done yet. Go back to Invierno to ask him about the Ice Witch aka Novia again. And this is what he says:

(vi) After giving you Sweet Honeycomb, he tell you to get a bear’s gall bladder. Go up to D/E5 and click the stone there. A bear will spawn, kill it for the bladder.

For those who can’t handle it on your own, good news – you can do it by squadding, I’ve tested it and it works ^^. Now, back to Invierno. Talk to him, and select any option (I chose to ask about Ice Wizard Tower) and this is he will tell you:

Apparently he won’t entertain any more questions after that, so go back to Ludeza and receive your reward.

Reward: (2 lvl 84 Enchantment Chips)

And this is the end of the Katovic Snowfield Pioneering Quest.

***reserved for more info***

Side Quest: Katovic Rescue Knight – Manufacturing!

First, talk to the Rescue Knight beside Ludeza. She will let you choose ONE from the Philosopher Stone’s Set/Ice Crystal Set to make NORMAL lvl 100 EQUIPS. Talk to her again for her to give you permission to use her loom/shelf/anvil.

To see what the manufactured equips look like, see Arconis’s thread

What from where?

**Purple text for Garcia’s quest**

Total amount of ingredients needed: 60 Pure Gold Bars, 50 Ice Crystals, 10 Cursed Crystals, 50 Wolf’s meat, 20 Golden Apples, 50 Cabbages and 50 Beets.

Beet = Frozen Plains mobs
Cabbage = Frozen Plains mobs
Gold Bars = Golden Well (Jackpot) or Frozen Plains mobs or from Avalanche Apparition
Ice Crystal = Katovic mobs
Wolf’s Meat = Snow Wolf (Katovic)

Bear’s Nails = Katovic Bear (Katovic)
Black Cloth = Rufus (Snowfield of The Ice Wizard Tower)
Black Steel = Rufus (Snowfield of the Ice Wizard)
Cabbage = Lazim-Lam (Katovic) [rare drop]
Diamond Ores = Eliigo (Frozen Plains)
Dragonfly Silk = Bigfoot (Snowfield of The Ice Wizard Tower)
Dried Maroon Grass = Eltetah (Katovic and Frozen Plains)
Ebony Treestumps = Eltetah (Katovic and Frozen Plains)
Elviot’s Leather = Elviot (Frozen Plains)
Fragments of Ice = Katovic Bear (Katovic)
Glacial Blade = Ore Exchanger, Bahia
Glacial Lily = Ice Blocks [rare] (Katovic, Frozen Plains and Snowfield of the Ice Wizard Tower)
Golden Apple = Eltetah (Katovic) [rare drop]
Gray Feather = Elbiote (Katovic and Frozen Plains)
Lazim-lam’s Scale – Snowfield Lazim-lam (Katovic)
Lumps of jade = Bigfoot (Snowfield of the Ice Wizard)
Malachite = Snowfield Wolf (Katovic)
Marble Stones = Eliigo (Frozen Plains)
Scroll = Artic Darcaine (Snowfield of the Ice Wizard)
Snow Quartz = Eliigo (Frozen Plains)
Spool of Ice Thread = Snowfield Dandelion Gorilla (Frozen Plains)
Wolf’s Fur = Snow Wolf (Katovic)
Wolf’s Meat = Snow Wolf (Katovic)

What goes where?

Originally Posted by z2lla View Post

[Well Processed fur] = Tangled Fur = Katovic Bear (Frozen Plains)
[Satin] = Spools of ice thread = Snowfield Dandelion Gorilla (Frozen Plains)


[Blue Powder] = Lapis Lazuli = Lazim Lam (Katovic)
[Silver powder] = Silver pieces
[White steel] = Steel pieces
[Silver Metal/Scroll] = Silver splinter = Artic Darcaine (Snowfield of the Ice Wizard)
[Pikestaff] = Elgum’s horn = Bigfoot
[Glacial Blade] = Glacial Lily = Ice Blocks

Shelf – or refer as rack / lathe

[Eternal flame] = Golden apple = Eltetah
[Artificial Ivory] = molar of the yeti = Elviot (Frozen Plains)
[Black Enamel] = Black Sap = Eltetah (Katovic and Frozen Plains)
[Blue Enamel] = Blue Sap = Eltetah (Katovic and Frozen Plains)
[Aqua Marine] = Blue Stone = Katovic Bear, Arctic Dandelion Gorilla
[Mist Sapphire] = Blue Stone = Katovic Bear, Arctic Dandelion Gorilla
[Maroon Henna] = Dried Maroon Grass = Eltetah
[Hard Scale] = Ice Rufus Wing = Ice Rufus Reaper (Katovic)

I have taken the liberty of editing Mordial’s post.

Originally Posted by Mordial View Post

Ice Crystal Set
Basic Requirement : 200 Ice Crystal – all mobs (Katovic and Frozen Plains)

And other requirement as per your selected equipment.

Wizard Coat (Pandera Jacket)

100 Wolf’s Fur
50 Gray Feather
50 Maroon Henna
50 Satin
100 gold pieces

Knuckles (Knuckles of Yeti)
100 Lazim-lam’s Scale
100 Bear’s Nails
50 Well Processed Fur
50 Silver Metal
100 Silver Pieces

MainGauche (Glacial Rosette)

100 Malachite
100 Snow Quartz
50 Black Enamel
50 White Steel
100 Silver pieces

Gaiters (Gaiters of Yeti)

100 Lazim-lam’s Scale
100 Bear’s Nails
50 Well Processed Fur
50 Silver Metal
100 gold pieces

Rod (Le Conjelable)

100 Ebony Treestumps
100 Fragments of Ice
50 Artificial Ivory
50 Aquamarines
100 Silver Pieces


Philosopher’s Stone Set

Basic Requirement : 200 Philosopher’s Stones – all mobs (Katovic and Frozen Plains)

Elementist robe (La Ventisa)
100 Dragonfly Silk
100 Black Cloth
50 Silver Powder
50 Blue Powder

Dagger (Crystalin)
100 Fragments of Ice
100 Marble Stones
50 Sapphires
50 Blue Enamel

Greatsword (Fleudelis)
100 Elviot’s Leather
100 Diamond Ore
50 Hard Scales
1 Glacial Lily

Rapier (Glacial Eglanche)
100 Malachite
100 Snow Quartz
50 Black Enamel
50 Silver Metal

Javelin/Polearm [TBC] (Elgum Spear)
100 Diamond Ores
100 Jades
50 Pikestaffs
50 White Steel

Shield (Conflamme)
100 Black Steel
100 Scrolls
20 Eternal Flames
50 Blue Enamel

Katovic Recipes

When you have completed any one of the items, you will be able to buy the recipes from the Rescue Knight at 1m each.

Thanks to
1) Mordial for contributing information and correcting my errors
2) Windforce_Remora for his guide on how to solo AA
3) z2lla , MoKizZ, cinderboy and other forumers who contributed information
4) Larg for his picture of Red Jewel Fragment, and Garcis Hingis Quest Guide
5) GrImRiPpEr for contributing information and correcting my errors
6) Arconis, Blood Countess for the picture of Glacial Lily and for her thread on Katovic Equips
7) Amatsuke for the pictures of Glacial Lily and Glacial Blade
8) Dem for clearing confusion on Glacial Lily and contributing information

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