Granado Espada Ancient Territory Guide

Granado Espada Ancient Territory Guide by Kenzai

Ancient Territory

A dungeon that can be access when purchased a Ancient Territory Pass from the Premium Item shop.

1 day – 2,200 G-Points

7 days – 9,900 G-Points

7 days AT pass come in package.

Ancient Territory Entrance

Skull Dungeon level 1, C-5

Ancient Skullic’s Nest 1st Floor

Ancient Territory level 2 Entrance

G-4, G-6, H/I-4, H-6

You must enter AT 1st floor before you can enter AT 2nd floor.

Ancient Skullic’s Nest 2nd Floor

Ancient Territory Boss

These Treasure Chest will appear once you defeated Ancient Thoracotomy.

Sometime treasure chest will appear in random location too.

Ancient Territory mobs


Q : What is AT?
AT stands for Ancient Territory.

Q : Is AT worth to buy?
IMO it’s worth if you wish to reach Expert fast.

Q : Is the spawn rate fast in AT?
Yes it fast in AT 1st floor only.

Q : What the difference between 1day and 7days?
1day pass has 24hours and 7days has 168hrs.

Q :Any goodie drops from AT?
AT has a bad drop rate. The drops are the same as Skull Dungeon. «Elite 84 recipes & 92uni»

Q : Can I change channel in AT?
Yes, you can.

Q : Can I patrol mode / solo in AT?
Yes you can solo alone with a Fighter. It unsafe for you to patrol mode in AT because some trouble maker will run along with tons of mob and make u chasing it.

Q : Is AT pass tradeable?
Nope, it’s not tradeable.

Q : Is there any boss in AT ?
Yes, the notice will tell you when the Boss is out in AT 1st floor.

Q : Where does the Ancient thorac spawn at?
G-4, G-6, H/I-4, H-6. The 4 WarpGate.


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