Facebook Monster Fusion Tips and Tricks

Facebook Monster Fusion Tips and Tricks by Jericho Onate

I call it “tips” ‘coz it doesn’t seem lengthy enough to be considered a guide:

Tip #0: “Monsters who are in a better mood will use their tricks more often.”  – the most important Tip. No point having great tips if it doesn’t trigger.

Tip #1: pure advantage is better than flexibility. if you put fire tricks with your fire element Gatcha you can easily beat wind but lose to water most of the time but why would you match yourself vs water in the first place? you always have the option of choosing which elemental you will fight against so it is always better to be pure advantage.

summary: stick with your element

Tip #2: Not many of us knows this but poison is the best non-damage trick in the game b’coz its the only status reducing trick.

“Poison is a bad status effect that causes the affected monster’s power and agility to drop. Some tricks can inflict this status effect on their targets, so beware!”

Tip #3: 1TKO or 1-turn KO well not really a tip more of a strategy the idea here is to kill the opponent before he gets a turn. Here is how you do it:

1. Make sure you have a higher total agility than your opponent so that you get the initiative or 1st strike (or else it would be called next-turn KO)
2. Get mood to 5
3. Make sure that all of your Gatcha have damage-type tricks. The best damage-type trick right now is hex manual (Neutral).
4. max out your trick’s level.
5. battle!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    what is the maximum tricks level?? how many stars??

  2. Anonymous says:

    fusion them w/ the same skill u want to lvl

  3. Anonymous says:

    how to increase trick level?

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