Archlord PvP and PK Guide

Archlord PvP and PK Guide by humanorc

This guide will tell you everything about pvp (player versus player) and pk (player kill), how it al works and what consequences are.

First of all, you will be able to pvp and pk at level 20
You will not lose exp if you die.

How to attack another player

If you want to pvp with another player, hold Ctrl and click or use a skill.
The players name will become red and you don’t have to hold Ctrl anymore until there comes a message that says you are not in battle with another player anymore.
If another player kills you, all guild members will get a message that you are killed by…
Maybe they will help you to kill him.


In each capi.tal city (Tullan, Trilgard and Derribel) there is a pvp arena.
In the arena, skulls are dropped
Your level depends on what skull you drop.
– 40: Skull of Spite
40-70: Skull of Hatred
70 +: Skull of Blood
Not sure what they are used for, I think they are useless.
In arena’s you can’t attack guild members or party members.
If you attack a player of guild x and there is another player in the arena who is from that guild, you will be in battle with that player too.
You are not able to use potions in the arenas, except the one that you can buy in the guild battle square from the merchant (they heal 350 hp)

Battle Square
This is the arena that can be entered in every city;
there is a portal in every town,
which will teleport you to the battle square.
There are four entrances and the Core arena is
the centre.
In the battle square there are a few monster of
level 19-21, but much stronger than their level and a
boss Magmarron. In this arena, you will also drop
skulls but items won’t drop.


Pk is attacking a player without he wants it.
Mostly you do this in fields or in caves.
Some classes are better in Pk than others (ranger, archer, hunter,…) but with the best gear every class is able to pk.

Of course there are consequences to Pk.
When you attack a player, you will get a purple skull next to your name.
This means that every player, whatever his level is, can attack you without any drawbacks.
This skull will remain for 20 minutes, except if you attack a new player.
If a player attacks you when you have a skull, it won’t go back to 20 minutes, except if you attack back.
If you kill a player that is 4 or more levels lower than you, you will earn 1-2 villain points, except if you kill him in 1 hit.

If you gained 40 Villain points, you will earn a white skull. You do not want that.
What will happen if you have a white skull:
– The guards will attack you and if they kill you (oh and they will, 4000 damage) you will lose 3 percent.
– You can’t join a party.

If you gain 60 Villain points, you will earn a yellow skull.
What will happen if you have a yellow skull:
– All what happens with a white skull.
– You can’t trade with other players.

If you have 80 Villain points, you will earn a Red skull.
What will happen:
– All what happens with a yellow skull
– You can’t trade with npc’s anymore (merchant, storage, …).
– You will lose 10 percent if you die
– Exp -50 percent

How to lose villain points
If you have a skull (except for purple skull) monsters will drop Letters of Pardon.
When you collected 10 letters of pardon, you can go to the pardoner npc and exchange the letters of pardon for -2 villain points.
If have 39 or less villain points, your skull will disappear.
In the Chantra shop there is also a great letter of pardon for sale, which will decrease your villain points with 2.

Guild Battle Square
Every capi.tal city (Tullan, Deribelle, Trilgard) has an option at the main portal to go to the guild battle square, this is used for events and later it will have other options too.
Doing gvg’s here (guild vs guild) is nice, because it can be entered at every part of the world.

The Battle Ground

Every race can enter this area by using the red portal in his own capitol city (other portals won’t work). By entering, you arrive at your own race’s camp. Here is a AH (auction house) and a merchant.
If you look around, you will see people fighting everywhere, that’s because there are no consequences by killing people here.
The other people’s name are written with ****** and the guilds are not displayed, to make sure you don’t recognize each other.
At the edge of your camp, there are green-named mobs, those are allies.
At other races’ camps, you will find mobs with a high damage and high exp between lv 35 and lv 90.
Some mobs have buffs next to their name.
Normal mobs buff : Those are single player buffs that help you grinding and killing other people.
Boss mobs buff : Those buffs will be received by the whole party and have great boosts.
By killing mobs in your level range, you will get 1 CP (charisma points) and if higher, you gain more. Killing players in your lvl range will give you 5 CP and higher, up to 20 CP.
To prevent abusing this Webzen made sure that if you kill a person the second time, you will not gain CP.
If you have 100 CP, you can go to the CP lottery slot in the main base and test your luck, by winning special items such as really rare items.
Note : Check your CHA => press C, and look at the stat under INT
Every Thursday and Sunday, GM’s will organize a special battle, with the famous heroes to battle against each other.
If bosses are being killed, the race that killed those bosses gain powerful buffs (hp +50, all stats+50, skill cast reduce, exp +10, etc)
I hope this was helpful

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