Archlord Controls Guide

Archlord Controls Guide by billclinton

Hotkeys List

I – Opens your inventory. has 4 bags with 16 slots to hold 64 items total.
C – Opens your character window.That displays character stats,equipment currently being used and experience which can be toggeled from amount of % to a number value EG 23/350
Q – Opens your quest log. Active quests are displayed here.
U – Opens your mailbox. You need to buy letter paper from a (Merchant) in order to send mail.(which is disabled)
G – Opens guild window.(if you belong to one) you should be able to see who’s currently online and what level everyone is.As well as whisper them through options. This window will also list all the guilds currently on the server and is sorted by a points system most to least. (here you can see the leaders of the guilds or join a guild or request a war or become friendly) small guide here Official Archlord Homepage
K – Opens your skills window. Skills are acquired through a (Trainer) according to your class.
J – Opens your crafting skills window. Crafting skills are Ransacking, Skinning, Carving, Cooking, and Alchemy. These can be learned from an (Adventurer)(Cook)(Alchemist).
P – Opens the party window. You can invite someone to a party and change party options like Free for, Contribution here is a small guide on that process Official Archlord Homepage
F – Opens the friends window.To add people to your friend’s list and see where they are located by clicking there name. small guide here on adding and ignoring Official Archlord Homepage
M – Opens the Map.(your current location) If you are in a town, the Town Map is displayed.This map is also interactive you can click a spot on it and it will move there. You also have the option of choosing a world map (not interactive)
1 – Use a Health potion.(This is also done automatically by setting the gold arrows on the MP,HP bar)
2 – Use a Mana potion. (This is also done automatically by setting the gold arrows on the MP,HP bar)
3/4/5/6/7/8/9/0/-/= – Skill bar hot-keys.
Tab – Target nearest monster.
Space-bar – Automatically pick up the nearest item.(can be held down)
Alt – Toggles on/off item names on the ground.
R – sets the chat-bar to reply to the last person that whispered you.
H – Title Management system lets you see what titles you have in que and their progress
L – Radar turn on/off the radar

Important Basic Controls

Double clicking a monster automatically attack them with your basic attk(no skills) Selecting a monster and pressing any of the hot keys in the skill bar will also attack them. also pressing any of the skills in the skill bar with your mouse will perform an attack.

Holding Control (Ctrl) and double clicking a player will enable PK mode and attack the corresponding player. However, killing someone over 4 levels under you if you initiated the first attack will net a Rogue Point. Rogue Points are bad.

You can use the mouse to move, or you can use the WASD keys to move. The arrow keys (quickly) turns the camera. can also be done with the mouse by right clicking and holding and moving in the direction you want.

Double clicking with the (left) mouse button will allow you to move to the targeted spot. This is especially helpful if you use the mouse to move and you’re traveling through a highly monster-infested area. This way, you don’t accidentally attack a monster.

* Dragging a Stone to unequipped equipment will attempt to socket the respective Stone into the item. You will lose the Stone if it fails, but not the item.(done by holding down the left mouse button and moving the stone to the piece)

Basic Chat Protocols

No /command – Normal chat.
/s – Shout. People within a certain radius will hear you.
/w – Whisper. Send a private message to someone with /w charactername.
/p – Party. Send a message to your party members.
/g – Guild. Send a message to your guild members.
/u – Sends a message to guilds in your union if there is any.
Chantra options
/scream – shouts a message to all users on the server (purchase shout of elemental in chantra shop)
/racetrumpet – shouts a message to all users of the same race on the sever (gained by purchasing int he battle ground)
there is also one called warning of ashtal that shouts a message to all users on all on server location EG Europe
small guide here with more chat room options Official Archlord Homepage

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