Archlord New Player Power Leveling Tips

Archlord New Player Power Leveling Tips by mariposa

Power leveling in archlord is expensive. The first thing you will want to do is earn yourself lots of gold. Here are some tips:

1) Take a few days to twink for your higher level friends. Players in their 70’s have a hard time leveling because monsters start giving less and less experience. When a higher level character parties a low level, they receive a 10 experience boost. They can have up to 4 twinks in a party and usually grind levels in 2 hour increments. By standing around for 2 or 4 hours, you can earn well over 1 million gold. The gold these players earn will be split between the party and usually, the loot split will be put on round robin. Once you sell everything you’ve picked up, you’ve earned a fair chunk of gold.

2) Twinking is boring work. If this doesn’t appeal to you, try fighting monsters within your level range that aren’t doing a lot of damage but you can kill quickly. These are usually monsters within 3 levels of your own. Make sure you sell everytihng you pick up everytime your loot bag is full.

Build good armor to prevent yourself from taking a lot of damage.
1) Chestpiece: Minimum 3 slots and includes the following green stats:
Skill block
a Chance to convert damage into restored health
Hit Points
2) Legs: 3 slot leg pieces are rare but if you can find some, snatch them up quick. The only stat that really matters on leg pieces is resistance. The more, the better.
3) Arms: All arms have 2 slots. Look for 3 green stats, but again those are rare. Casters will want to see reduction in either cast time or cool down. Melee characters will be looking for critical hit and attack speed.
4) Boots: Again, all boots are 2 slots. Casters will want movement speed as a green stat and melee classes will want block. If you find a pair with block and movement speed, grab them fast, they are very rare.

Once you’ve earned a fair touch of gold and built yourself some good armor, you can start power leveling.

1) Do this by fighting mobs 4-6 levels higher than your own. Try to get a party together for an experience boost.

2) Use 30 or 50 Talisman’s of Awakening as well. These are available by purchasing premium boxes from the Chantra shop.

3) You’ll want to be fighting in boosted zones.
– Lvl 17+ The Forgotten Tomb
– Lvl 27+ The Old Mine
– Lvl 40+ The Flame Cave
– Battleground is suitable after level 30
– Chaotic Frontier is suitable after level 31.
Killing the monsters in these areas gives you extra experience because they are tougher.

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