Soul Order Online Slayer Guide

Soul Order Online Slayer Guide by Rickzou

Slayer is a close DPS fighter, slayer deals high damage even though has low defense.

You may not know anything at first, so just follow all of the quests and you will be doing fine.

There are 2 bugged quests and you do not need to do those quests: “picture identification” quest and “take a rest” quest.

When you get level 10, you will be able to up your inherence.
You will get 1 inherence point per 1 level.

It is recommended to go with slay type, because it really helps you on leveling. If you prefer agility type, you can reset your inherence later at higher level.

Here are the inherence skills that you should take to help you level faster:
1. Weapon Master (5/5) –> from level 10-14
This passive skill improves your Sharp Blade’s damage. The more damage you have, the more easily you level.
2. Accurate Hit (5/5) –> from level 15-19
It improves your Stab’s accuracy, it makes you able to ignore a certain percent of target’s dodge when you use stab skill.
3. Improve Double Hit (3/3)–> from level 20-22
This skill allows you to add an extra combo point when using double hit. This is important to help you reach the maximum 5 combo points. The more combo points you have, the more damage you will blow on stab/agony abyss skill.
4. Skill Build up (5/5) –> from level 23-27
This skill increases your Critical Strike rate, 1% per level.
5. Shadow Blast (5/5) –> from level 28-32
This skill increases your Critical Strike damage, 5% per level.

When you get level 15 or 16, make sure you do the daily quests “summon flame armor blade captain in Black Cloud Cave (BCC)”. You just need to shout in realm “Need team BCC, I’m summon”, then usually high level players will team you up.

When you get level 20, you will be able to do “Mystical Principle (MP)” quest, it is 3 times quest per day. It gives you bunch of exp and it helps a lot on leveling. Check in-game calendar to know the MP’s time.

Level 25, you can do the daily quests in Battle of Starry Sky (BSS). You will have summon quest (once per day) and starry sky beast quest (3 times per day). Please notice that you will need a team to run this cave.

Regarding equipment, do not worry about it too much for now since you are a new player and perhaps do not have enough gold to buy great equips, you can use the equipment from quests or drops. Remember, you should not wear white equips. Also you can enhance your equips easily since original storm stones level 1-30 (OSS capped) and original earth stones level 1-30 (OES capped) are easy to get, or you can buy them from other players’ stalls for 20-50 silver normally.

OSS –> to enhance weapon.
OES –> to enhance armor and other gears.

If you routinely do your level quests, daily quests, and MP, you will level up very fast for sure, then finally you get 30.

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