Soul Order Online Mage Guide

Soul Order Online Mage Guide by NateRiver

Mage Have High Damage…. High Movement speed(instant moving)….. But… Low Defense…

it`s easy for you.. if want lvling a mage to 30 with very fast…
i`ll explain it step by step….

1. at lvl 1 you going to talk quest… it`s just talk and report until lv 4. and do a quest from blacksmith just kill 2 of woodman(dont forget to click gift bonus item every 1 min or more mins.. u can get very usefull item)
2. at lvl 4 do your normal quest at south of town(for glory land) just do easy quest and you got hawkstrider… you can use the mount for report more fast but i thought if you have instant move you can walk more fast than hawkstrider(need practice)
3. dont forget…. you must got a master at lv 5.. because you can got bonus exp ++ (it`s very work at lv 20 next.. i`ll explain)…
4. about report…. you must report it every 1 lvl up… i was calculated it… you will got more exp if report every single lvl up than report when it was 2 lvl up or 3 lvl up or more…
5. dont forget…. you must have epoch from gift system… it will be give you exp ++ at lv 5, 8, 10, 12,…… until 20.. that`s will be usefull !! very very usefull
5. do your normal quest until lvl 16…. just kill mobs and report it back…. do normal quest until you got quest who give you miracle potion(effect shrink your char)
6. at lvl 16 do BCC(Black Cloud Cave)… just say at realm chat “BCC 1/5 I have summon :)” you will got any high lvl to help u at that cave.. and dont forget take the all quest from npc in front of BCC… if you`re done all the quest.. you`ll lvl up to 18 and got 2 [Blue Identity Gem] Bound and 1 pair of [Original Earth Stone] and [Original Storm Stone](dont use it at your equip 1-30… cause it is no cap lvl.. use it when you have equip 30+++.. you can enchance with gem lvl caps 1-30. it is more cheap)
7.  Do again your normal quest until you 23-25 and your quest will moved to tomb zone….
8. Igrone you normal quest At 23-25.. cause it will waste of your time because that was high lvl mobs and too many mobs too. you can do profit quest !! that`s was General GU(GG) and Kill Sand Ball 30 and do mobs to 1st at BSS.(you will need help from high lvl… just chat at realm chat “party General GU 1/5” and “party dialy sand ball 1/5 :)” and “BSS 1st boss pm me 1/5 :)
9. if you`re done at profit quest. do your BSS summon quest ! you can got it at front of gate to BSS entrance.. and dont forget take the quest at herbalist loong moon inn to.. it`s need collect item from 2nd boss and 3rd boss at BSS !..
10. if you`re finish that`s all. .you will be lvl 26-28… this is need your struggle !!! do your normal quest until got lvl 30!!!! Slow And Steady !!! hahahaha lol !!….

I was test it in my char… nick : Aoshi…. Mage at glory !! and it works :P #11

That`s normal guide until lvl 30…. but that was very normal !!!
i`ll add ++ guide… you can do it when you at right time and right place.. or very lucky !
1) If you are was lvl 20++ dont forget to check Event Mystical Principal Quest(event).. it was high rewards of quest… if you got it.. you will got more easy to do step 10 :p
2) If you`re play at right time.. like at 18.00-22.00(server time) you`ll be get lucky… when server got reset you can do quest Wipe Out BCC and Summon again at BSS(if you`re lvl 25++) or just summon again at BCC (if you`re still under 25)… it was high rewards of quest… if you got it.. you will got more easy to do step 10 :p
3) if you can do 2 of that event !! you will be not need to struggle at do step 10 ! take it easy :p
4) if you can dual login ! create a new char of bard !! with no party with you.. it`s ok if it still lv under 10.. cause it just heal your mage(it will be cover that Mage is have low defense)
5) many more event who unxepected !! like was helped by high lvl and many more.. i cant tell you all of that !

For Pick Skill And Inherence

Up to u for pick skill of mage !!! but you need to know it !
Pick Ice Magic : if you`re want to do quest with just need little struggle… but it will be hard at cave
Pick Fire Magic : If you`re want to do cave quest… but it will waste of your mana !!

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