Soul Order Online Hunter Guide

Soul Order Online Hunter Guide by ogenkidesuka

Hunter is a ranged damage dealer , have pet for secondary damage dealer/absorber even though have low defense .

There are two inherence of hunter depends on its type, Mastery and Shooter .

What is inherence ? Inherence is a special skill that can increase the ability of user every level , some of them is a unique skill which we can use to help us in combat .
When you get level 10, you will be able to increase your inherence.
You will get 1 inherence point per 1 level.

Mastery focused on training a pet.  Including training its defense, fighting ability and ability against some debuffs also the master gain ability for recover(heal) its own pet more .
The advantage : Able to solo caves even solo boss , fast leveling and money grinder , reccomended for new player .

The disadvantage : Master weak without his pet and when the master die , the pet will stop attacking .

Shooter adjusted on Hunter’s attack power. Increase hunter’s skill attack damage , fighting ability , resistance against storm element and gives negative buffs endurance .
The advantage : Player Killer; blessed with stun¶lysis; ranged skill make shooter excellence against any ranged enemies , high damaged aoe skill , damage dealer for bossing .
The disadvantage : Expensive gear , low HP , and leveling quite hard.

You also can mix the inherence but its not reccomended because hunter inherence straight-forward and grow step-by-step . And if you not satisfied with your inherence , you can reset it with gem ( 1x from quest item Lv11 , more from buying S-Points)

It is recommended to go with mastery type, because it really helps you on leveling and money grinding . If you prefer shooter type, you can reset your inherence later at higher level.

Here are the inherence skills that you should take to help you level faster:

For Mastery inherence :
1. Improve pet cure (5/5) –> from level 10-14
This passive skill improves your pet’s heal.  Increase HP recovered by 5% every level .  Really helpful for saving your MP and healing .
2. Pet skill – HP increase (5/5) –> from level 15-19
It raises your pet max hp up to 3% every level . For greater tank and pet HP limit .
3. Pet skill – dodge increase (5/5)–> from level 20-24
It raises your pet dodge 3% every level . Also for damage absorber .
This always confusing , hit or critical .  Hit seems offering a better status by 3% every level while critical just up 2% but it will unlock another inherence at level 34 . I reccomended to focused on critical , because every critical deals more damage ( extra 60% damage from normal attack )
4. Stone Spirit (1/1) –> level 25
This is the important skill for hunter mastery , boost pet physical defense up to 500 and the skill will raise gradually as your level increased .
5. Improve Stone spirit (5/5) –> from level 26-30
This skill increases your Stone Spirit 10% every level .

For Shooter inherence:
1. Improve Shadow Arrow (5/5) –> from level 10-14
This passive skill improves your shadow arrow damage by 5% every level .
2. Dodge Rate Increase (5/5) –> from level 15-19
It improves your dodge rate by 1 % every level .
3. Agility Increase(5/5)–> from level 20-24
It improves your agility by 3% every level . Every 5 agility get 1 attack point and approximately 0.015% dodge rate
4. Shadow CS rate increase (5/5) –> from level 24-29
This skill increases your Shadow Critical Strike rate, 1% per level. Good combination with Shadow Arrow skill and other .
5. Stun Shooting (1/1) –> level 30
Strong ranged attack with stun target for 4 seconds . During the stun , enemies cannot doing anything.

Interested with hunter ? If yes , lets move ! 

Follow the quest from lv 1 , Click L and under quest notify spot ; you will move directly to the location/npc/monster .

When you get level 15 or 16, make sure you do the daily quests “summon flame armor blade captain in Black Cloud Cave (BCC)”. Shout to the realm “BCC Summoner need party” usually high level player will team u up .

When you get level 20, you can do “Mystical Principle (MP)” quest, you can do it 3 times maximum everyday and started at tree-man on maple/ghost city . It gives you bunch of exp and boost your level up .  Check in-game calendar to know the MP’s time. (you can see your server time at the top-right , the white one)

When you get level 25, you can do the daily quests in Battle of Starry Sky (BSS). You will have summon quest (once per day) and starry sky beast quest (3 times per day).  Same with BCC , need a higher level to finish this quest .

Also on level 25, you can do Sand Ball Beast quest 3 times per day .  You can group with other people to make it faster .

General Gu run also gives you a great exp. for your level and it 3 times per day too . You need to follow him and protect him from the mobs from his way . Reccomended to make party or co with high-level player since 1 mobs can deal 80-100 damage on your level .

There also a way for raising your level fastly :
On level 25 , you able to enter the Space Mess .  Its a dungeon which has a monster with a normal stat and gives you double exp . You can also loot the treasure box inside and kill the boss there with your friends .

*Always click on gift bonus item (the timer) that countdown for your gift .
*Always use epoch pill from gift item when u on level 5/8/10/12/15/18/20 , it will give 50%++ exp on its level .
*Follow the quest and keep the item like “OSS,OES,Identify gem,reset inherence, you will use it later”
*Do dungeon . It help you to get a good gears (blue , even purple) and interesting feat bonus .
*Do harvest quest . Its a repeatable quest that you can do it everyday and they give a big exp .
*Follow unspoken rules for example class rule : If you killed boss in a team and want to loot it , consider other property  (if youre hunter , not to role other class item ) even the items rare/good stats.

For equipment , you will get equip on quest so do not worry too much . You also can identify item or enhance it on blacksmith .  It easy to get OSS/OES/Green ident gem on dungeon .  When youre level 20 above , its good to start to identify/enhance your gear .
OSS –> to enhance weapon.
OES –> to enhance armor and other gears.
You cannot enhance headgear and accesories (press C and its on the right side of your equipment character)
Ident –> gem which can active the equipment attribute ; green gem for identify green equip , blue gem for identify blue equip, and so on .

If you follow this guide im sure you will go 30 without any problem 

Good luck & Best regard ! 

Character Name:Kiruwa
Realm:Glory Land

Guide by Elaine

Choosing hunter means faster and easier leveling in Soul Order, a battle pet and quick killing of arrows/bullets help a lot at the very beginning. After learning your skill of getting pet, try get one pet that’s at your level (you can only capture pet which level isn’t higher than you) and use it all the way when you quest and go to dungeon. Battle pets are divided into two kinds, the aggressive kind and defensive one. Most of the mobs in game are defensive, which have Protection skill to increase its defense. For the aggressive pets, when the pet earns more satiety by staying outside, the skills will be increased to Agility, Shield and Abrupt. You can get 3 pets at most and keep two in Pet Keeper’s Pet Corral and one by your side. Also the food to feeds them are bought in Pet Keeper too, you need to check the pets “taste” to buy the meat, leaves etc which suits it.
Always let your pet attack first so that the aggro is on it, in this way you can find yourself powerful enough to solo some elites in the game easily. Just send your pet first and heal it while casting arrows/bullets will do the trick. Get a master if you can, so that you can earn extra experience from reporting to him/her, and once you hit level 15, go find a team for bcc(Black Cloud Cave), that won’t be so hard if you try shouting “lfp bcc, I am summoner”. Below level 20, bcc would gives you both good experience and drops, also the presents given from feat system are helpful as well in the battle.
After quests and dungeons, you will reach level 20, from this on you can join the daily Mystic Principle event to run through 4 npcs in time for good experience! From level 25 on, the quest “Wanted:Greedy Cannibal Corpse” and “Assist Patrol: General Wu” are available, you can do them 3 times a day and get lots of experience. Also at this level, BSS(Battle of Starry Sky) is good dungeon to go, don’t forget to grab the guild quest if you are in a guild which asks you to kill ice boss!

Leveling a hunter is fun and fast, always remember to do quests, it will be very fast for a hunter to reach level 30 with help of battle pets and quick skills. Hope this guide helps a bit for hunters.

Character Name:  CharmBaby

Class:    Hunter
Realm:   Dark Land

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