Lunia Sieg PvP Skill Build Guide

Lunia Sieg PvP Skill Build Guide by Apologize

I’d like everyone to know that there is no perfect PvP sieg build, but there is a basic skeleton that all skill builds for sieg must have. (I have provided below). In other words, YOU NEED TO HAVE AT LEAST THIS FOR YOUR PVP BUILD.…05500181840_70Click the image to see the original size. (566x640)

Now as you can see, you are left with 22 points to put into whatever you like. However, the most popular builds around these days use either Max Kick/1 CC, Max CC/1 Kick, 1 Kick/1 CC, or 1 Kick/1 CC/ Max FB. There is best out of the 4 because its simply preference and which you feel is right for you.




Now that you’ve decided this part, the remaining points can be put into any of the choices below. (I have also provided an example below). Make sure you always plan your build to 75, that way you save money not buying skill resets later.

+1 Sky Slashing

Max Iron Hammer

+1/5 Crescent Moon Sword

+1/Max Hurricane Sword

lvl 1/8/Max Thunder Sound

Max Flash Fate

Level 2/4 Whirlwind Wave

+1 Wind Kick

Max Whirlpool Sword

Max Flying Dragon Sword

+2/4/Max Infinity Meteor Sword

+Any # Rage Explosion

Max Protective Fortified

Level 2/3 Max Play Dead

Max Mp Increase

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