Lunia Ralph Guide

Lunia Ralph Guide by PrincessLenne

Ralph Schnell the Fighter Guide

Basic Damaging :

A – Kick once.
AA – Kick twice.
AAA – Kick three times, with the 3rd hit doing a knockdown in a small range.

AS – Kick once, then do a small spin kick that does a knock up.
AAS – Kick twice then do a slam kick similar to AAA.
AASS – Kick twice then do a slam kick, then finish with an up kick and a slam kick. Allows shift combos.
AASSS – Like above but end with a kick that knocks down enemy.
S – Dash in fast speed ahead do an uppercut hitting up to 3 times.

>>S or dS – Jump and flip to do a landing kick that hits up to 2 times.
** >> or d means to dash.



Storm Kick – Kick forward two times with force.
A simple two kicks from Ralph. Not too shabby, it’s decent. Fine damage dealer per 7.5 seconds.
All Builds – 0, 1, Max
Pros : You can spam it for high damage about every 7 seconds if maxed or high leveled. It also is a nice link skill for air combo.
Cons : If it requires combos, you need a certain alignment distance.

Storm Punch – Run up to your enemy then do an uppercut.
A simple two punch-combo as Ralph dashes ahead. Not shabby as the Double Kick. You can keep 0 points if you don’t like it, 1 for space-reset potential or the speedy dash effect, or max for the high damage with space-reset. Has endurance frames at higher levels.
All Builds – 0, 1, Max
Pros :
Like Storm Kick, you can spam it. Also, it has Space-Reset potential.
Cons : It is possible to be canceled, since the first hit doesn’t knock your opponent up. And it needs certain height for a combo.

Storm Forward Kick – Slam the enemy full of force from one simple kick.
This is Ralph’s Destruction Fist (Think of Sieg) but in the Kicking form. Max it. If you don’t like it, don’t get it. It is pretty narrow, and doesn’t really can get into hits unless you trap your opponent or use it in an open mob area. Has endurance frames at higher levels.
All Builds – 0, Max
Pros :
It is a high damage dealer in one hit.
Cons : The cool down rate is a bit mild. Also, it is only one hit in a narrow area ahead of you.

Storm Ground Punch – Teleport ahead and slam the ground to hit enemies.
Ralph will teleport ahead and slam the ground hitting all enemies around him once. Another good skill, it actually has high damage almost like Storm Forward Kick. The teleport will go through enemies and objects. It has the same cooldown as D. Kick. I recommend max, it is another great damage dealer. This is an elemental skill.
All Builds – Max
Pros : It hits high, and in a large area around you.
Cons : The cool down rate is a bit mild. Also, it cannot be linked into an air combo.


Wind Moon Blade – Kick to send whirling energy ahead.
This skill will hit up to 15 times, with low damage in the 40s at Level 1 (that is if you get it for the first time). I recommend max because it is a push back skill, and it is great. If you hate the damage and only want it as a distraction, push back or side damage, then 1 point. But why leave it there? Just max it, please.
All Builds – 1, Max
Pros : It has high damage if all hits hit, and it has push back effects.
Cons : It causes high decay in air combo, also it is narrow so it may miss. Mild cool down rate.

Wind Spinning Breaker – Sweep kick the ground ahead, hitting all enemies near the range.
Five time hit kicks. This is sort of a combo-like skill, because you can hit around you and even behind. You can cancel this skill with A at any time. Since it has 5 hits in it in air time, I recommend max to actually do damage in PvP. For stage, it’s your choice. I don’t think it would do well, since there are other skills, but it helps in air combo multiplier.
Stage – 0, Max
PvP – 1, Max

Pros : It hits all around you, no matter your spot in hits. But amount of hits varies.
Cons : It has a short range, and if you use it in a wrong spot, you can actually send your opponent farther when comboing. Has a mild cool down rate.

Wind Flying Kick – Swirl up in the air while kicking.
This hits up to 2 times, has high damages at max or decent at level 1. Take it or leave it. Get 1 for the fun if you want it. There is a neat combo trick to this skill, by the way.
Stage – 0, Max
PvP – Max

Pros : Decent damage for two hits, and it continues combos. Allows shift as well. Almost mild cool down rate. It also has a wall trick.
Cons : The 2nd hit can miss, and can only be used in certain heights.

Wind Spinning Bullet – Jump back then thrust your kicks forward to hit enemies ahead.
Fine damage for five hits. 253-281 at max level, so that’s around 1.1k damage if all hits are successful. 0 for no waste of points, 1 if you want for side damage/knock down, or Max for that damage. I recommend Max for stage users. If not, then your choice. It is not really good since it has a little delay at the beginning.
All Builds – 0, 1, Max
Pros : Decent damage, slightly mild cool down rate.
Cons : Causes knock down, and it has delay to use it, therefore you are able to miss.


Hurricane Spiral Surge – Spin up and kick in malevolent wind energy to send tornadoes around.
A large area, but in a spread shot. The amount of hits will vary on the target. It’s fine, in fact this is a decent AoE skill. For stage users, I recommend max because if you happen to get stuck in a boss monster’s area, you can dish out huge damage with this skill. This can be used to take out mobs in stage, or as a damage/distraction/chase away in PvP. 1 or Max. This is an elemental skill.
Stage – Max
PvP – 0, 1
Hybrid – 1, Max

Pros : It covers area well, and it can dish big damage if used in a spot where you are on a large monster or opponent.
Cons : As it spreads out more, the shots are individual causing less hits than a close up use.

Hurricane Surge Punch – Release an energy ball.
This is like a far range Destruction Kick, I guess, and it’s very good. I believe the speed of the blast is fast. You can choose to take this, or not. 1 point for the fun. This is an elemental skill. and has a hard knockdown.
Stage – 0, Max (0 Because one shot will probably not hit a mob at once unless grouped)
PvP, Hybrid – 0, 1, Max

Pros : A far range Storm Forward Kick, and has less cool down than it.
Cons : It is narrow and small.

Hurricane Lightning Bolt – Send blasts of energy from your kick flips ahead.
A fine skill. You send 6 shots of energy in the form of drawing a N or Z. It’s great for a small AoE, it’s big damage on a big monster in stage. 1 or Max. This is an elemental skill.
Stage – Max
PvP – 1, Max
Hybrid – 1, Max

Pros : It covers a small area very well in damage, so unknockable monsters are affected greatly.
Cons : In PvP or small monsters that can be knocked up, only a few hits may be affected by the shots due to the knockdown effect.

Hurricane Massacre Kick – Charge energy then jump and do a roundhouse kick with full power.
Ralph’s Level 60 Skill. It takes some time to activate the damaging kick, so you will want some kind of stun or use it at the right time. However, the beginning part of this skill has invincibility. A Level 1 will do 2,300 at minimum (wow?) and at Level 5 (Max) will do 3k at minimum. You can choose to max this skill, I recommend so, because it is just high-powered combined with status boosts (e.g. Ancient Elf Hero 50% increase and Fury Explosion).
All Builds – 1, Max
Pros : Has a high power rate, and has invincible frames at the beginning of the skill.
Cons : It has a large delay before the kick hits.

Bless Section

Movement Speed Improvement – Increase your speed.
This is different from Lime’s Kowabunga. This lasts 30 seconds only, the cool down time is 46 seconds, and each level rises the speed percentage by 10%, up to the max, 80%. You reach this at Level 5, and it goes up to Level 75. Each 10 Levels between starting from Lv5 you can level this again. 0, because it may be useless, Lv1 for the fun, or max to escape a situation of sort.
All Builds – 0, Max
Pros : You can get out of situations or run around for fun.
Cons : Due to speed difference, you may mess up combos.

Fury Explosion – Make your physical hits as critical blows.
Like Arien, yet Sieg/Asuka, Ralph’s RE is single only and affects physical attacks. Some of Ralph’s skills are physical, and some are elemental, so it is really your choice on your points. I recommend 4.
All Builds – Any
Pros : All physical hits are critical, especially skills. Therefore, high damage rate.
Cons : Elemental skills are unaffected.

Protective Aura – Regenerate HP for a short amount of time while also being granted with a flinch-proof status.
Self explanatory much. And Allm thought Ralph was not good enough.
All Builds – 0, Max
Pros : You are given a full flinch-proof effect for 16 seconds at max level, also some health.
Cons : You are still vulnerable to knockdown type attacks.

Feign Death – Fake your death to trick the enemy.
Self explanatory. The cool down is reduced by 5 seconds each level. However, the HP and MP cost is raised.
All Builds – 1, Max
Pros : You can get out of a situation where you are about to be comboed or be given a high damage attack.
Cons : Knock up ground skills like Entwining Roots from Tia can affect Feign Death.

Ability Section

Health Increase – Increase HP capacity.
…Self explanatory. The amount of this passive will depend on your play style.
All Builds – Any
Pros : You can survive longer.
Cons : What cons should there be here?

Deadly Blow – Increase chance to do a critical hit.
Self explanatory. 0 points, you can use the critical hit potions obtained from the carp-bead trade quests, or 1 for the prerequisite of Fury Explosion.
All Builds – 0, 1
Pros : You get a permanent chance of critical hit.
Cons : The critical hit percentage is low.

Mana Recovery – Increase rate of mana regeneration.
Self explanatory. Any, depending on your play style. Ralph has low MP usage but still you can run out of mana (by spamming skills of course). Mana potions, AWD set, etc. Your choice.
All Builds – Any
Pros : You can regenerate mana faster and more, thus giving you more mana to use after some waiting.
Cons : Equips and mana potions can replace this skill.

Minimize Damage – Increase rate to decrease damage taken.
Self-freaking explanatory. PvP/Hybrid users only.
Stage – 0
PvP/Hybrid – Max

Pros : Reduces damage taken.
Cons : Has a high chance of reducing the damage, but you still get a chance to receive full damage.

Mana Increase – Increase MP capacity.
Self explanatory. 50 points each, up to 200. Depends upon you. I’d recommend 0. You really don’t need it.
All Builds – Any
Pros : You can increase your mana capacity for a mere 50-200 points.
Cons : You don’t actually need it.

Rebirth Skills

Strong Storm Forward Kick – Send high-energy powered force into your kicking slam to also send a following wave.
Rebirth Destruction Fist similarity, you know what to do with this.
All Builds – 0, Max
Pros : Still narrow yet it covers more farther than you do with regular Storm Forward Kick. It also has more damage, and possibly can deal 2 hits.
Cons : Still a mild cool down, and can miss if you can’t aim.

Strong Wind Flying Kick – Swirl up in the air while kicking with higher energy.
The difference from this is that there’s a slightly larger range, also this will hit up to 3 times. Has endurance frames at Level 1.
All Builds – 0, Max
Pros :
It covers a slightly larger area, and has an extra kick for height.
Cons : It is possible that you can dash, but you may dash out of the wrong time.

Strong Hurricane Lightning Bolt – Send energy blasts from your kick flips.
Difference is that there’s a spread shot blast zone I believe, and there are 8 shots. The Level 1 damage is horrible, so max it, unless you just want Lv1 for the fun or distraction reasons. Has endurance frames at Level 1. This is an elemental skill.
All Builds – 0, Max
Pros :
Covers a slightly larger area, and has 2 more hits.
Cons : Hits will vary, and has a larger MP consumption than regular H. Lightning Bolt.

Strong Hurricane Surge Punch – Release a blast zone of energy.
Oh, guess what this is? Kamehameha? Lol. Yeah, you release a large beam of energy that will do varying damage depending on hits. Level 1 is fine, Max is also great. This is an elemental skill.
All Builds – 1, Max
Pros : Covers a narrow and large area, and can deal large damage. If you get canceled, the skill damage still continues.
Cons : You are vulnerable during the skill since you cannot cancel it.

Ralph Videos :

Ralph’s Video Introduction

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