Lunia Eir Combo Guide

Lunia Eir Combo Guide by itzJOHNfoo

I. Table of Contents [TOC]
I. Table of Contents [TOC]
II. Changes List [CHG]
III. Introduction [INT]
IV. The Basics [BAS]
V. Techniques used in Comboing [IN1]
VI. Skills and Their Proper Users [101]
VII. Dodge [IN2]
VIII. Advanced Combos 201 [201]
IX. Wall Combos 101 [WC1]
X. Final Intermission [IN3]
XI. Shift Away From Wall [WC2]
XII. Legal Stuffs [LEG]
XIII. Wrap-Up and Credits [END]

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II. Changes list [CHG]

Forget the changelog… lol…

III. Introduction [INT]

Originally Posted by Gaiety
Numbers will be used to denote direction, in the following format:


Thus, 1 corresponds to Down-Left, 2 corresponds to Down, etc.

Unless otherwise noted, assume that you are facing right (6)

-taken from Gaiety’s Dainn’s Combo Guide, since it applies to Eir and this guide as well.

IV. The Basics [BAS]

Eir’s staple melee only combo

AASAAAA dash AS *skill*
This is pretty much what you’re going to be using a lot, since it’s the easiest to pull off and it’s hard to counter once you’re caught in it.

V. Techniques Used in Comboing[IN1]

Self-Heal Canceling

Originally Posted by m1s3ri View Post
Skill canceling is when you use a skill, wait for it to take effect, and then use another skill to cancel the animation of the first. This allows you to regain control of your character faster.

An example would be something like Sunlight of Healing. 1 second after you press the Sunlight key, the heal occurs, but you cannot move for another 1.5 seconds after that. However, as soon as the heal occurs, you could press Holy Shout, and then immediately dash forwards/backwards/sideways, which will let you get moving again to provide support somewhere else or just get out of the way of an attack.

edit: further clarification… for certain skills, you can end the animation by dashing; for others, you can only end it by using another skill. Basically, you’re using a skill that can only be skill-canceled, then using another skill that will allow dash-cancel.

The main skill (for pvp) you’re going to use with Self-Heal is Holy Spirit, which pretty much allows you more opportunities to combo, which I’ll explain later.

Self Heal is DASH cancellable by the way.

Personally I don’t halfdash, but I do it when I have to. It’s actually necessary to halfdash in order to do Eir’s most complicated combos since they don’t have that many skills to raise height mid-combo (like kicking, nado, fairy flame, meteor, pillar of abyss, ice pillar, etc etc.) except shout, or FMB i suppose. Dodge doesn’t count because you can only use it as a starter :P ANYWAY halfdashes(when done right) bring the enemy higher. So as you can imagine, the more halfdashes you do, the higher your enemy gets. To perform a halfdash, press 664. To be on the SAFE side, however, I usually press 6646 since just a simple 664 could have you facing the wrong way OR auto walking by accident. 4 can be replaced by 8 or 2 but you have to let go of the 8/2 faster, since personally I use 668 to shift when facing 9 lol

NOTE: You do NOT halfdash after AS. For example, AS halfdash AAAA will NOT work. You almost ALWAYS will have to AS shift AAAA. Unless you start AS off too far, then in that case you can halfdash (thanks dopi)

Shifting, pretty much Eir’s main strength since it’s so easy for her. Facing right, you wanna press 339 or 993 to perform a shift in a direction. HOWEVER, Eir has some spells and skills that allow her to “shift” without doing this since this is just for a simple melee shift.

NOTE: dash AS S shifting. Umm basically you lose a lot of height shifting like this. The bare minumum height required for this combo is…

AS shift AAAA dash AS S shift AAAA

which makes you end up from an AS height to an AAS height, so to speak. A more efficient way would be to dash AS shout shift to buy you time for the actual shift, but you could probably replace the last AAAA string with a space for a quick down attack if you time it right

Originally Posted by Gaiety
Combo Bonus and Combo Decay
I’m sure you’ve noticed, but, in stages, multiple hits while the opponent is in midair grants a “bonus” to your damage, an extra 20% per hit, starting on the third midair hit and increasing until the tenth. This will go to a maximum of about 360%, or 3.6x the damage you would do if the opponent was on the ground. However, in PvP, it is the direct opposite. Multiple hits midair will actually cause your damage to drop, or “decay” to about 20% of its original damage. Generally, you’d want your hardest hits first.

-taken from his Dainn Combo Guide, since this applies to Eir as well.

AS starter vs. AAS starter
AS allows you to have MORE height to combo with, which means your shifts can have a higher error margin. Starting with AS for a wall combo is much harder. AS can buy you time for mp regen or skill cooldowns. Tias can cancel AS by pressing A after A and before S so be warned when using stalling tactics with them. A much wiser stalling tactic would be to use barrier and run around that.

AAS has the advantage in the event that you don’t need to shift anywhere since its combos are easier to pull off since the height is mediocre. You can shift with an AAS starter, it’s just going to be harder since there’s less height to work with. AAS is for when you have mana to burn and skills to waste, i.e. when you just start a fight.

S space
Use this for mind games. Lol, seriously, shifting with it is so redundant. Also use this for dodging. Predicting your opponent well can result in s space + moon pieces.

S canceling
Most melee moves that cause decay can be canceled by pressing S and dashing away. For example, if you press AS and you miss, press S again and dash. A better example might be dash AS, since AS’s delay is often negligible.
VI. Skills and Their Proper Use [101]

Any level
AS shift AAAA shift/halfdash AAAA shift/halfdash AAAA etc.
Eir’s infinite combo. She can pretty much make this last forever. Halfdashes make the height go up, and shifts make the height go down. Use AA instead of AAAA when the opponent gets too far. Note: when the opponent gets too far, the last “A” in AAAA will NOT hit, so it would be better to shift/halfdash after the second “A” You can also do a Dash A AAAA if you find your opponent getting too high. Oh yeah, and another technique is called the “4-key shift” If you need SERIOUS realignment, I recommend doing this. For example say you’re barely hitting your enemy. You need to do AA(AA) 3396 to make sure that the enemy will end up aligned.

AASAAAA dash AS S dash AS S dash AS etc
Eir’s “frontal” so to speak. I’m talking about the dash AS repeat part. You need to make sure the “S” (when the book hits the opponent) hits before you press S again to cancel, otherwise the opponent will drop. A warning: using Dash AS S dash AS will make the enemy come CLOSER to you and HIGHER as well. doing dash AS repeatedly required decent timing, but I don’t recommend doing it for more than three times in a row since after that it’s hard to hit with it again after, unless you dash A(delay)S, but in that case the delay has to be perfect. <_< Use Holy Shout if you find the enemy getting too close. dash AS S dash AS S dash AS (shout) dash AS S dash AS S would be an example.

Another way to use dash AS S is to do dash A (pause) S S dash A (pause) S S which some people might find easier because you don’t have to worry about going “too” fast as long as you keep a good rhythm. Your rhythm should be the same as AAAA.

These two are your main ways to keep people in the air. Knowing when to use them is imperative.

Moonlight Pieces – Level 1
NEVER EVER USE THIS IN AN AIR COMBO… unless it’s a team match. In 1v1s, its so redundant and could be doing much better if you just fire it off. Use pieces to easier predict where your enemy is going… since they can only go one way while dodging homing projectiles. In a team match, you have the advantage of boosting your opponent way up in the air AND hitting other enemies.

dash AS pieces = pow right in da kissa

Holy Shout – Level 6
Lol shout is NOT used for damage. It’s used to disorient the opponent and to get some extra height. Shout is skill AND dash cancellable, but only dash cancellable in perpendicular directions. Sieg’s counter can counter holy shout. >_>

AA shout pieces
this isn’t really a combo per se, it works if your opponent is laggy/kinda slow lol.

An alternate way to use shout would be

AS shift AAAA dash AS shout dash Space
using shout gives you time to dash and land a quick space on the enemy, however this won’t work if your enemy is too low… it needs to be about AS height

Full Moon Bullet – Level 9
lolololol. probably one of Eir’s worst skills to combo with. A simple one would be

AASAAAA dash AS fmb

I don’t recommened using FMB in a combo after you shift since it won’t move in a straight line (if you’re lucky). Self heal cancel after fmb to allow you more time to reposition if FMB acts crazy. Sometimes I have to dodge selfheal cancel to be able to get to where I want to be. Waste of dodge too . Anyway, FMB can be used to gain extra height if walled. Extremely unpredictable. Also FMB tracks people even when they’re ghosts (?)

Tears of Goddess – Level 13

One of Eir’s best skills. Extremely versatile in combos as well as good for main ground damage. I recommened maxing it if you’re pvp/hybrid. Tears is backdash cancellable and skill cancellable.


note that you can combo after tears by dash ASing after it. Try to hit tears so that the fat part hits the enemy. Never ever do AASAAAA dash AS tears as it won’t even hit for much. Tears should also be used as a snipe skill when you can have it.

Dodge – Level 15
Refer to the Dodge section.

Holy Spirit – Level 19
Most used skill hands-down. Some builds prefer to keep it at level 1, since its repeated use tends to eat mana. However, it’ll do a nice amount of damage its high. Just depends on what you feel like doing. Holy Spirit is skill cancellable.

Facing 7. AASAAAA dash AS holy spirit selfheal 88(till wall)44(till you reach opponent) resume AAAA.

This is how you shift via Holy Spirit, just one of Eir’s many ways to use her skills to shift. Another way is to do this…

AS shift Holy Spirit Self-Healcancel dash until you pass your opponent, turn around and AAAA.
Really it just depends where you need to go :P This ones hard if you lag lol.

AASA(AAA) Holy spirit dash space

This is called low altitude spirit in which you can have a pseudo decay reset, since after you space holy spirit should be able to pick them back up. The A’s in parenthesis mean that you can stop anytime after that and holy spirit whenever. Theoretically you can stop after the S. Depends on the mind games… you know lol.

its property of slowness enables you to close off where people can go and be able to predict where the enemies are going. Once again, mind games. Use in conjuction with pieces.

Holy Spirit is your best friend.

Moonlight Chain – Level 30

This spell… is very lackluster. Terrible damage. You should only use it for mind games, since its trapping property allows you to get a bulls-eye with a follow up spell.

AASAAAA dash AS holy spirit (walled) moonlight chain

^ basic moonlight chain combo. if you’re close enough to the wall, you can do
AASAAAA dash AS holy spirit (close wall) moonlight chain backdash AAAA and continue to wall combo.

However, if you really like Chain, you can try these other methods.

Originally Posted by VeraSwablu View Post
No combo guide is complete without even mentioning Chain… its great for comboing. You can do it after AS, close-range Tears, high lvled dodge(Turn around after dodge… lol), and after it, depending on where the enemy is, you can then use either Holy Spirit, Tears, or Max Moon Bind(Cancel? Haven’t seen max bind in action.) to buy you time to do whatever you want next.

Moonbind – Level 43

Um… basically if you mess up on this skill you die.

Bind can be canceled if you backdash right before the projectiles shoot out.

its not very good until level 4… but its fun to spam in team pvp.

AASAAAA dash AS dodge bindcancel AAAA

only thing level 1 moonbind is good for… lol

When you do get Level 4 bind however,

(catch someone in bind), tears (align yourself so that the fat part of tears hits), pieces.

pretty much the sleepbind combo without sleep, but harder to pull off since you will probably need to bindcancel and you can’t afford to mess up.
NOTE: dodgebind is a complete waste of MP once your bind gets to higher levels as there are many more efficient ways to use it.

Moonfog Level 50

If you’re good at predicting you wanna use this skill a lot. If not (like me)

Hit someone with (level 4) bind, and then fog them immediately.

Fog also slows, useful if you’re fighting a runner. Just throw it down even if they’re on the floor. They might not take damage but at least they’ll be slowed. And sometimes that’s all you’ll need.

Judgement of God Level 60

Attacking with JoG:

Use JoG point blank, right in front of enemy and be perfectly aligned. You’ll want a wall to get the most hits possible, but without wall is fine too. I usually do bind dash to them and them JoG. I try to bind them while they’re stuck in some kind of stuck/invincible frame animation (i.e. after Happy Dance, when the dolls are gone and dacy’s still dancing, or the second after Dfist) and JoG them. This is usually only effective against Dacies and Limes, but it’s very easy to escape if you do it wrong. Dainns have the easiest time, they can BCB or DDB to escape/counter. Tias kind of… like just slither out of it lol. They’re the hardest to hit. Siegs can play dead/MDEF if you aren’t careful. As usual, try to use it when OMGPLZSAVEME skills are on cd. Be aware that if you miss you’ll suffer serious consequences. Limes… its more preferable if you bind them during 40/60 xform to get the most damage out of it, especially if they’re stuck mid-attack animation.

The BEST CASE scenario for you to do a JoG (assuming BCB and PD are on cd) would be cornering them. For example, use skills such as Shout, Holy Spirit, Chain, FMB, SW to move them to the corner. And when I say corner, I mean the actual corner. Corner-ish enough so you could ice wall trap. Anyway, use space after whatever skills you needed, and bind them AFTER they do their wake-up attack. Failing to do this results in a canceled JoG. Bind, then run up to them to use JoG. You need to place your character so that it blocks the enemy from escaping the corner before you use JoG. This is the part where I usually mess up in. You should knock out a good 1/2 to 3/4 of their hp bar if you do this correctly. If you’re good at it, you can use placement skills such as moon barrier or dodge to prevent them from escaping the corner if you don’t have time to body-block.

Of course, sleep-bind JoG works as well too but if you know me at all you know that I don’t really prefer to use sleep when I pvp. An advantage of sleep-bind JoG is that you might have time to attack AND heal at the same time by casting moon barrier and repositioning yourself to be able to attack AND heal. Remember that JoG is a 360 degree skill. THEREFORE if you’re going to attempt to heal and attack at the same time, you should put healing as a priority unless they’re like… almost dead lol.

tl;dr: Bind dash JoG k

Random JoGs WILL waste it and get u killed. lol@5 minute cd. however it is a good idea to use JoG in corners and to have teammates down attack enemies so that they will get back up and get hit by more stars lol

JoG falls in a set pattern, and if you need hp bad you can heal yourself with JoG (by RadiantLight)
VII. Dodge [IN2]

Dodge is so special and versatile that I deemed it deserving to have its own section!

Level 1
Facing 4
AA dodge selfhealcancel 88 AS
thanks to miseri

Level 2
Same as Level 1, slightly higher height than Level 2.

Level 3
If you’re lucky you can pull off an AA dodge Selfheal cancel turn AAAA, otherwise just dash AS

Level 4
AA dodge selfhealcancel 664/771/117 AAAA more consistently, about the height of AAS

Level 5
AA dodge selfhealcancel 664/771/117 AAAA gives the height of AS.

Level 6
I am really movng up in this world! lol haha umm basically you can now

AA dodge turnaround AA halfdash AAAA without the aid of selfheal.

It goes higher than AS, so if you hit someone with it you have to wait a little to be able to hit them.

Level 7
Umm pretty much the same as level 6. SOMETIMES i can do AA dodge turnaroudn holy spirit, but the enemy falls right after the first one or two hits. Again you have to learn the new timing to be able to continue with it.

Level 8
Goes fing high. ’nuff said.

The most efficient use would be

AA dodge (reposition) tears. But sometimes you wanna save tears for later, so you can replace it with another skill. Same concept as 6 and 7, except you have more time to think and act.

If you’re REALLY having trouble catching it, do AA dodge chain spirit assuming it goes right in front of you. You can just use straight holy spirit too if you so choose.


If you really really CANT do it, I would suggest to just space after dodge and learn the timing for that… some people say it’s better since you have a less chance of a mess-up and its a free ~100 dmg on your enemy :d

Dodge Decay Reset
After you down attack someone, immediately dash towards them and use dodge to launch them in the air again, effectively deleting decay. This works for me more if I’m not too close to the enemy. I’m not exactly sure what the requirements are to do this, since I just try and hope it works lol. If anyone could fill me in on the specific requirements of getting dodge reset to work 100% of the time, that would be great.

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