Lunia Eir’s Fake Resurrection Guide

Lunia Eir’s Fake Resurrection Guide by virtualize

How to Use This GuideTELL your teammates:
1) They can be brought back to life when they are at hp0 and is on the floor.
2) Not to move when they are on the floor.
3) They can’t depend 24/7 on you to get healed, get potions!
4) Use F>1>1 To call for help when you are on the floor.
5) Eirs can not help if you run around, all over the place, stand nearby for Light of Heal!(3 burst)
6) (Optional) To buy themselves a Jewel of Life, and when they need your resurrection, take it from them, and use it on them.


+Skill Point Recommendation

+Skill Tab

+Skill Description and Comments


Normal Heals: The person has to be within range to be healed.


+Light of Healing (LoH) – 3 bursts of light. This will probably be your main healing skill as it heals so much. Not ‘the’ best fake resser though, you’ll waste it, use this last, before the non recommended ones though. at max it bursts 700+hp or so.(Max)+Sunlight of Healing – Bigger range, less healing, 1 burst. I like to max this, It allows you to heal while people are fighting, for LoH they might have to stop for a few sec to get healed. This is a much faster casted skill. I like to use this as my primary resser and healing, just right above emergency heal.(1 or Max)

+Emergency Heal – an even bigger range, requires some health to be sacrificed. Save this only for emergencies!! Don’t be an Eir who uses this to heal people regularly who are already up and alive. Again, use sunlight of healing if they are in your screen, if you you hear the Cry for help (F>1>1 “I need Health!” The Red Bottle) but don’t see them, run to them just enough to see them at the edge of your screen and cast this! Max heals about 800+ hp(1)


+Life Extension (LE) – Adds more HP, It’s worth it. At 1, it adds +500hp. Don’t level this over 3, You don’t want to overwrite someone else’s bless. Like if you had Lvl5 LE and a sieg had Lv4 Magic Def, and you cast it, HE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CAST HIS MDEF, and…[Yes it fake resses!] (1)


Activation required: The heal has to be stepped on for it to work.


+Beads of Healing – 1 (at lvl1) or 2 (at lv2+) Bead(s) will track your friends, stand ontop of them to revive him! Hurry~ Careful where you aim this, it might run into other people and not reach the dead body. Also careful of pets, they leech healing beads. (Such as Ice Queen, or Dacy’s Dolls) (0 or 2)+True Beads of Healing – Shoots 8 healing beads, Same as the regular, but just much much more healing done, I like to use this as my primary healing, If i see they are getting hurt, shoot these and they will go pass your enemies into friend, there you don’t even have to move to him, full heal! Quick Cooldown~! In my lastest build, I’m reducing this to 6, why you might ask? Well due to experiences, Max is OH(OverHeal, haha) (6 or Max)


+Judgement of God – They have to be lucky, when you cast JoG stars will appear on the floor, these stars only heal if they are ontop of them, and they come and go. Andy they don’t exactly land in every spot within range. In other words, do not cast this just to fake ress. He’d need to be really lucky. Max for Nuke attack.(1 or Max)+True Judgement of God – Again, they have to be lucky, when you cast this, 1 wave of sleep stun will come across anyone within range, you grow wings, and a regular JoG, but with much much more damage. Again, do not use this just to fake ress, talk about a real waste. Also Max for a Nuke attack.(1 or Max)

Note about Judgement of God: Casting Moon Barrier diagonally (NUMBER-PADs 1, 7, 9, 3), will make all of the healing star hit it, this will heal you also if done correctly, this can be used to fake ress, but highly not recommended.

+Ultimate Aura of Miracles – Alot of hp being healed, the first bursts do fake ress like the ones on top but the bead that follows require activation. Your friend again, has to be very lucky. As the bead circles you, the bead has to be on top of your friend and another person has to step over him while the bead is still crossing over. (Max/1)


Not Recommended: Too long to cast, doesn’t heal much, but still fake resses.


+Prayer – Too long to cast, takes your hp, easily canceled, not alot of hp recovered, too much sp to make it worth anything. 16 waves? 32hp each? it still fake resses, they need to be in range though which btw is bigger than sunlight of healing. This is not dash-canceable. It requires you to use another skill to cancel, i’d say use Heal-Self(0 or 1) if you have it or another skill you don’t mind wasting. (0 or 1)+Resurrection – For people who are already dead. You need a Jewel of Life which costs 15g. There are 2 ways to use this skill. 1) Have the ghost face you in a very close range, then cast the spell. 2) Face the tombstone Horizontally or Vertically, DO NOT FACE DIAGONALLY, it will not work. Some people don’t even have this skill, but some people who know they will party with an Eir, Pre-buys JoLs, just incase they die, they can revive again. The more skill points put into this, the more hp/mp is restored, at max 2 people can be resurrected with one JoL.
This takes a few seconds to cast, so do it when the coast is clear. (0 or 1)
Video By: SageDonald


Those are all of Eir’s skills that fake resurrects. Good luck other Eirs!
Copy, Pasted, then Re-Edited from here: “Can someone educate me on fake rez” by alurastar.

Here’s to a video showing Fake Resseruction with [Light of Healing/Sunlight of Healing/Emergency Healing/Life Extenstion/Beads of Healing/Prayer], not created by me.

All credits should be going towards me, I created this guide on this thread and alurastar’s thread for use of educating newcoming Eirs about ‘Fake Resseruction’. Please Distribute :3

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