Lunia Eir Peltrow Guide

Lunia Eir Peltrow Guide by PrincessLenne

Eir the Healer

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to a so called “balance”, every Eir is given a choice of being the Full Support build or the Battle build.

Full Supports are all time healing, they are most loved in Stage and Myth modes, but because they have very effective heals, their damage is dropped severely.

Battle Builds do their best in PvP, and fine in stage too, but are not the most effective in terms of overall damage. Because they do so much damage, their healing amounts are dropped severely.

HOWEVER, there is a choice for an Eir to have both, but this is RARE. This is called a “Hybrid” build. This equalizes the healing and damage Eir does.

Summing it in short:

FS = Full Support. All-time Healing, very little attack skills.
Battle Build = All time damage build. Very little healing skills.
Hybrid = FS and Battle combined. This uses many skill points and is not recommended.

Therefore, to decide upon your build, see the Ability section for two skills that have “Fortification”. I recommend seeing it first before everything else.

Basic Attacks

A – 1 Hit of Wand
AA – 2 hits of wand
AAA – 3 hits of wand
AAAA – 4 Hits with the fourth hit knocking up in air
AAAAA – 5 Hits with the final blow giving a tiny distance

AS – Knocks with book high into air (Used for shifting combos)
AAS – Knocks up with wand. Used for most combos.
AAAS – Knocks back with better distance.
AAAAS – Knocks up in air with alot of distance.

S Sequence – Pentagram Light

S – One draw of light. Nothing happens.
SS – Two draws of a light.
SSS – Three draws.
SSSS Four draws.
SSSSS – Sends a ray of a pushback light.

S – Backstep or SS

SSA – Sends a little beam of white light following the enemy. Will also knockdown.
SSSA – Sends a slightly shorter beam of SSA, but knocks higher in the air.
SSSSA – Sends short purple beam to deal damage and put the enemy to sleep.


Heal Section

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must know of “Fake Resurrection” to be a successful Healer. See this guide before continuing! Click -> Fake Resurrection Guide

Heal – Heals yourself.
I think you should keep at 1. Why? Well, at 39 MP you heal 97 HP (or more with the Ability buff). If you had, 0 hp with about 39 MP or more, you could heal yourself and let Mana Regeneration do the works, or use a potion and bring back your HP and/or MP points. Also, used for Canceling skills in combos which is the main reason it’s left at one. This is not necessarily a must max…but because you are a Full Support, why not? But save points if you need to.
FS – 1, Max
Battle, Hybrid – 1

Cancelable by dashing.

Light of Healing – Heals people around you by 3 times.
The 2nd best healing skill for Eir, excluding Judgment of God trick and the Ultimate (you’ll find out soon). You heal three times, a big amount depending on your build, so this is very useful. FS will max of course, and Battle Builds…you can take 1 point, for “Fake Resurrection”.
FS – Max
Battle – 0, 1
Hybrid – 0, Max

Beads of Healing – Sends a ball of light to follow an ally and heal them.
You send one sphere for the first few levels, then it turns into two spheres. This is an okay healing skill. Not necessary to max. But because you are FS, do so, if you have points.
FS – 0 or Max
Battle, Hybrid – 0

Sunlight of Healing – Summon a great circle of light that heals all players in it.
A useful skill. The main use for this is for Fake Resurrection due to its large range (see the link mentioned earlier). It heals a decent amount at high level. It is also used for healing yourself at a quick time just like using ‘Heal’. Also, you can cancel this skill by dashing–this allows extra variety of combos. And, Lv5 allows endurance. So you can save yourself.
FS – Max
Battle, Hybrid – 0, 1, 5
Lv5 – Endurance effect

Prayer of Healing – Eir stands in one place and repeatably heals people around her.
Here, what you do is “pray” and constantly send waves of healing to nearby allies. When you first cast this skill, there will be a quick wave, so this is considered the fastest fake resurrection skill. Battle builds can put 1 point because of it being so fast, so you can help team mates for a bit. FS do not need to max, but it is okay if you want. Remember your points saving.
FS – 1, Max
Battle, Hybrid – 0. 1

Canceled by ‘Heal’

Antidote – Cures Poison status.
Used skill for curing poison. You rarely get poisoned in stage or PvP so what is the point? Do not get any points, but if you feel that the FS Eir you are needs it, feel free, just don’t max it until the very last.
All Builds – 0 or 1

Emergency Heal – Immediately send a much far range of light to heal everyone around.
The useful skill used for fake resurrection other than Sunlight. At max, you can heal A LOT of HP and at the sacrifice rate, that rate is low so you just basically heal yourself a lot better than losing. This skill is much farther than Sunlight of Healing, by the way, so you don’t have to be so close to allies. FS should max, if you have skill points.
FS – 1, Max
Battle, Hybrid – 0, 1
Canceled by Heal (Not dash cancel able, I’ve tested it.)

Resurrection – Resurrects a dead party member.
Why will you not get this skill? You revive dead party members. I wouldn’t consider maxing, but if you are a FS with spare points, sure you can get it, but I really wouldn’t suggest maxing.
*Note – To use Resurrection, you must use a Jewel of Life. You will find this jewel in the Merchandise shop, under the Job Supplies tab at a cost of 15 Gold. Pricey, huh?
FS, Hybrid – 1 or Max
Battle – 0

Moon Section

Note that I will mention “Stage” and “PvP” in skills. Battle builds will have to decide whether you want to be a damage dealer in Stage/Myth or a PvP build. And remember as mentioned at the start of this guide, Hybrid builds are both half FS and Battle, but not recommended. If I do not mention Stage or PvP for Battle, then it can be for both.

Moonlight Pieces – Shoot guided crescent moon pieces at an enemy.
Fine skill. This deals most damage when you use this on enemies that can be pushed back, such as PvP players or a single monster in Stage. Since it has most usefulness in PvP, max for PvP Battle builds only. Also, this skill is not needed, but still useful.
FS – 0
Battle, Hybrid – 0 or Max

Full Moon Bullet – Shoots a fast moonlight orb to knock the opponent away.
A good push-back-mobs skill. At Lv1 is fine, but Lv2 is the better. Why? Level 1’s range is 60. At Lv2, the range is 72.
Recommended for both Stage and PvP, so Battle Builds have the OPTION to max, so here, I recommend not to max it until you see the other skills that are much better.
FS – 0, 2 (for push back)
Battle, Hybrid – 1, 2, Max

Moon Barrier – Creates a barrier of light to block magical/missile attacks.
A good shielding skill for PvP and Stage. Maxing is a must. Remember, this only blocks elemental or ranged type attacks, such as Ice Bomb from Yuki, Flash Fate from Sieg, Fire Orb from Dainn, etc.
All Builds – Max

Moonlight Chain – Shoots repeated moon orbs at the opponent.
A skill that is weak at early levels, but VERY powerful at high levels. You send constant moon orbs in front of you, and they will go up to a certain distance. This is a very high damage skill, so it’s recommended for both Stage and PvP, max if you can. But if you can’t because of SP problems, then it’s all right.
FS – 0
Battle Stage, Hybrid – 0 or Max
Battle PvP – Max if possible

Moon Bind – Shoot far ranged moon light orbs that freezes the opponent once struck.
A nice skill indeed. When hit, it freezes opponent. There’s a total of 10 shots, you shoot 5 at a time. You don’t control the direction of where they go, they aren’t guided. Anyways, when maxed, the freeze time is 2.2 Seconds. You must get it. I believe it can freeze the enemies in Stage too. In PvP, the skill used for the Sleep Bind Sequence or for stalling, or for catching, or for whatever else, and after catching them, you have about 2 seconds to attack while they are frozen. FS will have the option to max because you can freeze enemies in the air and you’ll give your party the chance to do high damage because of air multipliers.
FS – 0 or Max
Battle, Hybrid – Max

Moon Fog – Create a large fog in front of you to inflict damage 3 times.
You stay in place and cast a fog dealing repeated damage. There is also a curse effect, meaning you reduce enemies’ speed. Because this has so much damage at higher levels and it has large range, you should max this if possible, because it has high damage potential. But if you have skill point problems, max this later.
FS – 0
Battle, Hybrid – Max if possible

Judgment of God – Shoots 96 tiny stars to inflict repeated damage and heal your allies.
Eir’s powerful skill reached at Level 60. You summon a field that will rain down star comets to damage enemies, multiple times if you are fighting a Stage boss! This is a very great skill. Max if possible, but again, skill point reasons. Save this for later if needed.
*Note for the Heal effectiveness, you must touch a star shape seen on the floor, or use the Moon Barrier trick.
All Builds – Max

Moon Barrier Trick – There is a reason why FS should max.

1. Summon Moon Barrier. Remember the direction you cast it in, so I’ll say you cast it to the west (you are facing left, or directional number 4).
2. You must stand at a certain spot that is angled from the Moon Barrier, by 45 degrees. (Simply, if you cast it west, press up for a little bit then press left. Stop when you are in front of the moon barrier, but diagonally off on it’s left. You can do the same for the other side.)
3. Cast Judgment of God or Goddess. You’ll notice green numbers, you are healing!

Sacred Section

Holy Shout – Fires a wave to push back opponent.
Another good push back mob skill. No maxing. You aren’t using it for damage. It can also be used in push-back-from-wall (a special Eir combo) in PvP.
FS – 0, 1
Battle, Hybrid – 1

Dodge – Dashes away and leave a tiny orb of fire to knock up opponent when hit.
Right now, a fine skill for Eir. At Lv1, it just damages the enemy, does not knock up, so it’s useless there. At Lv6, the height increases for knocking up. As you level up the skill, the distance you dash increases as well, and the higher the level, the longer the orb stays in place. But what is most important is the endurance frames at Lv7. Get this skill at Lv7 for all builds, if you can. It’s very useful.
Stage – 0, 7
Battle, Hybrid – 7, Max

Light of Purification – Cures curse, burn, and debuff effects.
LoP cures burn, freeze (the one that keeps you from moving, not halting you completely), and curse (slowing), and debuff effects. Debuff is an effect that reduces your elemental defense, so those kinds of skills would be from Dark Eir or Krieg. This skill is for getting rid of those effects, and I recommend getting 1 point. As you level up the skill, the range of the skill increases.
All Builds – 1, optional to max

Price of Sacrifice – Sacrifice HP to heal MP.
At the cost of HP, you get more MP. PvP users should get this if you need the MP, but INT stat increases later as you play may convince you to not get this skill. Get this only if you desperately need it or if you are a PvP build, as Stage users can use mana potions. If you think you’re going to die a lot before using this, then feel free to not get it.
FS, Hybrid, Battle Stage – 0~Max
Battle PvP – Max until you have plenty of INT

Tears of Goddess – Drops light icicles from the sky ahead of you to knockdown opponents.
A very good skill. At max, the damage is HUGE (for Battle users). All builds should max for it’s powerful damage. It even hits downed enemies. This is the first skill you should max as a Battle build.
FS – 0
Hybrid, Battle – Max

*Can be dash canceled by dashing backwards, or can be canceled in anyway by Heal/Sunlight.

Holy Spirit – Shoot a pentagon light beam that knocks down opponent in process.
Another powerful skill, sort of. It sends enemies away, and it’s good for a distraction hit. If you don’t have enough points to max it, then come back later. FS should get 1 point for push back help, but is not needed.
FS – 0, 1
Battle – Max if possible
Hybrid – 1, Max

*You can also use this skill for some main decent combos. Cancelable by Heal and Sunlight.

Sacred Wave – Create a huge wave and inflict heavy damage to enemies around you.
Another great skill. It has high damage once maxed, and is very good. It is very quick so you can get three large damaging hits against a close by enemy. Max if possible, but save SP until you have more if needed.
FS – 0, 1
Battle – Max if possible
Hybrid – 1, Max

Bless Section

Blessed Defense – Create a shield around you and party members to increase physical damage resistance.
Most. useless. skill. ever. Please note, VIT > Defense. You won’t be using this a lot.
All Builds – 0

Blessed Bravery – Cast a spell around you and party members to increase dealt physical damage.
Next useless skill to Blessed Defense. Heck in PvP, you get Bravery Potions and they give nice damage increase.
All Builds – 0

Life Extension – Cast a spell to increase party’s HP for a duration.
This used to be a great skill, but the amounts of VIT obtained from equips reduce this skill’s value at max. The only reason you need this for 1 point is because for fake resurrection. All builds should get it, unless a Battle build won’t participate in team battles.
All Builds – 1

Sleep – Cast a ranged spell to make opponents sleep.
This is a useful skill for these reasons:
1. This is almost instant casting, so it can save your butt from everything except bosses and players using Magic Defense.
2. This works on Bloody Contract from Dark Eir.
3. This works on any skill using endurance frames.
That said, max gives 3.5 seconds, which is nice, and can be combined with attack skills while the player is asleep. Combine with Moon Bind for safety.
FS, Battle Stage – 0, 1
Battle PvP – Max
Hybrid – 0, 2~4

Light Shield – Create a shield of invincibility to party members.
Oh my goddess! Another useful skill of Eir! You create a shield that lasts to block all damage! At LV1 it starts at 4 seconds, and increases by 2 seconds each level, with the max of 10 seconds at Lv4. Get this, it’s very useful.
*If you try a normal attack or skill, LIGHT SHIELD WILL IMMEDIATELY WEAR OFF.
**This blocks damage, NOT status effects.
All Builds – Max if possible

Ability Section

Mana Recovery – Increase Mana Regeneration speed.
This passive is questionable to get because of many reasons.
1. Mana Potions in Stage
2. AWD set effects
3. Price of Sacrifice
All Builds – 0~Any

Concentrate – Decrease mana consumption to 0 at a certain percentage.
Not really worth it. 1 point is fine if you want to feel lucky with the 3%.
All Builds – 0, 1

Mana Increase – Increase mana capacity.
Useless. Don’t max. Because you can get a lot of INT stats, you do not need this.
All Builds – 0

Deadly Magic Blow – Increase percentage to deal critical hits with magic.
This is an okay skill…but FS builds will not find much use in this. 1 point only for the Battle builds, but you do not have to take. 3% is a nice boost.
FS – 0
Battle – 0, 1

Health Increase – Increase health capacity.
VIT > This skill.
All Builds – 0

Healing Fortification – Increase healing abilities and decrease damage dealt.
This sacrifices damage for healing power, the passive for FS users. If you choose to stay Hybrid, take 0 on this skill.
FS – Max
Battle, Hybrid – 0

Magic Fortification – Increase damage and decrease healing abilities.
This sacrifices healing for damage, the passive for Battle users. If you choose to stay Hybrid, take 0 on this skill.
FS. Hybrid – 0
Battle – Max

Rebirth Skills

These skills are only available after Rebirth and after a certain number of cumulative levels.

True Beads of Healing – Send 8 Beads of light to heal allies.
A lot of healing packed into this skill. Max for FS.
FS – Max
Battle – 0
Hybrid – 0, Max

True Moon Piece – Summon a enormous moon piece that flies ahead.
Amazing skill. This covers a whole area, and does a large amount of air damage. Max if possible for Battle Stage builds. 1 point for FS for push back reasons.
FS – 0, 1
Battle Stage – Max if possible
Hybrid, Battle PvP – 0, 1, Max

True Price of Sacrifice – Sacrifice your HP for Mana, then recover the HP.
This is like a reverse Price of Sacrifice. Lose HP, heal MP, then get back the HP. This skill is your choice. Mana potions, the regular Price of Sacrifice, combining both, etc. In PvP, rebirth can be disabled.
All Builds – 0~Any

True Judgment of the Goddess – Rise a circle of paralysis then summon the heavenly stars blessed by the goddess.
Huger area, paralysis effect, and the 96 stars. This is not necessary to max, but is great. FS users can also use this with the Moon Barrier trick.
FS – 0, 1
Battle, Hybrid – 1, Max

Ultimate Aura of Miracles – Rise into the air and call upon angelic light to heal your allies and devastate opponents
This skill, both immensely heals and insanely destroys everything. However, how much it heals and how much damage depends on your passives, so this is like a Yin/Yang situation. Just follow the light orb that flies around or be in the circle for the healing, and gather every opponent in the circle for destruction.
Reagents Required : Ultimate Core
All Builds – 1 Point (Because it only has 1 point as maximum)

Video : 에이르 초강력 오리지널 궁극 스킬2

If you want an estimated example of Aura of Miracles with the Healing fortification, click ->

I’ll give you some videos first.

The video made for beginners, made by me.;=18

Next video by testing1, or xAznMariah. Give the credits to her!
This video shows decent that only most I can do. Good job Mariah.…related&fmt;=18

Now for typed:
*Note, here’s the legend.

= Well watch the beginners video and you’ll learn (sort of).
Dash half the way but still keep dealing damage after finished.
>>/<< = Dash right/left or 66/44
^> = Dash diagonally up right (or 99 on Number Pad)
^< = Dash diagonally up left (or 77 on number pad)
v> = Dash diagonally down right (or 33 on Numb pad)
v< = dash diagonally down left (or 11 on numb pad)
vv = Dash down or 22
^^ = Dash up or 88
= Use the heal cancel!
S = Backstep
ToG = Tears of Goddess
MLC = Moonlight Chain
SW = Sacred Wave
HS = Holy Spirit
HSh = Holy Shout
FMB = Full Moon Bullet
MLP = Moonlight Pieces
MF = Moon Fog
MB = Moon Bind
– = Use quickly! (Ex. Dodge-MB, use MB quickly after Dodge!)


Dodge Cancel Combo #1:

AS AAAA AAAA >> AS Dodge <> AAAAS ToG >> AS HS MLC (5 Times cancel) FMB >> AS HSh 228 AAAA (and continue on from there if you want)


AASAAAAS ToG >> AS HS (hits wall) MLC FMB >>AS

AS *turn backwards* S HS >>AS S>>AS SW Cancel AAAA >>AS Dodge

AS Enemy then:
Dodge-MB *Dash back* ToG

AASAAAA >>AS Sacred Wave >>AS Holy Spirit and do:
1. If in open space, run away or dash at the opponent and AAA or whatever.
2. If on wall, use MLC.

Dodge must be Lv8 or 9 for this one:
AADodge*Turn* Tears-Moonlight Chain

Sleep Sequences (Must have Lv4 Bind and Lv3+ Sleep for success!)

Sleep + Bind *Dash Back* ToG MLP (Use MLP after freezing is gone)

Sleep + Bind S MF MLP (Use MLP after freezing is gone)

Sleep + Bind-MLC HS

Have fun fellow Healers~

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