King of Kings 3 How to Change Realm

King of Kings 3 How to Change Realm by Thera

Hey Community,

as many players are irritated how to change the realm chosen on character creation, we made a short guide for you.

We are confident that this will help the community to balance the realms as players often use the preset realm Germania at the character creation. Please see which realm we recommend to you!


  • Reach characterlevel 40.
  • Please turn in or abandon all quests in your quest log. You can only change realm with an empty log.
  • Leave your guild (if you are member of a guild).
  • Leave your party (if you are currently member of a party).
  • Collect 50 shillings or soul shillings for the fee. The fee refers to your characterlevel. during the CBT the NPC Crystal in Skarabare will provide you with an daily allowance of Soul Shillings.


  1. Go to the Element Realm. You can enter it through the Element Corridor ( press Y[depending on keyboard] to open the worldmap). If your characterlevel should be to low to fight your way to the Element Realm, ask for a friendly player to take you for a ride there.
  2. Go to the NPC Void Priest at 100,100.
  3. Make sure that you meet all preparations.
  4. Choose the realm that you wan´t to join, you can find a summary including recommendations here. After that, the NPC will ask you for a small fee to complete the change.

After completing the change, your character including his personal house, banked items, inventory and character values including attribute points, skill points etc. is moved to the chosen realm.

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