King of Kings 3 Upgrade your House for Better Buffs

King of Kings 3 Upgrade your House for Better Buffs by Kimbo

We’ve already discussed how to utilize your house to attain special buffs for your character, but did you know you can upgrade the potency of these buffs, as well as the look, feel, and size of your house?

Leveling up your house not only provides you with stronger Property Support buffs, but also increases the bonus you get from meditating as you can purchase higher level oil lamps. The Growth Rate of your house is the key to leveling up the property. Extra growth is obtained through repairing the house and the furniture as it slowly falls out of maintenance. Here’s how to increase the level of your house:

Your House starts with 0 Growth

There are two ways to increase the Growth of your house. First, your house degrades little by little every single day. If you speak with your House Manager, you have the MAINTENANCE option. Clicking this allows you to spend crowns to repair your house. For every point you repair, you gain a growth point.

The more furniture you have, the more you can repair.

You can buy Furniture from the Furniture Seller (191,223) or craft your own from the Furniture Manufacturer (199,224), both located just outside the front door of your house in Skarabare. You can only place items that are of equal or lesser level in your house, so if you have a Level 1 house, only Level 1 furniture is accepted.

Once you place your furniture, your House Manager gives you the option to repair it as it degrades every day. The more furniture you have, the more points you can repair, which means the more growth you obtain!

When Growth Rate is maxed, you are ready to upgrade!
 Once your Growth Rate is maxed out, you are ready to upgrade your house. First, speak with the Furniture Seller and purchase the next level house. You must have this in your inventory as you speak with the Residential Area Administrator and select “I Want to Upgrade My Dwelling”.

The Residential Area Administrator upgrades your dwelling

You are now ready to enjoy your upgraded house! Make sure to purchase the highest level oil lamp available to you and the next level of furniture. Now show off your new pad and enjoy!

With upgraded dwellings come cooler looks and new House Managers

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